How does NASA India

We help you sleep better, longer and deeper.

Originated from space technology

The only ones from that NASA recognized mattresses and pillows.

The heart of every mattress and pillow we make is our unique TEMPUR® Material originally created by NASA technology. In the late 1960s, NASA scientists invented a new material, later called memory foam, that was supposed to absorb the compressive forces during the take-off phase.

Our founders recognized the potential of this material with its pressure-relieving properties that offered unmatched comfort and support. They took this original NASA invention as their base and spent years making it the TEMPUR® Perfecting the material from which they made the world's first memory foam mattresses and pillows. After TEMPUR® Initially proven in healthcare, the material is now found in bedrooms around the world, transforming the sleep of millions. That's why we're the only mattress and pillow brand officially recognized by NASA and certified to improve the quality of life. This honor sets us apart, makes us humble and inspires us to continuously innovate for a sleep that is out of this world - and it all started with these NASA scientists.