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Vet Skills Net09.01.2021

Invitation to the 1st regulars' table of VetMed Corona turned our lives upside down. The personal exchange and the social are very short. That ... became clear again and again in conversations. It is especially difficult for our first-time students who are not yet well connected. We in the higher semesters would like to assist you with advice and action (although action is unfortunately limited at the moment). We therefore invite all students to the 1st VetMed regulars' table and want to enable a lively exchange through the semester. Let's address current issues together, ask and answer questions or just report on our experiences during the Corona period. and then hopefully we can all bump into each other again on campus soon. When? 14.12.2020 7 p.m. Where? Digital Meeting-Link: Meeting ID: 121 133 8896 Password: 69vFMP5tG8S We look forward to seeing you. Until then, your student council

Vet Skills Net03.01.2021

A great opportunity to continue your education Federal Association of Veterinary Medicine Students in Germany e.V. - bvvd

Vet Skills Net16.12.2020

Students watch out! Get started with the bpt live webinar on corona effects and career start ... Crises are there to be overcome. The bpt shows Vet students solutions for internships, job searches and starting a career. Register now and be part of the free live webinar on November 3rd, 2020! Topics: - Corona - Effects on starting your career? - bpt-Kongress 2020 DIGITAL many offers for veterinary students - Telemedicine how do we have to communicate with animal owners in the future? - Internships with a learning effect? 6 training practices introduce themselves - bpt trial membership many offers of help for studying and starting your career When: November 3, 2020, 7.30pm to 9pm (available on demand until November 10th) The live webinar is limited to 500 places. Register quickly! You can register here: Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians (bpt)

Vet Skills Net09.12.2020
Vet Skills Net04.12.2020

HIWI wanted The Skills Net is looking for a new Hiwi -> https: // ... Have a look and apply !