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Donate plush toys: How you can help children in need with old cuddly toys

There are many people in the world who are in need of help. Among those who suffer, it is mainly children in need who need something else besides food and clothing.

But does it make sense to donate plush toys? Which aid projects are there that accept donations in kind? And to what extent do the donated cuddly toys actually benefit the children?

You can get one in our guide Overview of the various aid organizations and the possibilities of making meaningful donations.

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1. Donate plush toys - it's not that easy to do something good

Numerous aid organizations prefer monetary donations.

Over time, tons of toys and cuddly toys accumulate in many children's rooms. Most children show little interest in their older gifts after a few months.
So it would be great if you could donate toys to help poor families.

Unfortunately, many large organizations do not accept donations in kind because the logistical effort is often too great.Unicef, for example, points out that all the necessary auxiliary materials are purchased centrally in order to be able to help children in need in the best possible way.
So it is only possible for the aid organization to buy exactly those things that are currently most urgently needed.
The same applies to the alliance of Aktion Deutschland hilft, which primarily looks after the support of refugees.

The German Red Cross also largely refrains from accepting donations in kind. Nevertheless, the organization is particularly dedicated to helping children. If you would like to find out more about the individual fundraising campaigns of the Red Cross, you can find the necessary information here.

If the purpose of your donation is particularly important to you, you can find it on the websites of many aid organizations special projects in which you can participate with your donation. The various Caritas projects are listed here, for example.

Tip: In the case of monetary donations, it is possible to receive a donation receipt. This enables you to retrospectively deduct the donations for tax purposes.

2. These organizations welcome plush toys in good condition

If you want to support the local kindergarten, this is hardly possible if you want to donate plush toys. For reasons of hygiene, we largely refrain from accepting games, toys and stuffed animals of any kind.
Even if this sounds a bit strange at first glance, there are still ways in which you can donate your plush toys.

Many orphans lack toys and cuddly toys.

Many local children's homes are happy to accept your cuddly toys and, after a short examination, pass them on directly to the children in need. Often there is a lack of simple toys in particular, as these only come second.
First and foremost, the personnel costs as well as the costs for housing and boarding the children must be covered.
Giving away plush toys is therefore an excellent idea, especially if they are in very good condition, to help poorer children on site.

In addition to cuddly toys, there are above all those the following donations in kind that improve the situation for children in the children's home:

  • children's clothes and shoes in good condition
  • Craft utensils such as blocks, pens, scissors or glue
  • Cots or desks
  • Toys and board games
  • Hygiene products

Since the equipment of the local children's homes is very different, It is best to ask in your area which materials can best be used to help.

In addition to direct monetary donations, for example, donations in kind also include the SOS Children's Villages popular. You can find more information about donation options here.

3. Alternative options to classic donations

Many organizations rely on fundraising. Direct monetary donations are therefore indispensable for the logistical effort and various rooms. However, organizations such as Caritas also look forward to your individual contribution to support people in need.

There are numerous aid projects in which you can volunteer, especially at Christmas.
If you would like to volunteer, you can search for opportunities in your area here.

4. Further reading on child poverty

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Donating plush toys: How you can help children in need with old cuddly toys
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