How are films remastered for higher resolutions

Remastered films: discover classic films in a new splendor.

It should be another movie night? Your friends are there, the popcorn is ready, your 4K TV is on and you are comfortable. But you can't really agree on a film with your guests. Perhaps the overlap with classics is greater than with new blockbusters: The Blu-ray ™ version for 4K films offers you the ultimate image quality of remastered films and so you can rediscover old treasures in high resolution! Action films from the 90s, in particular, look better now than ever before.

Why the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc ™ has many advantages.

4K televisions have a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. This is a huge difference to Full HD, because 4K does not mean doubling the resolution, but quadrupling it! The optical storage medium has the advantage of being able to function independently of the Internet. The data rates of the disc can be around 50 Mbit / s without any problems. The compression of the image is therefore gentle, whereby a consistently high image quality of new films and also of remastered films is achieved.

Pictures to marvel at.

The UHD Blu-ray ™ is worthwhile for owners of 4K televisions who want to experience the best possible picture quality.

How can it be that films with so much higher resolution fit on an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc ™? A normal Full HD Blu-ray ™ can hold a maximum of 50 GB of data. The UHD Blu-ray ™ already holds 66 GB. There is also a variant with three layers. This increases the capacity to 100 GB.

Remastered films: Experience your favorite films like never before.

It's also relatively easy to find new cinema productions in ultra-high resolution these days, but what about the older treasures? More and more films appear in 4K today that we all know from before - with the great advantage of high resolution. Need crisp pictures? You can rediscover these titles from the past:

  • E.T.: The story of the little alien accidentally left behind millions of light-years from its planet enchanted cinemas in 1982.
  • Edward with the scissor hands: Tim Burton's classic hit theaters in 1990. Experience this extraordinary film today on Ultra HD Blu-ray ™.
  • Terminator 2: This action cracker showed in 1991 that sequels to successful films can go one better in terms of quality.
  • Apollo 13: It should only be a routine flight to the moon - until it says from the vastness of space: "Houston we have a problem". An exciting space drama from 1995.
  • Independence Day: In 1996 the earth was attacked by aliens and almost every large metropolis was destroyed - at least in this film by director Roland Emmerich, which is well worth seeing.
  • Men in Black: In 1997, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones first appeared on screen as Agents J and K. The film had two successful sequels!
  • The fifth Element: Director Luc Besson brought the New York of 2259 to the silver screen in 1998 - including flying cars, Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich - creating a true sci-fi classic.

Best quality with the right equipment.

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The Ultra HD Blu-ray ™ Player DP-UB824 is ideal for your movie night. Why? In addition to 4K image resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range), it also supports the BT.2020 color spectrum. He also has the new 4K High-Precision Chroma Processor, whose chrominance and color grading processes have been specially fine-tuned by the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory. The huge amounts of data on an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc ™ are reproduced with every nuance on the TV exactly as the filmmakers intended.