Indian Air Force pilots receive callsigns

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The Skyguard radar system was used by the German Air Force for used to monitor low-altitude areas.
The Skyguard radar system was used in the German Air Force for surveillance of low-altitude flight zones.
But we have to open it up and find out what's inside before the plane takes off Air Force for Schlager arrives.
I haven't the slightest idea what it is, but we'd better get it open pretty soon and find out what's inside before that air force plane arrives for Bat.
Should be the Indian Air Force for decide the Eurofighter Typhoon, 20,000 new jobs could be created.
If the Indian Air Force does eventually choose the Eurofighter Typhoon, this could potentially lead to the creation of 20,000 new jobs.
Not quite 17 years old, he will be doing military service with the Air Force for trained the comet hunter.
Not yet seventeen years old, he got his military training in the German Air Force.
The device was originally used for tendering Air Force for the new FuMg 40L planned (ground-based fire control radar).
The device had originally been entered into a design contest held by the Luftwaffe for the new FuMG 40L (ground-based fire-control radar).
From 1987 to 2006, Fliegerstaffel 24 was also able to use one of the two Learjet 35s Air Force for Use EKF tasks.
From 1987 to 2006 the Fliegerstaffel 24 also used one of the two Swiss Air Force's Learjet 35 for EKF tasks.
In the summer the aerobatic team practiced here Air Force for a military aviation meeting in Brussels. After the start of the war, Rangsdorf is temporarily replaced by Berlin's Tempelhof Airport (04.10.39 - 06.03.40).
In the summer the aerobatic unit of the air force practices here for at the airman meeting in Brussels. After the outbreak of war Rangsdorf becomes temporary the commercial airport of Berlin instead of Tempelhof (04.10.39 - 06.03.40).
This victory enabled the rapid concentration of units of the Red Army, the fleet and the Air Force for the capture of Kazan, where a workers' uprising also helped drive out the whites.
It was this victory that made possible the rapid concentration of Red Army, Navy and Air Force units that took Kazan, where a workers uprising also contributed to driving out the Whites.
According to the Norwegian government, both the capacities of the Air Force for the training of pilots for use outside the armed forces as well as the financial support provided by the airline SAS for the training of airline pilots has declined in recent years.
According to the Norwegian Government, both the capacity of the Air Force to train pilots for service outwith the armed forces and the financial support for airline pilot education provided by the SAS airline have been declining in recent years.
So, gentlemen, Colonel Schneider is now informing you about the ground support plans of the Air Force for the new offensive.
Now, gentlemen, Colonel Schneider will brief you on the air force ground support plan for our coming offensive.
The team is "Jupiter" according to the callsign of the Indonesian Air Force for named the flight instructor.
The team is named "JUPITER" after the call sign of Indonesian Air Force instructors.
The "Cap Arcona" and the "Thielbek" were owned by the British Air Force for German troop transports held and sunk in the Bay of Lübeck on May 3, 1945.
On May 3, 1945, the British Royal Air Force mistook the Cap Arcona and the Thielbek for German troop carriers and sank them in the Bay of Luebeck.
The conquered bases made it possible to expand the protection of the Japanese Air Force for the invasion forces as far as Malaysia and the Dutch East Indies.
The bases thus acquired in Indochina allowed extended Japanese air cover of the invasion forces bound for Malaya and for the Dutch East Indies.
Instead, the Swedish took an interest Air Force for this aircraft to use as a pilot jet trainer, light fighter-bomber, reconnaissance aircraft and liaison aircraft.
In this respect, an adaptation or an intensification of the previous cooperation in weapons system logistics is definitely Air Force for Conceivable to us - provided that the requirements for effectiveness and efficiency can be met.
To this extent, we could well imagine adapting or even intensifying the air force's current weapons system logistics partnerships - on condition that our requirements in respect of effectiveness and efficiency can still be met.
Colonel Ingo Feierabend, A400M Product Manager at BAAINBw, is also very satisfied with the outcome of the contract negotiations: This contract ensures that the TP400-D6 engine and thus the A400M fleet of the Air Force for secured for the next five years.
Colonel Ingo Feierabend of the BAAINBw is also thrilled with the result of the contract negotiations: This agreement ensures the operational readiness of the TP400-D6 engine, and in turn the German Air Force's A400M fleet, for the next five years.
At the age of 14 he got his first glider license A, followed by the B, C and class 1 and 2 pilot's licenses. Not yet 17 years old, he was doing military service with the Air Force for trained the 'comet hunter'.
At the age of 14 he obtained his first gliding license A-, B-, C- and Luftfahrerschein Class 1 and 2. Not quite 17 years old, he is trained in military service by the German Air Force for the'comet hunter '.
Our task in Ulm was then to turn these problematic cases into decent soldiers who would then work within the Air Force for simple tasks such as property protection (guard soldiers) or in the typing offices (today one would say "back office") could be used.
Our task at Ulm was to make proper soldiers of these problem cases. They were to be turned into air-force soldiers with simple tasks such as object protection (sentry) or in typing offices (today, you would probably call it back office).
Experience the freedom of the sky and enjoy the adventure of flying.With Ai ... Free 9.3K 7.6 7.6 User rating Military Helicopter Flight Sim The military Air Force for are looking for new pilots who want to work in the Air Force helicopter aviation.
Experience the freedom of the sky's and enjoy the adventure of flying.With Airplane Flight mania you ca ... 무료 9.3K 7.6 7.6 사용자 평가 등급 Military Helicopter Flight Sim The military air force is looking for new pilots that want to work in air force helicopter aviation.
who was trained as a glider pilot and in 1944 a training for the Air Force for went through an attack on New York as a missile glider pilot.
was trained as a paraglider pilot and went through further air force training as a rocket glider pilot for a planned attack on New York.
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