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On the 10th today, the Pointe Vénus lighthouse is located here. 1862 print 129 Moritz von Schwind. This led to the islands' biodiversity decreasing towards the east. See main article → Tahitian Language. It is above all the great landscape, but also the exotic flora, that simply fascinates holidaymakers on Tahiti. Bora Bora | If an observer is north of this image point of the moon on the earth's surface, he will see the small a described above when the moon is waning. However, if an observer is to the south of this image point, he will see, as mentioned, the small a at the waxing moon. Even the first Polynesian settlers originally did not introduce indigenous crops, such as taro, to the island. only six years. Most of the settlements, intensively used cultivation areas and a more or less wide strip of rainforest as original vegetation are located in the northeast. Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, is located at a southern latitude of around φ = 17.5 ° and thus in the middle of the tropics. The sun stands vertically above the city twice a year when the declination of the sun is exactly the same Latitude of Papeete, which is 17.5 ° S. Distance Tahiti → Hawaii. To find the map for the route from Tahiti to Hawaii Kai, please enter the source and destination and select the driving mode. Wilhelm Emil Mühlmann: Arioi and Mamaia. In the southern hemisphere it is exactly the opposite, so that there the waxing moon forms a small a. Satellite. It is the largest island in the archipelago and has the largest population. Map. This goes so far that black pearls are now offered as "Tahitian pearls", although they actually come from the Austral, Society and Marquesas Islands as well as the Tuamotu Archipelago. Tahiti extends over the following geographical latitude (abbr. When the moon is waxing, however, the crescent moon is curved the other way round. In September 1842, the provisional French protectorate was proclaimed. Mehetia | The state consists of 118 islands, which are divided into 5 archipelagos. The island of Tahiti belongs to the Society Island Group (islands before the wind, islands behind the wind). Specially flown in forces of the National Gendarmerie were able to put an end to the unrest quickly. 2 to 3 cm, whereas the Atlantic Ocean is growing by the same extent. [18] The LMS missionaries actually ruled the island. Old map of Peru with the Mar del Sur William Hodges: Resolution and Adventure with a Fishing Boat in the Bay of Matawai (Tahiti), oil on canvas, 1776 (National Maritime Museum, London ) Resort: The spacious lobby leads into the small tropical garden, in which the restaurant with a bar is located; Center. Under the motto “quick & dirty” we want to show two pieces of the island - Paul Abrahams Die Blume von Hawaii and Leonard Bernstein's Trouble in Tahiti - under Corona conditions. That was Pomaré II. As a result, the mission station had to be abandoned. Islands of French Polynesia, nuclear tests. It is approx. Manuae | in length He was given the task of observing the transit of Venus, and for this purpose he set up an observatory. populated from Tonga and Samoa. He made clever use of the temporary absence of the British Consul Pritchard. Select an option to view step-by-step route descriptions and compare ticket prices and journey times in the Rome2rio travel planner. It has not been conclusively clarified which Europeans can be considered the “discoverers” of Tahiti. Not unsuccessful, George Pritchard ordered their expulsion. Pomaré V was the last king of Tahiti; he died in 1891 as a result of his drunkenness. Also estimate your travel costs with our Tahiti is in the time zone UTC − 10. [8]: 4–6 Religious and secular power were closely interlinked, partly united in the same persons. In the capital Papeete you will find numerous leisure activities and museums that shed light on the history of the South Seas. Raiatea | Map of Tahiti - detailed map of Tahiti Are you looking for the map of Tahiti? EUR 7.00 shipping. km². The island has relatively few natural beaches, which consist mainly of black, basaltic sand and are mainly distributed along the west coast. The residents of Tahiti solved the problem in September 1940 with a coup against the governor and set up a free French administration. Tripadvisors Tahiti Map with Hotels, B & Bs and Hostels: Here you can see the location of Tahiti accommodations according to price, availability or rating from other travelers. In the capital Papeete, the mean tidal range of the Pacific is around 2.5 m.Compare The world's highest tidal range can be found in the Bay of Fundy in Canada, where it is up to 16 meters, and at spring tide even over 20 meters. Near Arue, about 3 miles east of Papeete, is the home of the writer James Norman Hall, who spent several years in Tahiti and died there in 1951. Tahiti to Hawaii Kai Route Distance Calculator Direction Finder Larger Map Show Travel Planner Travel Time Calculator Flight Distance Calculator Flight Time Calculator Route Planner Travel Expense Calculator Latitude Longitude Finder km² (without secondary seas) and therefore covers about 35% of the entire earth's surface. The mountainous parts of Tahiti are covered with a lush, mostly natural mountain rainforest. The missionary George Pritchard (1796-1883) served as British consul. Recommended option. It has an area of ​​1042 km² and a population of 186,909 (as of 2012). Route planner. The opponents of Pomaré II, the adherents of the old religion, gathered around Opuhara, the Ariki of Papara. In the western Baltic Sea, on the other hand, the tidal range is only 0.3 meters, while it is barely noticeable in the eastern Baltic Sea. The city of Papeete does not offer any particular attractions. It has an area of ​​1042 km² and a population of 186,909 (as of 2012). The official language is French. The Society Islands became "Établissements français de l’Océanie" (EFO), a colony of the Republic of France. The Polynesians traditionally cultivated numerous flowering plants for the decoration of their festivals and religious ceremonies, including the hibiscus, the tiare (Gardenia tahitensis), from which the monoi oil or Monoi Tiare de Tahiti is made, the bougainvillea and the fragrant jasmine, which one also uses can still be found in every home garden today. Tahiti consists of two extinct volcanoes that arose from a hot spot under the Pacific plate. The annual mean rainfall is 1761 mm (for comparison: Cologne 797 mm). An individual travel proposal - with pre-booked travel services! In contrast, the Pitcairn Islands and Easter Island in the far east of the Pacific are significantly poorer in species. [16]: 133 In November 1843, the protectorate was established through agreements between Du Petit-Touars and Queen Pomaré IV. On the first floor the tourist will find a wide range of souvenirs. French Polynesia has five atolls with a total of around 130 islands. The islands of New Guinea and New Caledonia in the west have a much higher number of species than Tahiti. Today, the Englishman Samuel Wallis is considered the first European, who on the 21st brought more plants to Tahiti, some of which have been released into the wild and have become a problem for the native flora. April 1768, the Frenchman Louis Antoine de Bougainville landed, stayed nine days and euphorically referred to Tahiti as "La Nouvelle Cythère" (the new Kythira; meaning the island of love of Aphrodite). The plant was introduced because of its tasty fruits and found the best growing conditions in Tahiti. Check out our selection of hawaii tahiti to find the most amazing unique or custom handcrafted pieces from our stores. The reason for this is that the moon, like the sun, has a pixel on the earth (see position of the sun, general). From 1975 the tests were carried out underground. [17] In 1819 he introduced a catalog of penalties drawn up by the missionaries, which provided for drastic penalties for all practices that were contrary to Christian doctrine. This OPT card is sold on the Tahitian Philatelic website at www.tahitiphilatelie.com, in all 80 post offices and licensed outlets. (LINK), This pixel moves from around 28.6 ° north latitude to 28.6 ° south latitude. Tahiti Nui is surrounded by a trunk road, in the greater Papeete area and around the airport even with several lanes. There were 30 missionaries on board, four of whom were ordained ministers. Map; Operator; Discover. It is administered by a subdivision (Subdivision administrative des Îles du Vent) of the High Commission of French Polynesia (Haut-commissariat de la République en Polynésie française) based in Papeete. Fly from Kahului (OGG) to Papeete (PPT) OGG - PPT; $ 511- $ 1,737. In addition, there were two ships on the surface of the water nearby for possible assistance. It should be noted that so far only approx. Another (male) god was Tangaroa (Tangaloa, Ta'aroa), the ruler of the sea, who on some … Princess Teri'inui-o-Tahiti (* March 1879; † 29. Location: The Manava Suite Resort is located on a lagoon on the sun-drenched west coast of the island of Tahiti and is only a 5-minute drive from Faa'a International Airport and 15 minutes from The Spanish frigate El Águila anchored in the Baie de Tautira on Tahiti Iti in November 1772. He was baptized in 1812 and in the following years other leading Ariki converted to Christianity. She worked closely with the missionaries of the LMS. [19]. Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia, is about 4,100 km northeast of New Zealand and about 4,400 km southeast of Hawaii.Opuhara fell on the 12th. This role fell to Raiatea, the mythical G The birthplace of the god of war Oro, where the Marae Taputapuatea, the most sacred of all cult platforms in Polynesia, also stood. A rainy season is not an absolute ... In the absence of a male heir to the throne, the sister of Pomaré III ruled from 1827. The landscape is characterized by steep peaks, the highest of which, Mont Orohena on Tahiti Nui, rises 2241 m. The popularity of Tahiti as a destination for long-distance travel began as early as the end of the 18th Δφ) and geographical longitude (abbr. He built his portable observatories, in memory of James Cook, on Pointe Vénus. Ferns make up around 30% of them the plants growing in Polynesia. Tahiti, older names Otahaiti, Otaheiti, Otaheite, King George Island, Isla de Amat or Sagittaria, is an island in the South Pacific, which politically belongs to the French overseas territory of French Polynesia. Plane to Kahului • 9h. The landing stages for cruise ships are located directly on Boulevard Pomaré near the city center of Papeete. [1] The capital and largest city of the island is Papeete. Since it was also useful for the European visitors to have only one contact person, they supported the Pomaré dynasty in their tribal rivalries also militarily, so that Pomaré I was able to subjugate the entire island to his rule around 1780. The archipelago includes e A total land area of ​​1,045 km². The area of ​​the ocean, over which the whole of French Polynesia is distributed, is around 4 million km². The Tetiaroa archipelago (islands before the wind), which belongs to the Society Islands, is about 20 minutes' flight north was bought in 1963 by the US actor Marlon Brando (1924-2004). Depending on the vehicle you choose, you can also calculate the amount of CO2 emissions from your vehicle and assess the impact on the environment. Mokupuni o Hawaiʻi) is a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean and has been the 50th as Queen Pomaré Vahine IV since 1959. However, the rains are - as usual in the tropics - heavy and short-lived. The Beagle anchored in Matavai Bay. The warriors of Pomaré had received firearms from the Europeans and were victorious. However, there was still resistance to the introduction of Christianity. In contrast, Tahitian vanilla, which was introduced by the French in the 19th century, is exported and is in great demand because of its excellent quality. The diary of 1. Edited on February 12, 2021 at 9:59 a.m. gives us an interesting indication of the relationship between the population and Christianity. In addition to information on the geology and geography of Tahiti, monumental stone statues of Tahiti, the Marquesas and Raivavae are on display, as well as weapons, ritual objects and handicrafts. [6] There are hardly any traces of the first settlers. In 1821 Pomaré II died. The rainiest months are December and January with more than 300 mm of rain. The house, a detailed reconstruction, is now a museum open to the public. Like the other Society Islands, Tahiti was founded around 200 BC. A report sent eight years later to the headquarters of the Society describes the successes of civilization and the mission of the "natives" of Tahiti as rather minor. The European ships usually headed for Matavai Bay. 9min. June 1880. These forests are absent in the east and south of the island. For seven days, wave conquerors from different countries and qualifications compete for the title of a new wave king! He and his team had set up a station for the project on the Ulithi Atoll. From here two more waterfalls can be reached on a footpath. So it then migrates from east to north to west, where, like us, it goes under. The time it takes for the image point of the moon on earth to move from latitude 28.6 ° north to latitude 28.6 ° south again at latitude 28.6 ° north is precisely the time of a sidereal month (27 days and around 7 hours). On the Fangataufa Island 122˚ 15 ‘South and 138˚ 45‘ West, there was also a nuclear weapons test area from 1966 to 1996. Indigenous land animals are only insects, crabs, snails and lizards. For the Brazilian car brand of the same name, see, Islands and Atolls of the Society Islands, Institut Statistique de Polynésie Française (ISPF): Recensement de la population 2012. Officer William Reynolds: In 1842 there was another French intervention, its commander Abel Aubert Dupetit-Thouars on the 9th capital and largest city on the island is Papeete. The answer would therefore be: No! On Boulevard Pomaré, in the business center, is Robert Wan's Pearl Museum, which is more of a sales show, but gives a good overview of the origins and cultivation of Tahitian pearls, from the inception of the nucleus to years of cultivation and harvest. The administrative budget of Tahiti is subsidized with funds from France and the EU. continued the wars to consolidate his rule from 1803, but was defeated in 1808 and fled to Moorea. This map was created by a user. The well-tended, white hotel beaches are usually artificially created. There are no dangerous animals on Tahiti, especially no snakes. Fly from Papeete (PPT) to Kahului (OGG) PPT - OGG; $ 481- $ 1,636. In the following year, on the 6th [10], there is no confirmation of this. The knowledge he gained in the process led to the fateful voyage of the Bounty to Tahiti in 1787, with which the British Admiralty commissioned William Bligh. Tahiti Iti can be reached via paved roads as far as Teahupoo in the south and Tautira in the north. The Musée de Tahiti et des Îles near Punaauia, opened in 1974, is a natural, ethnological and historical museum. Tahiti is politically divided into twelve independent municipalities (Communes des Îles du Vent): Politically, Tahiti also includes the municipality of Moorea-Maiao with the sub-municipalities of Afareaitu, Haapiti, Paopao, Papetoai, Teavaro and Île de Maiao. The French consul Moerenhout had meanwhile been able to persuade four local chiefs to sign a petition demanding French protection for Tahiti. One example is the guava, which originally came from South America. The scientists accompanying him carried out anthropological, ethnological and botanical studies in particular. Depth, Mariana TrenchThe mean depth of the Pacific is 3,940 m with secondary seas - or 4,188 m without secondary seas. At its deepest point, the Pacific goes down to 11,034 m in the Mariana Trench. The depth is also given as 10,994 m. The two parts of the island were found to be between 0.5 and 2 million years old, with Tahiti Iti being significantly younger than Tahiti Nui. The larger animals of Polynesia were all introduced by humans. Maiao | September 1839, Charles Wilkes reached Tahiti as part of the United States Exploring Expedition. Franz Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden 1955, p. 237. Pomaré II June 1767 [11] entered Tahiti. His novel Mutiny on the Bounty, co-authored by Charles Bernard Nordhoff, has become world famous and has been the basis for several film adaptations. Founded by missionary William Crook in 1818, Papeete became the main supply port for whaling ships in the Southeast Pacific.French Polynesia is located in the middle of the south-eastern Pacific, about halfway between Australia and California. Recommended option. Politically, Tahiti is now part of French Polynesia. The majority of them live in the Society Islands, especially Tahiti. Tahiti belongs to the Society Islands with Bora Bora, Raiatea, Taha'a, Huahine and Moorea, which in turn make up part of the 118 islands and atolls of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. Tahiti is a double island of Tahiti Nui (Greater Tahiti) and the smaller and more sparsely populated Tahiti Iti (Little Tahiti), which are connected by the isthmus of Taravao. October 1961) sympathized with de Gaulle. Australia Polynesia 1900 orig. The writer's grave lies in the hills above his house. 0.01% of the deep sea floors have been explored. The Marae Mahaiatea was about GEO-Special Südsee, Hamburg 1990, p. 144. https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tahiti&oldid=208790865, "Creative Commons Attribution / Share Alike", Afaahiti, Faaone, Pueu, Tautira with the island. Tahaa | The settlements are located in the narrow coastal strip, the north and west of Tahiti are most densely populated. Tahitian, also Tahitian (own names Reo Mā'ohi and Reo Tahiti), is a Polynesian language that is still spoken by around 150,000 people in French Polynesia. State of the United States, named after the largest island in the archipelago, unofficially known as the Big Island. Cell phones. The other four archipelagos are Tuamotu, the Gambier Islands, the Austral Islands, and the Marquesas. One of the ship's cannons is now in a small park in front of the Papeete post office. Our camping village is located in a fully wooded area in one of the most suggestive places on the Adriatic coast, a stone's throw from the Romagna coast. Matavai Bay, about 10 km from Papeete and the preferred landing stage for early European visitors, is overlooked by a lighthouse built in 1867. undisputed ruler of the entire island. From there the direction of flow changes and the north equatorial current flows back to the west to be diverted again in front of California and thus to complete the cycle. The south equatorial current flows from east to west. Tahiti is, next to Bora Bora, the most touristically developed island of Polynesia. Find high quality royalty-free vector graphics you won't find anywhere else. Wikipedia. The Billabong Pipe Masters prize pool reaches $ 525,000. Fly from Kahului • 10hrs The Fa’arumai waterfall is surrounded by thick tropical vegetation. December. The greatest east-west expansion of the Pacific, from Indonesia to Peru and Colombia, is approx. The French and British residences of the New Hebrides voted very quickly for Free France, but the governors of the other French colonies tried to delay a decision with excuses. E-Mail: [email protected] Telephone: +49 (0) 30 60982553-1 That is essentially related to your central function in politics and economy. In November 1815 the battle of Feipi took place. While there are no pearl farms off the island itself, Tahiti has become the center of the black pearl trade in recent years. The Botanical Garden also includes the Gauguin Museum, which shows the life of Gauguin in the South Pacific using historical photos and display boards. Maupiti | Samoa German Colony "Samoa Islands and their Inhabitants" Original wood engraving from 1889. Tahiti, older names Otahaiti, Otaheiti, Otaheite, King George Island, Isla de Amat or Sagittaria, is an island in the South Pacific, which politically belongs to the French overseas territory of French Polynesia . Knowledge of French is an advantage for this section of the trip, but you will also get along well with English. The tribal society was strictly hierarchical and layered on several social levels. TAHITI POWER: Action for you in December now you can give away TAHITI POWER vouchers, a great gift idea for birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion ~~ www.tahiti-power.com in the LIVE STREAM for you https: // tahiti -power-1.jimdosite.com/kursprogramm/ From now on you can purchase it: - One time training - Monthly training - or 13 card ~~ December gift certificates for a ′ ′ monthly training ′ ′ in just €… It lies in the middle of the south-eastern Pacific around 4,100 km northeast of New Zealand and around 4,400 km south-southeast of Hawaii, 17,100 km to France, to whose overseas territory it belongs, 8,000 km to Tokyo and 8,000 km to Santiago de Chile. There are memorial stones for James Cook and the missionaries of the London Missionary Society as well as a public beach nearby. Tahiti vacation is an important industry for the island, a good 40 percent of all hotel beds in French Polynesia are here. It is the largest and most populous island in the archipelago. The Pacific is the largest of all oceans and has a gigantic area of ​​166.24 million. April 1769 he anchored his ship Endeavor in Matavai Bay, about to Tahiti - and with him the missionaries. During Cook's third expedition to the South Seas, John Webber held South Seas motifs, among others. in the Cook Islands, Tahiti and Hawaii. That is, roughly calculated, 23 days before the 21st. Today only remnants of the system can be seen. The Botanical Garden of Papeari with a rich population of tropical flowering plants and old trees was founded by the American Harrison Smith. 90 × 30 meters once the largest cult platform in Tahiti. The vegetation of French Polynesia is characterized by two peculiarities: The currency is (still) the CFP franc, which is pegged to the euro. Sand fleas on the beach, a poisonous species of centipede from the Scolopender family, and the mosquitoes that are present everywhere in the interior are unpleasant. November 1836 Charles Darwin set foot in Tahiti during his world tour from 1831 to 1836. Long live approx. Her son Pomaré V. thanked Jean-Jacques on the 29th “An Arcadia whose kings we will be”, Bougainville's romantic travelogue Voyage autour du monde and Georg Forster's travelogue A Voyage Round The World, published in 1777 [13] seemed to Jean-Jacques To confirm Rousseau's image of man as the “noble savage” that the Europeans believed they had found in Tahiti. With linear distance, travel time, flight route. from 5330 €. A total of 13 A bombs were deployed here. Since natural caves and rock overhangs, unlike in the Marquesas, for example, are largely absent on Tahiti, the American anthropologist Kenneth P. Emory suspected that the first inhabitants lived in small settlements near the beach on the coastal plain. Shortly after the outbreak of the First World War, the German armored cruisers SMS Scharnhorst and SMS Gneisenau appeared on the 22nd. The course of the Second World War confronted the French colonies in the Pacific with the question of whether they should submit to the Vichy regime or Free France under General Charles de Gaulle should support. Overview. Tahiti. Cook Islands (7 nights in Rarotonga & 6 nights in Aitutaki) French Polynesia (1 night in Tahiti, 4 nights in Moorea & 3 nights in Bora Bora) Stay in mid-range facilities on the most beautiful lagoons in the South Pacific. The uninhabited interior of the island is densely overgrown with tropical vegetation and is only accessible in places by unpaved roads and footpaths. [9] To feed the population, a sophisticated system of land use was created, the artfully irrigated and drained cultivation terraces for taro in places still archaeologically verifiable today. In the context of turning to the exotic, this also led to imitations of “Tahitian” culture in Europe [14].

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