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The best two apps for crypto currencies at a glance

At the beginning you read into certain pages, analyze currencies, look at the market capitalizations of the crypto currencies and try to remember everything and somehow sort it. You quickly notice that this is time-consuming, takes a lot of time and it is tedious to find a good website that does the work for you. I'm still looking for a website that will do this for me on the computer, but someone may have a tip that will help me here - I haven't found any useful browser plugins yet. That's why I use apps. On the one hand, you always have your smartphone with you and can look it up quickly; on the other hand, it is more convenient than websites with any kind of logins. That's why I installed and looked at some apps. For one, I used Bitcoin Ticker Widget, on the other hand, and above all the Blockfolio app, since this app can be filled with virtually any coin and there are constant updates. That's why my favorite is the Blockfolio app.

Current prices and purchase forecasts for cryptocurrencies

The Bitcoin Ticker Widget app in detail

If you analyze, compare or own strong crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Dash or Litecoin, then you can use the Bitcoin Ticker Widget app. A very good app for the beginning, because with line charts you can see the price trend without seeing the unfamiliar candle stick charts.

This portfolio app is clear, I like the charts (very detailed and easy to see) and above all the alert function. My approach here is always that I set myself LOWs and Highs and thus am always notified about the currencies. Here you can set whether you want to be notified after percentage or value changes. I always prefer when a certain value has been reached or the price has fallen below a certain value.

However, you should be careful with the notification function: It happened a few times that my smartphone woke me up because of fluctuations in exchange rates. If there was also a very positive upward trend and you had wanted to buy a certain amount of crypto currencies the day before, then there were restless nights ;-). However, the app also has more to offer: You can set your portfolio (the coins you own), read news, analyze charts or add paid content.

All in all a great app, but I'm currently using another one in which you can individually create and review other currencies (all?).

The Blockfolio app for all cryptocurrencies

Blockfolio offers what you are looking for and want to use. A very comfortable overview, you can save your portfolio, see charts and can compare all currencies in a list:

The start page and overview of the app can be seen in the left area. Here you can easily add another currency using the plus sign, which you can then see directly in the overview. The "Holdings" column shows the stored holdings in currencies. So you can see the total value of your currencies converted into yours at the top left. The right area shows a detail page of a cryptocurrency (in the case of Ethereum) in which you can see the charts. Here you can comfortably change the period at the top right. The screnn shot shows a diagram of the last three days (3D). Exactly above you can see a navigation in which you can switch between chart, book, alerts and holdings. In which further settings and overviews are possible. Above all, the item "Holdings" has an impact on the start overview, because this is exactly where the stored holdings of currencies can be saved. It is also convenient here that you can store and save new bookings with additional information and also list the profits and losses later.

Update June 2018: For a few months now this app has also received additional information and has received a design update. The start page looks tidier, more modern and has new functions. At the top you can now switch to signals. These are messages from individual cryptocurrencies that you keep in your portfolio (bottom left in the screenshot). You can also hide your portfolio sales in the overview so that no one else knows how much you have really invested (right screenshot).


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