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Irish beer

Ireland is world famous for its legendary beer. The green island inspires with its beer with a sense of tradition and the best quality.

Irish beer is characterized by a very special taste and differs considerably from classic German beer. Not only does it have less carbon dioxide, it is also not as flavourful.

Irish beer also contains significantly less alcohol. The Irish are among the leading beer-drinking nations in the world. The culture that goes with this specialty is best experienced in one of the numerous pubs.

Guinness - the market leader in Ireland

Over the years, Guinness has become the market leader in Ireland. Guinness is a stout beer, also known as a stout in Ireland. It has a comparatively high alcohol content. Today the Guinness is exported to more than 150 different countries and so it has developed into a real export hit for the Emerald Isle. According to the Irish master brewer, more than 10 million glasses of Guinness are drunk every day.

While many of the Guinness sips consumed around the world are not from Ireland itself, this Irish beer, made in Dublin, is still in a class of its own. Compared to the other varieties, it is significantly darker.

A typical feature of Guinness is its almost white crown. In fact, Guinness was just a coincidence. In the course of experiments carried out by master brewer Arthur Guinness I, the now legendary Irish beer was created.

Murphy's Irish Stout

Murphy's has been synonymous with quality, taste, tradition and freshness in Ireland since 1856.

The combination of Irish purity and natural ingredients forms an excellent basis for producing a velvety soft and digestible beer of unsurpassed quality.

These quality components make Murphy's a true premium stout, which has a particularly high rank among the specialties and finds its connoisseurs everywhere.

Probably the fiercest competitor of the Guinness stout.

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Smithwicks, Irish beer with a bitter note

Smithwicks is also called in Ireland itself Kilkenny Irish Beer known. It is characterized by a distinctly tart taste and is so different from other Irish beers. The head of the Smithwick is strongly reminiscent of that of Guinness. This Irish beer was originally produced to be exported. In the meantime, however, it is also very popular in Ireland itself.

Originally, Smithwicks was exclusively brewed in the St. Francis Abbey Brewery. The well-known Irish brewery continued a brewing tradition that began in the 14th century. It finds its roots in a former monastery. Today, Smithwicks is not only made in the city of Kilkenny. In the recent past, another brewery has sprung up in the town of Dundalk.

Beamish Irish beer - a strong taste

The Irish type of beer Beamish is also known and popular. For many people it has become a synonym for Irish beer and comes from the Beamish and Crawford Brewery .

Beamish Stout has become the brewery's main product and tastes a lot stronger than the other well-known Irish beers. Like the brewery of the same name, this beer looks back on a long tradition. The brewery was founded in Cork in 1792 by William Beamish and William Crawford. In 2008 the brewery became the property of the Heineken Group. Over the years the brewery has changed hands several times, but has always been able to keep its traditional products.