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Many people have a dormant desire to learn an instrument. Studies show that when learning or playing an instrument, many different brain regions are activated and it has been proven that it can make us calmer and happier. However, music lessons are not only very expensive, you also have to make a fixed appointment with the teacher. Not everyone has the time or money to get professional guidance in their studies. That is why there are now more and more apps that promise quick success when playing instruments and make guitar lessons possible online. Today we're comparing three apps with which you can make learning guitar online easy.

Especially in the time of the coronavirus, it can make sense to set new learning goals. Learning guitar online is a possible activity to counteract boredom. Online guitar lessons can also be a welcome distraction for children who are currently unable to attend music lessons.

Chords - Simple and Inexpensive

This app has a rather simple name and a simple premise as well. For experienced guitar players, the free version is more like a library so that you can easily and clearly recall all the important chords. The real learning factor of the app is hidden in the many paid courses that can be viewed with a premium account. There are guitar courses for beginners, advanced players, experts and so on. You can watch tutorials on different chords and learn a lot about music theory and the like a little outside of the fingerings.

In order to really take full advantage of learning guitar online with the app, you have to take out a subscription with all the additional functions for 15 euros per year. In addition, you can select different pieces of background music that you can then record. When you tap on “Major”, the app also offers many different variations of chords. One small drawback is that Chords is a rather confusing app in my opinion. It is basically suitable for guitar lessons online, but how great the long-term motivation is is difficult to say.

The app can be downloaded free of charge for iOS.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs - Guitar harvest online and with community

Some time ago we talked about Skillshare, the website where you can "attend" courses online and learn new things in a wide variety of topics. In my case, that worked well when I started playing guitar. However, the interaction with these apps, presumably similar to the "Chords" app, is only slight. You can try to re-enact what the teacher is playing in the video, but individual progress is sometimes difficult to achieve with it. This is exactly what is crucial in order to successfully learn guitar online!

Ultimate Guitar Tabs started years ago as a website where guitar fans could create and upload chords of songs on their own. There is now a paid subscription model and many new functions. The app's start page alone gives an idea of ​​what can be done here. I especially like the large community here, who can share their own learning progress in an Instagram story-like design directly with other music fans. This also results in a multitude of different interpretations and versions of all songs that are in this huge database. Actually, there is almost no song whose sheet music has not already been uploaded by the community. The possibilities for guitar lessons online are almost unlimited here.

Play-along version in premium

But the premium version of this app mainly gives you access to the official chords and tabs of many well-known songs. The makers behind Ultimate Guitar Tabs have employed staff who practically do nothing other than break down popular songs into their components and prepare them for the community. In addition, the users of the app can vote themselves which songs they want official sheet music for. Playing is really easy with the app. In the official versions there is always a backing track that runs in the background. You can set how fast or slow you want to play and you can usually choose between different instruments. In addition, you can see directly in the notes with one click how the chords used are fingered.

What I like most about this app is that you can literally learn at your own pace and that you have such a large community behind you. What is uploaded by other users can be rated, commented on and even improved. The news feed also shows you raffles and competitions for guitars and equipment that you can take part in. The makers behind Ultimate Guitar Tabs have managed to create a platform on which guitar lessons online become an interactive community project. In order to be successful in learning guitar online, we can only recommend the app. A normal monthly subscription costs 9.99 euros.

The app can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS.

Yousician - in the heaven of digital guitar lessons

Anyone who wants to learn guitar online will inevitably get advertising for Yousician at some point and somewhere. Like many other apps of this type, Yousician promises fun and uncomplicated guitar lessons online and for everyone. Due to the almost penetrating advertising that I received on all social media channels, I was skeptical. Are they just making a lot of smoke about nothing or can you actually learn something with the app?

If you download the app and want to test it, you can use all functions free of charge for seven days. I also did that. And I have to honestly say that I was thrilled from the first second. You will be greeted by a speaker who will serve as your virtual teacher. First he explains to you how to tune your guitar and then it starts.

Yousician comes with an innovative concept

First of all, a huge advantage of this app is that it records every note you play with the guitar via the microphone of your smartphone and evaluates it in real time. If you do not grip one string correctly with chords, the software will mark this string. This enables incredibly precise and, above all, fast feedback that not even an experienced guitar teacher should offer at this speed. You will be guided through the various exercises with your friendly teacher and it feels like a real guitar lesson - just online!

The second big advantage that Yousician has over the other programs is the visual display. The notes are also displayed on a 3D fingerboard and a bouncing dot tells you when to play. Similar to Guitar Hero, only with a real guitar, you collect points in each lesson, depending on how many notes you have played correctly. These points then add up and you can compete with the entire Yousician community. So learning to play the guitar online can be endured!

Versatility has its price

You can choose from all possible courses, make challenges or set your own learning goals. Better not to have a guitar lesson online. Even normal guitar lessons cannot necessarily offer something like that. A level system provides that extra portion of motivation. As soon as you have reached a certain number of points, you go up a level. In the app, it's super easy to track your own progress and get instant feedback as you play. With Yousician, learning guitar online is actually fun.

The only two points of criticism that I have are the following: I had stated that I was already a bit more experienced, as I had been playing the guitar for a year and yet at the beginning I was confronted with basic exercises that I couldn't skip and "endure" had to unlock new levels. It takes a bit of fun when you have to do tasks that are rather repetitive for you. And then the price. It is by far the highest with Yousician. An annual subscription costs a whopping 179.99 euros and a monthly subscription costs 29.99 euros. Well, a normal hour of guitar lessons can cost 40 to 60 euros every week.

Of course, this app does a lot of things better than the competition and has features that I think are worth paying for. The Yousician subscription, for example, would be the perfect Christmas gift, but if you pay for it monthly yourself, it's a little expensive.

The seven-day trial period is available when you log in to the app for iOS or Android.

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