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If you are bothered by the ads while browsing on iPhone, you can block them in the Safari browser. Apple calls ad blockers "content blockers".

You can set up such a program on all devices from the iPhone 5s. There is now a large selection, for example Crystal, Adblock Plus or Firefox Klar. Ad blockers are separate apps that you have to install separately from the iOS store. Only then can you activate the ad blocker in the Safari settings.

iPhone: Block ads with Firefox Klar

We recommend Firefox Klar as a content blocker on Safari. On the one hand, the app is an independent browser, but it can also be integrated into Safari as an ad blocker.

Firefox Klar is a particularly privacy-friendly variant of the Firefox browser and is also being developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

In this guide we explain how to add Firefox Klar as a content blocker.

1. Download Firefox Klar from the app store

Search for Firefox Klar in the app store and install the app.

2. Enable content blocker in Safari

Open the settings of your iPhone by tapping the gear symbol in the menu.

Tap on the app symbol to open the system settings.
Scroll down to the point. Tap on it.
Right way down you get to the point. Tap on it.

Note: The item "Content blocker" only appears in the menu if you have already installed Firefox Klar. If it doesn't appear right away, restart your iPhone.

Here you can activate Firefox Klar.

The protection should now be active. To be on the safe side, check the setting in Firefox Klar again.

3. Check the setting in "Firefox Klar"

Open the Firefox Klar app.

Tap the gear in the corner.
The Safari integration slider must be activated for the content blocker to work.
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