What's your favorite food that your parents make

The family council meets: participation at home

The family council

Family council is a fair thing. Here you can address everything that concerns the family, what concerns you and is important to you. This can, for example, concern the upcoming vacation, meals together, disputes, birthday planning, what is watched on TV and much more. You all discuss the problem or topic together - everyone should have their say - and find a solution together. For example, when it comes to television, you can specify that a different person can decide which program to watch on each day of the week.

Quite clearly: most of the time your parents bear the costs of your activities. That is why you can agree that your parents have a special right to object to certain things. But that doesn't change the fact that you are allowed to express your opinion and wishes and that these are taken into account in the decision!

Planning vacation and weekend

There are different ways you can plan your vacation together. For example, everyone suggests a vacation destination and you then agree on one that everyone is happy with. You can also take an atlas and then work together to figure out where all of you might like it. Sometimes you have to make compromises, but you're sure to succeed in family councils. For example, if you go to where your mother would most like to go, then you, your siblings (if you have any) and your father are more likely to determine what exactly you do there.

You can also plan your activities together for the weekends. Since rarely everyone is enthusiastic, you can do what you children like more on one weekend and what your parents prefer the next. Or everyone in the family takes turns planning the weekend. So everyone has the opportunity to plan a weekend - provided, of course, all family members agree.

The meal plan

There are also ways you can get involved when it comes to eating. The simplest is for you to help cook. With your help, your parents will certainly be more likely to get involved in your food preferences. In addition, self-cooked food tastes better anyway and cooking together is a lot of fun. In addition, you can agree that on a weekday - for example on Wednesday - a person will get their favorite meal: your father in the first week, you in the next week, your sister or brother in the following week and so on.

You can also write down all of your favorite dishes on pieces of paper. There are bound to be a lot of meals that everyone likes to eat. You can then put these pieces of paper in a box. The person who cooks draws a piece of paper and then prepares this meal. So quite often you would eat something that everyone likes.

The cleaning schedule

Of course, participation also includes taking responsibility. These can also be small household chores, for example. One advantage: When cleaning together, it gets clean faster and you can do something nice with your family in the time you save.

If you have siblings, you can also make a circle with areas of the same size, in which you then always write a different task (for example: “set the table” or “bring down the garbage”). The cleaning plan is then hung up. Everyone chooses a different colored clothespin and puts it on one of the fields so that each field has a clip. You then have to do the job that involves your clothespins during the week. After a week, every clothespin moves to the next field and so all of you have to do every task at some point. Sounds fair, doesn't it?

As you can see, there are many options for participation at home. Maybe you can think of more? Or do you also want to set up a family council? Write us about it, we are curious!