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According to US authorities, Russia wants to support Bernie Sanders

(afp) According to the American authorities, Russia wants to support the Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the primary campaign. This was reported by the Washington Post newspaper on Friday.

American officials had informed the left-wing senators that Moscow wanted to help its election campaign as part of an interference in the Democratic primary, it said. In what form this should be done was not initially clear.

In response to the report, Sanders forbade any form of Russian influence. Unlike President Donald Trump, he does not see the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin as a “good friend”, said the current poll favorite in the democratic field of applicants. “To be honest, I don't care who Putin wants as president (of the USA). My message to Putin is clear: 'Stay out of US elections, and as President I will make sure you do that.' "

Division of US society

The US authorities assume that Russia wanted to support Sanders in the 2016 primary campaign against his rival Hillary Clinton in order to promote a division in society and ultimately to help the Republican candidate Trump. While Clinton prevailed against Sanders in the Democratic primary four years ago, she was ultimately defeated by Trump in the presidential election.

According to current media reports, the US secret services assume that Russia will intervene in the US election campaign this year as well - in favor of incumbent Trump. The Russian government denied this on Friday, Trump himself spoke of a “new disinformation campaign” by the US Democrats.

The dispute over the intelligence service assessment was possibly the reason why Trump fired US secret service director Joseph Maguire this week and replaced him with the US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell.

Sanders is ahead

Sanders is currently ahead in polls for Democratic presidential candidates. But observers are wondering whether the 78-year-old could beat incumbent Trump in the presidential election in November. The Senator represents positions that are far to the left by American standards and could thus drive away many voters in the political center. Trump has already called him a “communist”.

According to the US secret services, Russia manipulated the 2016 presidential election campaign in particular through a campaign on online networks such as Facebook. The authorities have long feared that Russia could interfere in the US elections this year as well.