People still iron clothes

Ironing: the best tips - it's easier this way

Ironing is one of the most unpopular household chores. But those who value neat clothing cannot avoid reaching for the iron every now and then. Ironing can be made easier with modern technology and a few simple tricks.

Ironing properly can be so easy. With these tips, the chores can be done easier and faster:

- A special referenceor aluminum foil the iron's heat is reflected on the ironing board. The laundry is ironed from the other side at the same time.

- Preferably sort the laundry right at the beginning according to ironing temperature.

- The best results are obtained with lslightly damp laundry

- When ironing you should always care for a sufficient lighting to care. If it is too dark, it is easy to miss small wrinkles.

- Ironing is particularly easy if the laundry is with you softener was washed. Then the clothes are not allowed in the dryer.

- Dark clothes are ironed on Left.

- Water vapor smooths: One can take advantage of this by putting on delicate items of clothing in the bathroom lets dry. The air humidity is higher here than in the rest of the apartment. So you have less to iron later.

- viscose is very sensitive. Garments made from this material are ironed with a damp cloth between the laundry and the iron.

- silk stains when sprayed with water. It is best to iron the slightly dry silk on level one and turn it inside out.

Iron shirts properly

First you iron the hidden part of the collar, then the visible part. This means that no small wrinkles remain on the visible side when you iron the back. Then the sleeves are on. After the cuffs are wrinkle-free on the inside and outside, turn the sleeve so that the button placket is on top. If you ironed the other side of the sleeve first, there could be creases on the button placket. Then you pull the sleeve straight, smooth it out and iron it. You have to be a little careful with the button placket. Then you start with the button placket of the shirt and gradually iron the shirt all around.

Steam speeds up ironing

A steam iron is standard these days. "The water vapor penetrates the textiles and straightens the fibers," explains Ulrike Pfennings-Kutsch from the DHB household network. The heat and pressure of the iron make the wrinkles disappear. The devices are not expensive: simple steam irons are available for less than 20 euros, more sophisticated ones for almost three-digit amounts. Irons without a steam function, on the other hand, are no longer widespread and are only in demand for vacation trips, says Mirko Kaiser, editor-in-chief at the "Öko-Test" magazine.

Most important function in modern irons

When buying a new one, the feeling has to be right. "The grip and weight should feel good," advises Kaiser. The contact surface should be scratch-resistant. "Because dirt collects in scratches and the ability to slide suffers as a result." Ceramic is better than steel. The automatic switch-off is very important. If the iron is left on the ironing board, the mechanism prevents the clothes from scorching. "That should be standard these days," says Kaiser.

The vertical push function is useful for combating wrinkles. The iron can be run upright along a hanging item of clothing. "The powerful jet of water vapor quickly smooths out small wrinkles," explains Kaiser. This is ideal for business people who want to remove slight creases from their jackets.

For whom the steam ironing station is worthwhile

A steam ironing station can be worthwhile for people who iron a lot. The devices can be bought for around 100 euros. Their tanks hold one to two liters of water - much more than the tanks of conventional steam irons. Depending on how much steam you use, you can iron three to six times longer in one go, estimates Ulrike Goreßen, author of the specialist trade magazine "Elektromarkt". Because the tank is separate and the iron is supplied with water via a hose, it is easier to hold: "With normal steam irons, the water in the tank has to be moved with it," says Goreßen. During long ironing orgies, this can get on your arms.

There are stations with an ironing board or in a compact version consisting of an iron and a base station with a water tank. The advantage of both variants: You heat the water externally and can thus give off steam even at lower temperatures. Only a few conventional steam irons can do this. Disadvantage of the classic stations: They are bulky and heavy and require more space.

Compact stations are cheaper

The compact stations do not require as much space and are cheaper. "These are already worthwhile for a small household where ironing is done regularly," says Goreßen. Nevertheless, a particularly stable and wide ironing table is required for these devices, as they are still a lot larger and heavier than normal steam irons.

You have to pay attention to this value

Regardless of whether it is a normal iron, a compact or a large station: Water output every minute is important for the best possible freedom from wrinkles. It is given in grams per minute. The higher this value, the better the result when ironing, explains Kaiser. "Minimal differences are negligible when buying." That means: It doesn't matter whether an iron emits 60 or 70 grams per minute.

The steam pressure indicates the force with which it is pressed into the textiles. The same applies here: a lot helps a lot. A value between four and six bars is best, explains Goreßen. "But all devices iron well from 3.5 bar." But it doesn't always have to be full steam: According to Kaiser, irons need 80 to 90 percent of the energy to generate steam. So if you want to save electricity, you give less steam. If the fabric is moistened, it becomes smooth just as well.

Ironing without back pain

Long ironing while standing can lead to back pain. "That's why you should put one leg on a stool - similar to the bar counter, where a metal or wooden circuit at lower leg height provides relief," advises Detlef Detjen from the campaign for healthy backs in Selsingen, Lower Saxony. If you then switch legs every now and then, you will also relieve your back. Alternatives are height-adjustable standing stools.