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Coronavirus: situation in the USA

Current situation and ongoing updates

Status: May 12, 2021

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When planning your business trip, the following three aspects must be considered:

  • National Interest Exception (NIE): This is still necessary for entry into the USA. Now the business trip must not only be “in the national economic interest of the USA”, but also be necessary for “vital support for critical infrastructure”.
  • Negative Covid test: A negative viral (PCR or antigen) COVID-19 test is required upon boarding and is necessary for entry into the USA.
  • Quarantine regulations: There are currently no US-wide quarantine regulations. However, some states still require quarantine for international travel.

American domestic travel: The CDC lifted the test and quarantine requirement for trips within America at the beginning of April. However, a few states still adhere to entry regulations that can be bypassed with a full vaccination (Pfizer, Modern, J&J).

Tourism: Entry into the USA is still not possible for tourists from the Schengen countries.

Business trips for Americans to Austria:Entry for professional purposes is possible. Proof of the business trip, a negative PCR or antigen test or a medical certificate must be carried with you. If no test or certificate can be presented, a test can be made up in Austria, otherwise a 10-day quarantine is necessary. These provisions are currently valid until May 31, 2021.

Vaccination progress and new infections:A downward trend in new infections is slowly establishing itself across the country. Just under a third (112.6 million people!) Of the US population is fully vaccinated. However, the number of vaccinations is currently stagnating and the government is trying to increase the number of those willing to vaccinate in order to achieve the desired herd immunity. In mid-May, the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds. New York has announced that it will also vaccinate tourists, and those willing to vaccinate will be given free beer or metro tickets. At some underground stations you can get vaccinated without prior notification.

Regional differences in restrictions on public life: There are currently no lockdowns, but depending on the region, different curfew hours, stay-at-home instructions and restrictions in the restaurant and entertainment area still apply. It is mandatory to wear a mask especially in buildings and in public areas where a minimum distance cannot be maintained. Overall, however, an “opening” of the country is noticeable. NYC has announced that it will reopen completely on July 1st, and the theaters on Broadway will also have the green light for live indoor performances (with conditions) from mid-September.

It is vaccinated again with Johnson & Johnson: After 10 days, the temporary stop of the Johnson & Johnson vaccination was lifted again, on the grounds that the benefits of the vaccination were significantly higher than the risks.

Another stimulus package for business and the population adopted: Another stimulus package for USD 1.9 trillion. could be adopted in March. This includes payments of over USD 1,400 per person in households with an annual income of less than USD 150,000. The updated economic update provides you with an analysis of the effects of the stimulus package.

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Entry and travel regulations

Relief for vaccinated peopleRelief for those who have recoveredRelief for the tested

Travel from Austria / Europe to the United States

At the beginning of March, the criteria for issuing National Interest Exceptions (NIE), which are necessary for a business trip to the USA, were tightened. Now it is not only necessary to enter the USA "In the national economic interest of the USA" stand, but also be necessary for "Vital support for critical infrastructure".

The industries that are considered critical infrastructure can be found on the CISA homepage. NIEs are issued to business travelers with a valid ESTA or visa and allow single entry into the US within 30 days.

Entry for tourists is still not possible. Please consult us if you are planning a business trip to the USA.

Further information on the exceptions to the travel ban can be found on the website of the US Embassy in Vienna.

Quarantine regulations in the USA - test required for entry

From January 26, 2021, a negative corona test (PCR or antigen) must be carried to enter the USA. The airlines are required to check this and, if necessary, to refuse boarding.

There are currently no uniform USA-wide quarantine regulations. However, some states still require quarantine for international travel. Due to the rapid progress in vaccination, the regulations are gradually being relaxed. From the Centers for Disease Control will recommended to be tested again after entry. In addition, the usual safety measures should be observed: avoid unnecessary contact, wear masks in public, wash and disinfect hands regularly, and pay attention to symptoms of COVID-19.

We would also like to point out that your local business partners can request a quarantine from you. Before you leave, you should therefore clarify which measures are required of your partners before planning a business trip to the USA.

Proclamations still valid

Proclamation of March 11, 2020 to protect the US population from the spread of the coronavirus

Non-US citizens who have stayed in the Schengen area, as well as UK, Ireland, China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa and India within a period of 14 days prior to planned entry into the USA, have been able to enter the USA since 14 March 2020 denied. For the time being, tourist and business visas no longer entitle you to enter the USA.

The following are particularly affected in the Schengen area: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary as well as UK and Ireland.

Exceptions to the ban apply to holders of a green card, (generally to) family members of US citizens and other groups of people who are expressly named in the proclamation.

In addition, business travelers can apply for a National Interest Exception at the consular departments of the US embassies as described above.

Proclamation of June 22, 2020 to protect the US labor market