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BitLife - Life Simulator: - How do I become a model?

Let's take a look at our diary and find out how our character becomes a model. BitLife - Life Simulator - How to Become a Model and Get Fame

In today's release, we'll tell you how to start your modeling career. The modeling career begins with a foot modeling job. So if you want to become a supermodel, you have to apply as a foot model. If you continue to work as a standing model at the same agency, you will receive promotions and eventually become a model. (Foot model -> hand model -> catalog model -> lingerie model -> catwalk model). Remember that there are many ways to achieve this position. Starting today, we're going to be sharing with you the diary or any of the things we did to model our character. Come on - How to become a model in BitLife game!

BitLife Model Career Guide and Schedule!

Start as a female figure

The first thing we strongly recommend is to start out as a female figure. When starting a new life, you will have the option to change the character's name, gender, country, and city. Touch the Gender option and start out as a female character.

The next step is to review the properties

After setting name, gender, change, etc., the character will be born with random statistics. Happiness, health, intelligence and appearance. All of these values ​​must be between 90 and 100%. It's okay when intelligence is low. 80-100% would be enough. But happiness, health and appearance must be over 90 years old.

Otherwise, we recommend repeating the characters until you get a better one.

Primary school high school

Make sure you take part in all activities while you are studying in elementary school or high school. interacting with parents (talking, giving praise, spending time, etc.), going to the library, meditating, etc. Everything in our diary was so simple; do all these basic things, do the driving test at the age of 16, study a lot every year, and the character successfully graduated from high school. It is important to follow these activities to get the character's stats.

After high school - keep studying or get a job

Well, it's not important to go to college after high school as educational qualifications are not an issue for this career. However, if you want to do this make sure you work in the arts and dance like guys. In our case, we decided to drop out of college after graduation and look for a job. At the age of 18 we applied for the first time as an exotic dancer. At that time, the characters' stats were; 100% appearance, 98% happiness, 100% happiness, 83% intelligent.

The following year, at the age of 19, the work appeared as a voice actor. And we applied and were selected immediately. At 25 we reached the position of actor.

You may be wondering why we switched from modeling to acting? The reason is the availability of workstations for foot models. You can get it sooner if you are lucky. Feel free to apply if you look great, happy / healthy - over 95 (just after high school).

In our case, at the age of 28, the work appeared as a standing model. So the timeline is -> elementary school -> high school -> dancer -> voice actor -> actor -> standing model.

The statistics, if we apply the work as a standing model: -

Qualifications when applying for a standing model job: -

Mix jobs

As you know, job availability is the problem. The job you want may not be in the Tasklist. In this case, you need to mix the jobs. To do this, close the game and open it again. This will stir up the work. You can also come next year to mix up the jobs. However, we recommend using the first method as you need to be young to get a job as a foot model.

That would be all in our BitLife - Life Simulator - Model Career Guide! If you know of any other method, feel free to post it in the comments section below!

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