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1 SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN 31 “CAPTURE THE MOMENT” Plus de Rotariens se sont rassemblés, début juin, dans la ville portuaire allemande MILLION US-DOLLARS An exclusive study investigates the value of Rotarian volunteer work 36 ROTARY FAMILY FESTIVAL “Grüezi” instead of “Moinezi” moin »: Switzerland was well represented at the Rotary Convention in Hamburg JULY AUGUST RwTARIER ON THE ROAD


3 EDITORIAL ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 EDITORIAL THE MAGIC ROTARY MOMENT I had one of my magical Rotary moments in July when I was in Shanghai. China premiere. Alone in the metropolis. On the first evening I was drawn to the Marriott Hotel, where the RC Shanghai weekly meeting was taking place. The welcome: warm. Rotarians from all over the world (Chinese members are not yet allowed), including Italians and Germans. Then: Enter Alex. He comes into the room, walks up to me and says: "You have to be Verena!" As a Swiss Rotarian, he had seen my face in the editorial several times. Almost eight and a half million people live in Switzerland; Rotarians are good; two of them bump into each other on a Tuesday evening in Asia. When I think back to it, I still get goose bumps today. There are many such moments. The new prospect in the club turns out to be an old friend; there you sit in the Hotel Storchen next to the Rolling Stones photographer; there is a PDG Anders Holte in St. Moritz taking his skis a little downhill into the valley. On Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich and at Toronto Airport: You can meet Rotarians everywhere. Provided you keep your eyes, ears and heart open at all times. Magdalena Frommelt, newly elected governor of District 2000, summed it up at the conference in the Engadin: «Rotary, that's you!», She said to the crowd. How right she is! Rotary is not just any Evanston body or committees, it is each and every one of us. Of course it needs structures, of course it needs a world president to be the boss. But each of the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world has the opportunity to help shape Rotary. So let's get down to it, let's be part of it, let's fill Rotary with life! Yours Verena Maria Amersbach, Editor-in-Chief MOMENT ROTARIEN MAGIQUE Un de mes moments magiques rotariens date de juillet J étais à Shanghai. Mon premier voyage en Chine. Toute seule dans une ville qui compte des millions d habitants. Le premier soir, l envie m a pris d aller à l hôtel Marriott où se tient le meeting hebdomadaire du RC Shanghai. L accueil: très cordial. Des rotariens du monde entier, dont des Allemands et des Italiens (mais pas de rotariens chinois, car la participation au Rotary leur est interdite). Et alors, Alex arrive. Il entre dans la salle, vient directement vers moi et lance à brûle-pourpoint: “À coup sûr, do it Verena!”. En tant que rotarien suisse, il avait souvent vu ma photo en page 2 du magazine. La Suisse compte près de huit millions et demi d habitants dont sont rotariens. Et deux d entre eux se rencontrent un samedi soir en Asie. Quand j y repense aujourd hui, j ai encore le cœur qui bat la chamade. Des moment uniques comme celui-là ne sont pas rares. Par example, le nouveau rotarie du club est une vieille connaissance; on est assis à l hôtel Storchen juste à côté du photographe des Rolling Stones; ou encore à St. Moritz le PDG Anders Holte me prend sur ses skis jusqu en bas des pistes. Que ce soit à la Gare centrale à Zurich or à l aéroport à Toronto, des rotariens, on en trouve partout. Il suffit d ouvrir ses yeux, ses oreilles et son cœur pour que le courant passe. Magdalena Frommelt, la toute nouvelle governor du District 2000, y a réussi dernièrement à la conference en Engadine: "Le Rotary, c est vous!" a-telle dit à ses auditeurs. Elle a raison à cent pour cent. Le Rotary, ce n est ni une commission à Evanston ni un comité, mais c est chacun de nous. Bien sûr, il faut des structures, il faut un president mondial pour chapeauter le tout. Mais chacun des 1,2 million de rotariens du monde peut participer activement. Alors, n attendons pas, faisons vivre le Rotary! Bonne lecture Verena Maria Amersbach Rédactrice en chef

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5 CONTENTS ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 JULY AUGUST 2019 CONTENT FRANCS FOR ROKJ Roland Wunderli led through his district conference with courage and full of power. Just one of the highlights: the huge donation A CHILDREN'S HOME IN THE HIMALAYA For more than two decades, the RC Allschwil-Regio Basel has been fighting for orphans in the Indian mountain region of Sikkim POUR LES NON-VOYANTES Le RC de Châtel-St-Denis remettra un chèque de francs à la Fondation Romande pour Chiens-Guides d Aveugle PASSATION DE POUVOIR Le 22 Juin dernier, sur les hauteurs de Lausanne, se tenait la Conference du District Central: le thème de l eau THE “NEW” IN THE DISTRICT Birgit Schellmann Straub follows in the footsteps of the district correspondent blessed by Peter Rohner CONFERENCE IN THE “ROTARY HOUSE” With a warm “Allegra!” Markus Hauser welcomed more than 240 Rotarians to St. Moritz LE ROTARY A LE VENT EN POUPE C est sous le slogan “Capture the moment” que plus de Rotariens se sont rassemblés à Hamburg 850 MILLION US-DOLLARS An exclusive study examines the value of the Rotarian volunteer work on the ground without “meet and eat” ROTARY FAMILY FESTIVAL More than Rotarians from 170 countries came to the convention in Hamburg. Including: numerous Swiss ZUGER CLUBS HELP TOGETHER The Zug Rotarians had prominent support during their joint charity campaign in favor of mine-ex

6 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1980 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC ALLSCHWIL-REGIO BASEL District 1980 HELP FOR THE METZLER ORGAN The Christian Catholic parish all-ideal club project out. The subopti schwil-Schönebuch has been in use for almost 150 times. The instrument has been the owner of the old village church for years; some wear parts of St. Peter and Paul, the landmark of Allschwil, have also reached the end of their life. It was basically achieved in 1985/86 and must be replaced. gend renovated; Thanks to her connections to music, the repair is now due. Käthi Gohl has succeeded in paying the costs of the world, which far exceeds 1.42 million francs, which finan- cial musicians without specific opportunities for the parish to pay for four concerts in the church. Just the total revision of the win. Together with collections, GOVERNOR 2019/20 organ will be funded with Swiss francs. Donations and voluntary work should be done to 06 Hanspeter Pfister RC Einsiedeln. Thanks to member Käthi Gohl Moser, cellist and former lecturer at the university, the RC Allschwil-Regio Basel is covered by a large part of the organ project costs. Further information and the dates of the concerts can be found on the Inter- SEKRETARIAT für Musik / FHNW in Basel, the call for help website of the RC Allschwil-Regio Basel. Désirée Allenspach followed. The general overhaul of Metz- Text: Urs Herzog / vma Photo: courtesy of RC Angenstein ler organ on the gallery turned out to be Römerstrasse 73 ww Hofstetten TFM Number of clubs: 66 Clubs without women: 11 total members: 4187 Female members: 536 younger or equal 40 years: 206 Older than 65 years: 1686 Is being renovated with the help of the RC Allschwil-Regio Basel: the Metzler organ in the old village church of St. Peter and Paul

7 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1980 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 DISTRICT 1980 SIGNED AND COLLECTED MORE THAN FRANCES FOR ROKJ At the district conference in Baden in mid-June, the outgoing governor Roland Wunderli drew a positive balance: During the two main areas of office, he was young and women true to his motto, being able to “set an example”. An impressive collection success for the governor project ROKJ and the ceremonial handover of the office to successor Hanspeter Pfister made the occasion perfect. More than 100 Rotarians enjoyed a varied program at the Grand Casino Baden. After the greeting, Governor Roland Wunderli used the opportunity to look back on his year; Above all, there was reason to be happy about the increase in female members. After a keynote speech by Sibylle Lichtensteiger on the subject of “Stapferhaus”, an interview with the well-known Baden cartoonist Silvan Wegmann followed. Moderator Christine Honegger brought the various facets of the artist to light with clever questions. Dr. med. Markus Wopmann then relentlessly pointed out why the child protection group at the Baden Cantonal Hospital needed it and how one can recognize and avoid child abuse. It is hard to believe that the most helpless members of our society are still exposed to violence and abuse in this country too. The subsequent flag parade of 50 exchange students from all over the world represented one of the most important Rotarian programs, the youth exchange. The highlight of the day was the creative handover of Franks to the ROKJ project (Rotary for children and young people). This service supports children and young people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds in promoting their talents. Under the leadership of DG Governor Roland Wunderli, this service was specially promoted in the 1980 district “from Basel to Chiasso”. The last act was the handover from Roland Wunderli to the new governor Hanspeter Pfister from Einsiedeln, whose term of office as governor starts on July 1, 2019. The dinner that followed gave the participants ample opportunity to exchange ideas and perhaps plan new charitable projects again. As the governor's home club, the RC Wettingen-Heitersberg organized the event; He received active support from Rotaract Baden. Text: Daniel Itten & Flavio De Nando / red Photos: Lively exchange: the district conference gave the opportunity to cultivate Rotarian friendship 07 A strong team: the outgoing governor Roland Wunderli (center, left) together with supporters from the district and the Home club RC Wettingen-Heitersberg

8 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1980 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC ALLSCHWIL-REGIO BASEL A HOME FOR CHILDREN IN THE HIMALAYA For more than two decades, the RC Allschwil-Regio Basel has been supporting needy children in the Indian mountain region of Sikkim. We are currently looking for further supporters for the costly new construction of a toddler home. 08 The Children of Sikkim Foundation Switzerland (COSF) provides a home for around 300 orphans, half-orphans and needy children from the remote mountain areas of Sikkim in the Indian Himalayas, where they can enjoy education and attention, go to school, receive medical care and are prepared for life. The sustainable training concept supports the young school leavers financially even after leaving school and accompanies them in an advisory capacity on their way to self-employment. Since it was founded 23 years ago, the Swiss-domiciled association COSF has been significantly supported and shaped by the RC Allschwil-Regio Basel. In 2018, after 14 successful years, Rotarian Fred Notter was able to hand over the presidency to DGN Ursula Schoepfer. Many other club members, the Götticlub RC Bottmingen-Birseck and neighboring Rotary clubs have been closely interwoven with the aid project for years through sponsorships for children and teachers or through donations. The association provides around 80 percent of all funds required for running schools and boarding schools in Chongey, a village outside the capital, Gangtok. That is around Swiss francs per year. In addition, COSF bears all investments such as school buildings, children's homes, etc. The remaining amount is contributed by the Indian Ministry of Tribal Affairs. Thanks to the voluntary work of all board members, an average of 96.5 percent of all donations flow directly into the relief organization. New construction of a toddler home For large investments such as the construction of the school and the dormitories as well as the water supply through the development of springs in the steep slopes of Sikkim, projects are defined in each case. The current project is to replace the old and decentralized toddler home with a new building on campus. It will provide a loving home for around 75 children between the ages of four and seven. The project costs amount to around Swiss francs. The RC Allschwil-Regio Basel is looking for further donations in its environment and in the Rotarian family. You can support the project by purchasing the “Sikkim Desk Calendar 2020” gift campaign made by the club. Donations are of course also very welcome. Further information on the desk calendar and the aid project in general can be found at or by to Text: Robert Bätschmann & Beat Oberlin / vma Photos: zvg

9 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1980 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC BADEN A PLACE TO PLAY, CRAFTS AND LEARNING One of the highlights of the spring festival at the Klösterli children's home last May was the inauguration of the new garden pavilion. This was implemented by RC Baden (above all project manager Emanuel Schoop). The Rotarians provided proud francs for the planning, design and actual construction of the covered pavilion with storage room; the money comes from the proceeds of the Rotary Ball. In more than 120 hours of work, the members of the club also lent a hand themselves. They painted wooden elements, dug pits, planted bushes and supported the commissioned craftsmen in many ways. RC BASEL-ST. JAKOB This commitment to the Klösterli children's home is all about Rotary's commitment to the real needs of the less privileged in the region. The 32 children and young people who currently live in the headquarters of the Klösterli children's home have received an attractive place in the garden to play, do handicrafts and learn together under a protective roof. Franz-Peter Schwere, President of the Board of Trustees, thanked RC Baden for their commitment and commitment. Jenny Baurschmid agreed to thank them on behalf of the children and young people and the care staff. Text: Gabriele Stemmer Obrist / red Photo: zvg TWO DEFIS FOR THE PLAYERS Working for the Klösterli children's home: Members of the RC Baden 09 With a substantial donation and a sweaty hands-on, the RC Basel-St. Jakob supported “Die Spielaue” in the Lange Erle Zoo in Basel. In May 2018, the ultra-modern playground (total cost around 2.9 million francs) was opened to the public. It is the perfect addition to the zoo, which is just as popular with families with children as it is with the elderly. In addition, the club has now given the zoo two defibrillators, which are also provided with a program for resuscitation of children. Courageous intervention for resuscitation can save lives in cardiac arrest and avert major, lasting consequences. Defibrillators play a crucial role, provided they are quickly at hand. Text: Felix Rudolf von Rohr / red Photo: courtesy of “Die Spielaue”: members of the RC Basel-St. Jacob

10 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1980 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC SISSACH-OBERBASEL AREA LEARNERS FROM ABROAD INFORMATION ABOUT OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM Ten young people from Paris and eight from Nuremberg visited the Sissach-Gelterkinden area with their companions for three days Vocational training system, in companies and in the regional culture. They were housed in host families. The beginning was made with a visit to the commercial-industrial vocational school Baselland (GiBL). After making one and taking a souvenir with them after Sunday, the guests traveled full of new information blocks and a regular take home. push home. teaching lesson on the program. So Saturday came with culture, economics, the discussion of one's own, different vocational training in the economy and politics in Basel. In terms of vocational training, the content of the foreign three countries is as varied as the visit to the town hall was also an exchange program that the Rotary clubs afterwards in the auditorium. The political system of Switzerland preceded Nuremberg-Sebald, Paris-Argenteuil and 10 Next stop: the Heid-Küchen company in Sissach. During the subsequent visit to the Gunzenhauser confectionery shop, the young people were allowed to set up chocolate themselves and have a lot of discussions. A visit to the “Pantheon” automobile museum in Muttenz rounded off the professional insights. Organizing together for years after a joint brunch in the Sissach-Oberbasel region. Last year you were in Nuremberg, next year you are going to Paris. Participation is free. Text: Walter Lüdi / red Photos: zvg RC ZUG-KOLIN ZÖPFCHEN FOR AURORA The members of RC Zug-Kolin weren't frightened by the bad weather: On a Saturday at the beginning of May they sold homemade braids on Zug's Bundesplatz. These had previously been produced in a team at the von Rotz bakery. The income of 5,000 francs goes to the Aurora association. This is the point of contact for widowed parents with underage children.Text and photos: Alexandra Hutter

11 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1980 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC ENTLEBUCH IMPRESSIVE WORK BY YOUNG PEOPLE For the eighth time, the RC Entlebuch has honored students from the upper school classes for special project work. This time self-designed clothes as well as a relaxation lounge made of old wooden chests and a converted liquid manure barrel with a superstructure axis were awarded. "All of the work that is exhibited here in the Wolfsmatt multipurpose hall in Ruswil is evidence of particular commitment, perseverance and enthusiasm," enthused Rotarian Christoph Reimer. With so many original objects, it was not easy for the six-member jury to choose. Tony Weibel, the new president of RC Entlebuch, also praised the project work (“the last milestone in school career or the first milestone in professional life”) and was pleased that there was so much interest in this public event. In an interview, three participants from the Ruswil upper level described how they experienced the project work and what experiences they had gained. The young people pointed out that good planning and implementation, as well as the parents, are important in this process. After the award ceremony, the high school students with their projects were available to answer questions and a lively exchange of experiences developed. Text: Fredy Achermann / red Photo: zvg They were honored for their special project work: Florian Bieri, third place (left), and Stefanie Fahrni, winner (center), both from Escholzmatt, and Eliane Betschart, second (right) Ruswil «When life seems boring to me, I listen to the rustling in the grass. It's exciting what you can hear! " A tip from David F., blind SPINAS CIVIL VOICES We blind people like to help when we can. Please help us too. Donations: PK

12 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1990 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 DISTRICT 1990 WATER It began and ended at Léman, the festival choir) that this year of office of DG Christian Colquhoun this festival is about wine; is celebrated namely; the start took place in the Bains des not the result or the estate, rather Paquis in Geneva, the farewell to the giant (tâcherons) working district in 1990 towards the freshwater aquariums of the Hotel Aquatis in Lausanne. The mean time was in and around the vines. Of course, there were at the district conference shaped by the project of the year: drinking, thank you and greetings addresses, water back for schools in Lebanon. This could and outlooks together with news, such as the DG Colquhoun and a third that PDG Claudine Wyssa candidate for Grant passed on the management of the newly created Ro- to his successor Blaise Matthey. tary zone 16 B is now the three districts But one after the other: The day before Switzerland and Liechtenstein's joint handover of office, Distam belonged to. PDG Frédéric Moline, as the representative of the World President, brought the last meeting of the Rotary year and enjoyed the call to strengthen Rotary: a joint boat trip including “Better a neck and neck from dinner on Lake Geneva. And look at when a hump from the down GOVERNOR 2019/20 gathered on Sundays then 150 look. " And the new governor, Blai- 12 Blaise Matthey RC Payerne La Broye Rotarians (less than three percent of the district's Rotary members!) To the district conference. One topic of conversation linked both occasions: Matthey not only underlined the Rotary vision, "according to which people can create sustainable changes all over the world, in our neighboring Vevey winegrowers festival: on the one hand, addiction and in ourselves," he presented the occasion for money and, above all, a SECRÉTARIAT for volunteers for the service of the bottle of absinthe, “because we have in the Claire Neyroud cloakrooms, on the other hand, fortunately, Romandie also refuted another Chemin de la Chiésaz 3 Rotarians Georges Locher (member of one who gives water to drink »Ecublens Text: Hanspeter Kleiner M Nombre de clubs: 77 Clubs sans femmes: 28 Nombre de membres: 4600 Membres femmes: 436 Membres de 40 ans et moins: 205 Membres de plus de 65 ans: 1831

13 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1990 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC CHÂTEL-ST-DENIS FRANCS POUR LA FONDATON CHIENS-GUIDES D AVEUGLE Le Rotary Club de Châtel-St-Denis remettra un chèque de CHF à la Fondation à romande pour chiens-guides l occasion du Marché d Eté de Châtel-St-Denis du 29 juin L action principale de l Année Rotarienne est de soutenir financièrement la Fondation romande pour les chiensguides d aveugles par la remise du chèque de CHF à cette merveilleuse Institution qui soutient activement les personnes non-voyantes. Par le parrainage d Elsa, femelle Labrador, prize en charge par la famille du Président de la période, le Club Rotary de Châtel-St-Denis a souhaité transmettre un signal fort pour soutenir activement cette Fondation. Les chiens sélectionnés remplacent les yeux d un non-voyant et ils sont un compagnon de vie. Le Rotary Club d Annecy Tournette s est associé à cette démarche avec une contribution importante de CHF Les maîtres-chiens de la Fondation et leurs protégés ont effectué at 6 p.m., dans le cadre du Marché d Eté du 29 June 2019, une seule demonstration. Le Rotary Club Châtel-St-Denis avec l aide précieuse des autres Clubs-Service de la Région (Lions Club, Kiwanis et Jeune Chambre Economique de la Veveyse) a draw un chèque de CHF à l Association Cœur battant. Le GCAA Groupement des Commerçants et Artisans d Attalens a lui remis un chèque de CHF 1000 à cette occasion. Ces funds on t été rassemblés lors d un souper de soutien organized on 22 September 2018 à Bossonens. Les Rotariennes et Rotariens du Club ont participé activement aux Brevets des Armaillis d hiver et d été pour soutenir la Fondation Loisirs pour tous qui fêtera ses 10 ans en Le Club a réussi à remettre un chèque de CHF 6,000 à la Fondation. Parmi de nombreuses autres actions locales, le Rotary de Châtel-St-Denis renouvelle sur le plan international son soutien à mine-ex pour combattre les mines antipersonnel dans le monde avec une contribution annuelle de CHF Des repas sont également offerts aux enfants de l orphelinat de Pattaya en Thaïlande. Durant la période les membres du Club ont soutenu financièrement des repas à hauteur de CHF Le Rotary-Club de Châtel-St-Denis est actif en Veveyse depuis le 8 février 1985, il reste fidèle à sa maxim “servir avant tout” et “partager ». Texts et photo: Xavier Quartenoud CONTACT President Rotary Club Châtel-St-Denis

14 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1990 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC LAUSANNE VOYAGE À SAINT-PÉTERSBOURG 14 Notre ami rotarians Laurent Besso qui organisait le voyage du club “A la découverte des nuits blanches de Saint-Pétersé butbourg dy revenir. Une joyeuse équipe de 45 personnes, nos rotariens et leurs accompagnants, ont pu profiter de moments exceptionnels en découvrant une ville somptueuse et impériale. Restaurant décoré comme un appartement de la fin du XIX e siècle avec un copieux repas de plats russes, visite de la perspective Nevski, palais et églises dont Saint-Sauveur le Sang et le Palais de l Hermitage, un fort moment d émotion avec le ballet "La Légende de l Amour" joué sur la scène historique Mariinsky, Peterhof avec ses fontaines au son de l hymn russian, un des joyaux de l industrie russe en la manufacture de montres Petrodvorets "Raketa", RC LA SARRAZ-MILIEU DU MONDE les bords de la Néva au pied de la forteresse Pierre et Paul, un moment plus intime avec cette ville au Mémorial de Piskarevskoïe érigé en l honneur des victimes du blocus de Léningrad et un tour en bateau privatisé pour contempler la levée des 22 ponts permettant de laisser passer les navires marchands reliant la mer Baltique. Notre président André Berdoz a tenu à la ENGAGEMENT POUR LE SWISS RECOVERY CENTER Les convives du voyage à St. Petersbourg Le RC La Sarraz-Milieu du Monde a organisé le 6 juin une soirée en faveur du Swiss Recovery Center (SRC). Ce center, unique en Suisse, a pour mission de prendre en charge des personnes paralysées devant être assises dans un fauteuil roulant une quinzaine d heures par jour et de leur permettre, par des activités physiques variées sous la supervision de spécialistes, de gagner en autonomie . Convaincus du bien-fondé des buts du SRC, les membres du club arborant une chemise blanche au logo du Rotary du plus bel effet ont fait preuve d énergie créative, des fourneaux jusqu au service des tables en passant par toutes les étapes de la mise en place de ce projet pour soutenir financièrement cette fondation. Simon Romang, humoriste connu loin à la ronde dont la notoriété dépassera vite les fronremise à Saint-Pétersbourg d un Paul Harris Fellow à notre cher ami Laurent. Texts: Françoise Jaton-Gerster / Birgit Samson / Laurent Besso Photo: Marie-France Arnold-Vulliet tières cantonales, égaya la partie récréative. C est avec une légitime fierté et au nom de tous les membres présents que notre Président Gilles Rochat remit un chèque de francs à Messieurs Yves Vionnet, Président-fondateur et Baptiste Delalay, membre du comité de fondation du SRC. Clou de la soirée, une tombola particulièrement achalandée avec deux superbes colliers et une montre d une Manufacture prestigieuse sise au Brassus rencontra un vif succès dont le produit sera également affecté à cette organization. En ouverture de la dernière séancede Comité qu il présida la semaine suivante, notre Président résuma cette belle action en une seule phrase: "Lorsque le RC La Sarra- Milieu du Monde le veut, il le peut!" Texts and photos: Gilles Rochat

15 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1990 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 DISTRICT 1990 CONFÉRENCE DE DISTRICT & PASSATION DE POUVOIR Le 22 juin dernier, sur les hauteurs de Lausanne, se tenait la Conference du District C est au sein d Aquatis, le plus grand aquarium-vivarium eau douce en Europe, que les rotariens du district ont d abord reçu les salutations des autorités par Monsieur le Président du Grand Conseil Vaudois, red. Rémy Jaquier. DG Colquhoun a ensuite fait une rétrospective de son année. Le thème de l eau fut central notamment avec l action “Water-To-Go” en faveur du Liban et la vente de plus de 4000 bouteilles (trois global grants) pour permettre la connexion des écoles à l eau potable. Le proverbe anglais "Nous ne connaissons la valeur de l eau que lorsque le puit est à sec" a été cité pour l occasion. La candidature de la PDG, Claudine Wyssa, pour la direction du nouveau District 16B (rassemblement des trois actuels Districts CH-LI) pour, a également été annoncée. En l absence du President Barry Rassin, le PDG Frédéric Moline D1760 France a insisté sur l importance de se remettre en question afin que beaucoup de «Rotariables» viennent renforcer les effectifs qui stagnent au niveau mondial à 1.2 million de membres. In effect, 3% of the rotaractiens deviennent rotariens. Il faut davantage réfléchir à des actions favorisant leur implication sur du long terme. La marque Rotary, c est nous tous et nous n avons qu une chance pour faire bonne impression. Après plusieurs remerciements et la remise de distinctions, la cérémonie des drapeaux par le groupe des échanges de jeunes for the occasion d écouter des témoignages émouvants et un "haka" neozélandais plein d énergie. Le moment est alors venu où DG Colquhoun a passé le témoin au DGE Blaise Maththey ​​et a déposé le collier emblématique sur ses épaules. Le nouveau DG souhaite “rassembler” and “passer à l action”. Suivant le slogan du nouveau Président du RI Mark Maloney “Le Rotary connecte le monde”, DG Matthey invite les rotariens à évoluer, à être plus flexibles pour se renforcer, fidéliser les membres et preparer la relève afin d avoir durablement un impact sur la société et changer des vies. La matinée s est terminée par conférence d Adrien Bonny, chef de projet de l Association pour la Sauvegarde du Léman. Il a notamment mis l accent sur la PDG Frédéric Moline pollution par le plastique avec plus de 600 tonnes actuellement au fond du Léman. Les pratiques de la population et des industriels doivent évoluer. Ainsi, un vêtement de type "polar" fait à base de PET va perdre 35% de sa mass qui va, in fine, se retrouver dans l eau. Les techniques de filtration doivent également être améliorées, car les nanoparticules, extrêmement fines, peuvent passer à travers la paroi cellulaire et créer des dérèglements. Un apéritif ainsi qu un lunch furent ensuite servis et suivis d une visite guidée d Aquatis. Texts and photos: aj 15

16 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1990 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC LEUK-LEUKERBAD FROM SHOOTING RANGE TO GRILL AREA The municipality of Varen is located on the unique hiking trail 36 (“chemin des vignobles”), which leads in four day stages from Martigny to Leuk. The shooting range used to be on this hiking trail. When this had become obsolete, those responsible in the community considered what should be done with the wonderful place in the middle of the vineyards. And what could be more obvious than to convert the former shooting range into a nice resting place with barbecue facilities? The mayor of Varen, Mitro, was the resting place at the beginning of May with his fellow Gilbert Loretan, who was the driving force behind this idea. He was able to convince the RC Leuk-Leukerbad to support the project ideally and financially. While the rest area was being set up by the community, the RC hall, which offers space for more than 60 people, was inaugurated. The hikers now have an inviting place to rest. Larger groups can reserve the space by prior arrangement with Links Rot. Gilbert Loretan, right Rot. Guido Matter Leuk-Leukerbad, entirely in keeping with his year of the Varen community. resmottos “passion” as a godfather on the spot. Text: Werner Karrer / red Photos: zvg Protected picnic hall President Guido Matter attaching the Rotary board

17 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 1990 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 KIWANIS, LIONS, ROTARY “SEE DIFFERENTLY” The three city service clubs meet at least once a year for lunch, this time in the Kursaal. At the aperitif, it became clear that many acquaintances from the military, sports or work met across club boundaries, and this time also from the joint project for the Zollikofen blind school. Its director, Christian Niederhauser, reported in detail on the “Seeing differently” project: Essentially, it is about a new building for the privately financed museum for the blind, which with its collection is mainly used to train specialists. So far, the Bern service clubs have donated a little more than francs for this, but the budget is not quite covered. But other campaigns are in progress, for example the dulcimer, which the RC Bern-Kirchenfeld is offering for 120 francs, the full amount goes to the museum for the blind. Text and photo: kl Sonnmatt is good for you. Get healthy, stay healthy, age calmly. You can call us at

18 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 2000 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 THE NEW IN THE DISTRICT IN OUR OWN BUSINESS “WE DON'T DARE THEM BECAUSE THE THINGS ARE OUT OF REACH. BECAUSE WE DON'T DARE YOU, YOU WILL REMAIN OUT OF REACH. " What does Seneca (Roman philosopher District 2000 and Stoic) have to do with our Rotary newspaper and with me, Birgit Schellmann Straub? As Markus Hauser announced at the district conference in St. Moritz at the end of June, I am the new one, the new correspondent for our district “My” club is RC Zürich-Zürichberg. As a native German, grew up in beautiful Stuttgart and the surrounding area, I have been connected to literature and the German language from an early age. Playing with words, haggling over a GOVERNOR 2019/20 good formulation, precisely responding to it, 18 Magdalena Frommelt RC Liechtenstein-Eschnerberg point to things, thoughts or events through carefully chosen sentence structures, I've been practicing all of this for decades. By default I am a qualified textile engineer. And now I am allowed to do all these many life and export business graduate MBA Int. Bringing brand elements into my new job. SECRETARIAT ting / management, studied at the Fachgen. Ursula Gervasi University of Reutlingen / Germany. As a correspondent at Rotary Rotary eclub 2000 My life line led me first Switzerland / Liechtenstein I would like to Burkardusstr. 35 through Germany, always looking at the textile industry, understanding and depicting Buttwil che afterwards, until I finally settled in Zurich for personal reasons. visit the clubs and I have been living, working and enjoying myself here since you have been enthusiastic about your projects for almost 30 years and have practiced in my letting so that we can do this in our magazine if necessary. public can Number of clubs: 77 Now the question arises, why “great new ideas through articles or co-clubs without women: 8 xis” when textile engineers and international mar- lummers present total members: 4427 keting? Here show me the private, what in the Rotarian female members: 628 reasons have brought a lot of new things - community everything is possible younger or even 40 years: 182 practice what I do with training and this in the community with the older than 65 years: 1757 I deepened and studied sentence studies and other district correspondents, which now lets me work as “people companion” and the editor-in-chief. And here the circle closes with the quote In I recognize my work every day, from Seneca.I dare to take this step and how important the carefully considered words, will bring my skills in the Rotarian sense of questioning, verbal representation and spirit into this work. and the intensive and open communication I'm looking forward to getting to know. It's always about finding a solution, I look forward to your ideas and projects, or at least to an account that we will present to all Rotarians that is acceptable to everyone. present throughout Switzerland. But also the right to be able to keep silence. Moment has its place. Birgit Schellmann Straub

19 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 2000 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC AM GREIFENSEE HANDS-ON IN THE STRAHLEGG MOUNTAIN AREA If you recently drive up the Zurich Strahlegg mountain area, three pasture fountains catch your eye. These were realized thanks to the active commitment of the RC Am Greifensee. A fourth willow well is planned for the courtyard of the Bärloch farm. With solid shoes and sturdy work gloves, 21 Rotarians came on a Saturday in May to work with the Wagerenhof Foundation to set the wells. The Rotarians Martin Luginbühl and Hans Streit had already explored the wells in advance. The first thing to do was to prepare the selected areas under the guidance of the construction experts. Then the heavy wells were lifted into place with the help of the excavators. That was the right time for a snack. Freshly strengthened, the pipes then had to be connected and the fountain places had to be shaded with native shrubs. Then finally it was there, the big moment: one more movement and the willow fountain filled with spring water. If this should dry up in midsummer, water can be supplied from the mains. A float ensures that the water does not overflow and that the precious water is not wasted. The fountains for the Wagerenhof Foundation are part of the “Strahlegg Habitat for People with Increased Structural Needs” project. This project is conceived as a triad of the new residential building, the former schoolhouse and the Bärloch farm in need of renovation, which includes its own sources. After the decision of the Canton of Zurich on the new design plan had become legally binding, it was clear that the Wagerenhof could take root in the Strahlegg. The commitment of the Rotarians at Greifensee was the prelude to various innovations that will be planned there over the next two years. Text: Andreas Dürst / red Photos: zvg 19 Rolled up their sleeves: Members of the RC Am Greifensee

20 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 2000 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC ZURICH-KNONAUERAMT SUCCESSFUL PREMIERE In mid-May, the Rotary Classic celebrated its start and finish in Affoltern a. A. their premiere. 63 vehicles born between 1926 and 2002 covered the 156 kilometers through the Säuliamt, various stations in Central Switzerland and the Freiamt. 20 A Bentley 6.5 liter Le Mans Tourer built in 1926, a Ford Model A built in 1928 with wood carburetor and a Rolls-Royce Phantom II Cabriolet built in 1929 with a displacement of 7,668 cc were just some of the discoveries that came up on the morning of May 18 the Kronenplatz in Affoltern a. A. found. Not only participants and helpers, but also many onlookers enjoyed this unusual sight. After a driver briefing by OC President Dieter Greber, the participants set off every minute. They were sent on their journey by speaker Thomas Henne. The route was completely unknown to the participants. The co-drivers were asked to find their way using the instructions in the road book. On the first section of the route (via Bonstetten and Aumühle to Buchenegg and back up to the Albispass) the first checkpoint had to be passed and a competition question had to be solved. About Hausen a. A., Sihlbrugg, Edlibach and Aegeri went to checkpoint number two. Then it went on to Biberbrugg, Einsiedeln, along the Sihlsee to Euthal and Unteriberg up to the Ibergeregg. Lunch was in the restaurant hand. With an individually specified start time, the participants were then sent to the second section of the route. After the descent to Schwyz, we continued via Seewen along the Lauerzersee to the fourth checkpoint of the Z Graggen distillery, which some participants used to taste various spirits. We continued via Arth along Lake Zug to Risch, Holzhäusern, Sins, Abtwil, Hohenrain for the last ascent up to the Horben. The last checkpoint was passed in Merenschwand. Over the Reuss it finally went back to the Säuliamt in Affoltern a. A. to the finish line on Obstgartenstrasse. The Rotary Classic more than lived up to expectations: the participants were not only offered an unforgettable and professionally organized event; The bill also worked for the organizing club. After all costs have been deducted, the community service treasury is around francs heavier. The next Rotary Classic will take place on May 16, 2020. Text: Gregor Haab / bss Photos: zvg

21 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 2000 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC CHUR ARGO EXCURSION WITH RC CHUR Once a year, RC Chur organizes a day trip with residents of the Chur dormitory. The highlight of the excursion is a visit to a company, an industrial plant or a special building. This time the visit to the agricultural education and advice center Plantahof in Landquart was on the program. After visiting the cattle barn, which opened in 2014, and the modern training rooms, there was a cheerful exchange over traditional lunch (schnitzel with french fries). In December 1970, Rotarians from Chur founded the “Foundation for the integration of people with disabilities”, which was later renamed the “ARGO Foundation for the Integration of People with Disabilities in Graubünden”. Since then, the Board of Trustees (presidium, vice-presidency and assessors) has been made up exclusively of members of the RC Chur. Today ARGO runs eight companies in Chur, Davos, Ilanz and Mittelbünden and employs more than 550 people. Of these, 350 people receive contributions to the disability insurance, 240 people belong to the care and administration staff. 190 disabled people use the services in the residential area in addition to the employment offer. In addition to board and lodging, care, assistance, care and leisure activities are also offered there. Text: Renato Fontana / red Photo: zvg RC ZURICH-KNONAUERAMT HANDS-ON IN THE MOUNTAINS More than 25 years ago, Rotarian Werner Zingg initiated a work assignment in the mountain area; since then, members of the RC Zurich-Knonaueramt have been traveling to Furna in Prättigau once a year for one or two days. There was plenty to do for the 13 Rotarians who had set out this time. In four groups, they went to the locations together with employees of the Furna forest service and under the direction of forester (and tourism manager) Felix Wyss. A shelter was completed here and 100 meters of water pipe had to be buried there. The maintenance of the hiking trail network is also part of the annual effort. In the evening, the workers, the women who came later and representatives of the mountain community came together for dinner in the Sommerfeld mountain inn. On Saturday the group drove to all the locations where work had been done in previous years. The fountains are still bubbling, the spilled section of the path is accessible again, the bridge over the raging mountain stream holds deep in the ravine. In addition to the good feeling of having achieved something useful, it is above all the direct exchange with the mountain population that drives the RC Zurich-Knonaueramt to Furna again and again. It is enriching to find out firsthand about needs, but also about successes; the mutual respect and recognition are more than happy for both sides. Text: Tom Henne / red Photo: courtesy of In Furna: Members of the RC Zurich-Knonaueramt

22 CLUBLEBEN DISTRICT 2000 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 RC FRAUENFELD & RC FRAUENFELD-UNTERSEE A SECOND SCHOOLHOUSE IN SRI LANKA 22 helpful residents, cultural assets, wonderful nature, rice fields, elephants, fishing villages and tea plantations leave us with unforgettable impressions. But in Sri Lanka there is poverty everywhere you look due to past events and the long war. In 2013, RC Frauenfeld received a cry for help from Sri Lanka. In the former refugee village of Lunuwila, the school is suffering from a lack of space. Especially when it rains, not all classes have a canopy and therefore cannot be taught. After an inspection trip, it was decided to finance a two-story wing with two classrooms, an auditorium and a staff room for the school. There should be no project fees and all construction work should be carried out by local craftsmen. A large part of the money needed was raised through a special effort by the club members, including a successful appearance by RC Frauenfeld at the Frauenfeld city festival. Due to the positive experience with the first project, the RC Frauenfeld and the RC Frauenfeld-Untersee merged to form another school building project in Sri Lanka. A club delegation became aware of a school for the disabled in Nochchiyagama, which was also suffering from lack of space. The school secretary Harseni, who was blind at the age of 17 and has been running the school for ten years, was particularly decisive for this project. While the groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated under the striking Ficus Benjamini, the inauguration took place in the newly created all-purpose room of the beautiful new school building. The delegation from the two clubs present, along with students and teachers, was able to look forward to the successful new building. This project was financially supported by the Frauenfelder 2-Stunden-Lauf association. There was also support from the Waikkala Thundorf association with Marc Scheifele and the local contact person, Christopher Dabarera. Text: Werner Dickenmann / red Photos: zvg RC FLAWIL HIGHLIGHT OF THE ANNIVERSARY YEAR On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the RC Flawil gave the population a very special gift: after thorough planning and a lot of sweaty work, the new forest hut in the Rehwald was celebrated on a Saturday at the end of June inaugurated. It has been freely available to the citizens of Flawil ever since. The completion of the Waldhütte project marks the final highlight in the club's anniversary year. The preparatory work had already started in early 2018 (Monika Fürer: planning, Paul Kunz: project management); Over the months, thanks to the active help of many club friends, the idea gradually took shape. Things really got down to business in May and June of this year: the hut was successfully built under the direction of Daniel Loser (timber construction) and René Füllemann (earthworks and fireplace). It has both weather-protected seating inside and two large wooden tables with benches outside. In addition, the existing barbecue area was completely renewed. In addition, a storage facility for clothes has been installed for those who do sports on the nearby Finnbahn. Thanks to a wood store, cozy barbecues are provided. “In addition to our social commitment at home and abroad, it was our Ro- celebrations after our work is done: Members of the RC Flawil tarry an important concern to provide the population of Flawil and the surrounding area with a place of community and relaxation,” he said Club President Martin Hubatka celebrates. Text: Patrick Rohner / red Photo: zvg

23 CLUB LIFE DISTRICT 2000 ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 DISTRICT 2000 RECORD CONFERENCE IN THE “ROTARY HOUSE” With a warm “Allegra!” outgoing Governor Markus Hauser welcomed more than 240 Rotarian friends to his district assembly at Suvretta House at the end of June. For the second time after 26 years it took place in picturesque St. Moritz. Rotarians had even found their way there from the two districts in 1980 and 1990. As record-breaking as the number of participants (it was originally calculated with around 200 guests), the program was so colorful and successful: To get in the mood on Friday, it was sporty (charity golf tournament in Zuoz, excursion to the Morteratsch Glacier under the leadership of Rot. Felix Basement, cellar). A detour to a show dairy, a tour of the village with Rot. Dino Menghini or the panorama tour on e-bikes made the weekend in the Engadin perfect. Governor Markus Hauser made reservations in Suvretta House for the meeting and the subsequent gala dinner on Saturday. The St. Moritz institution is so firmly in Rotary hands (not only the director, but also the family that owns it are Rotarians) that Rot. Reto Candrian spoke of the “Rotary House” during his welcome that evening. A Freudian slip of the tongue that caused warm laughs in the hall. But before it could be dined, the actual conference was on. PDG Paul Moeller's proposal to the CoL to introduce a sixth service with the “strategy exclusion” was accepted without further discussion. Bursting with energy as we know him, Markus Hauser briefly reviewed his year as governor. In two exciting presentations, moderated by Rot. Beat Gygi, the Rotarians Franz Immer (Swisstransplant) and Gabriela Manser (Goba AG) outlined their corporate philosophy and focused on Rotarian values. Rot. Christoph Beer and Rot. Michael Biedermann finally provided information about the “skilldream Laos” project, which is being introduced by Markus Hauser and continued by Magdalena Frommelt. When the latter accepted the heavy chain from the hands of her predecessor and with it the title of governor, her eyes shone with joy: “Our pin can make us proud. But Rotary is more. Rotary is friendship. Rotary, that's you. " Text: vma Photos: André Springer The «old» and the «new» 23



26 FOCUS ROTARY SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN JULY AUGUST 2019 INTERNATIONAL UN CLUB FRANCO- SUISSE TRÈS FAMILIAL Le Rotary est vécu de façon particulièrement internationale par quelques clubs qui ont la particularité d être situés de part et d autre d une frontière. Parmi ces rare examples, deux sont en Suisse et hors de Suisse. 26 Le RC Thonon Genevois International est né en 2006 du constat d un Rotarien qui estimait que le caractère international du bassin d emploi nécessitait la creation d un club qui accueille des membres installés seulement quelques années. L idée a eu un tel succès qu un club international fut créé à Genève pour accueillir ce type de membres. L originalité du RC Thonon Genevois International est qu il se réunit deux jeudis soir par mois à Machilly (Haute-Savoie) et un jeudi soir à Coligny (canton de Genève). Une petite majorité de membres sont français, les autres sont suisses. La langue des réunions est le français, mais le règlement intérieur prévoit que l anglais est utilisé en cas de visite de Rotariens non francophones. The euro and the franc sont tous deux utilisés pour le fonctionnement du club, lequel dispose de comptes dans les deux devises; ceci permet aux membres de régler leur cotisation dans leur monnaie, et facilite des opérations telles que des ventes de billets de spectacle ou de tombola de part et d autre de la frontière. Il s agit d un club très familial dans la mesure où un membre absent lors d une reunion statutaire peut se faire représenter par son conjoint. L une des actions les plus caractéristiques du club témoigne un caractère international et transfrontalier: l aide financière apportée au Bateau Genève qui accueille des sans-abri et des réfugiés, très nombreux dans le Genevois. Le monde ne compte qu une dizaine de clubs transfrontaliers sur près de 36000! Alors que l essence du Rotary est l internationalité, la création de tels clubs renforce la visibilité du Rotary et son œuvre de paix. AUTRES CLUBS TRANSFRONTALIERS DANS LE MONDE 4 CLUBS BRÉSILO-PARAGAYENS: Ponta Porã-Pedro Juan Caballero Ponta Porã-Pedro Juan Caballero-Fronteira Ponta Porã-Pedro Juan Caballero-Princesa dos Hervais Ponta Porã-Pedro Juan Caballero-Guarani 2 CLUBS FRANCO-ALLEMAND Deux Brisach Forbach-Goldene Bremm-Saar 2 CLUBS GERMANO-NÉERLANDAIS: Kerkrade-Herzogenrath Eurode Velsen Coevorden 1 CLUB GERMANO-SUISSE: Kreuzlingen-Konstanz CONTACTS: ww ww ww Texts: Rot. Christophe Courjon