Trump hurt women, why isn't he out

"I'm tired of being quiet" : Former model accuses Trump of sexual assault

Former model Amy Dorris accuses US President Donald Trump of sexually molesting her during the 1997 US Open. She told the Guardian. The exact circumstances that Dorris reports are tough.

On September 5, she, then 24 years old, was invited to Trump's VIP box at the Grand Slam tennis tournament. In front of the toilets he molested her in an unobserved moment and then stuck his tongue down her throat. According to Dorris, Trump touched her all over and held her so that she could not escape from his grip.

"His grip became tighter and tighter, his hands were very rough and grabbed me on my buttocks, my breasts, my back, everywhere," Dorris told the Guardian. “I don't know what to call when someone sticks their tongue into someone else's throat. I pushed it out with my teeth. I think I might have hurt his tongue. "

According to the report, Trump has vehemently denied through his lawyers that he ever molested Dorris or behaved wrongly towards her.

Trump was 51 years old and married for the second time

It is clear that Dorris Trump met at the US Open. The Guardian has Dorris' US Open ticket, and there are also photos showing Trump with Dorris. At the time the incident is said to have taken place, Trump was 51 years old and married to his second wife, Marla Maples.

Dorris is 48 years old today and has two daughters. She had already considered in the past to go public with her allegations - when Trump was accused of sexual assault by several women in 2016. At the time, however, she decided against it because she did not want to harm her family. Even when the hush money affair about the former porn actress Stormy Daniels became public, she was silent.

"Now my daughters are almost 13 years old and I want to let them know that nobody should do anything to them that they don't want," said Dorris. "I want you to see that I did not stay calm, that I rose up against someone who did something to me that is unacceptable."

Dorris told the Guardian that she spent several days with Trump in New York in September 1997 because she visited her partner Jason Binn. At the time, Trump was Binn's best friend. On September 5 - the day of the alleged incident - Binn took them to Trump Tower, from where the three of them drove to the US Open, reports Dorris.

"He thought he could do anything"

“He was very direct. He looked like a confident guy who thought he could do anything - even though I was there with my boyfriend, ”Dorris said. In the VIP box, the three would have met other Trump guests. When all the guests were watching a tennis game, she had to go to the bathroom because she had problems with her contact lists, said Dorris.

When she left the toilet, Trump waited in front of it. At first Dorris thought he wanted to go to the bathroom too - until he touched her. She made it clear to him that she did not want that. “I don't care who you are,” she said.

After the incident, she went back to the box with the others. She told her partner Binn that Trump should leave her alone. What else she told Binn she no longer knows. Trump's lawyers later said, according to the Guardian, that Binn could not remember that Dorris had told him about an attack by Trump.

Trump's lawyers suspect Dorris' political motivation

It remained with this one assault, said Dorris. On the following days, which she spent at Binn's side with Trump, the current US President did not really get any closer to her. Why did she not leave after the incident or avoid meeting Trump? “I was there with Jason. I had no money, no one to go to. "

Trump's lawyers told the Guardian, when confronted with the allegations, that these were not in the beginning of the truth. If such an incident had actually happened, there would have been many witnesses. Dorris never reported the allegations or addressed Trump about them. Due to the close proximity to the presidential election in November, the lawyers have come to the conclusion: Dorris' allegations could be politically motivated.

In fact, Dorris spoke to the Guardian for the first time more than a year ago about the incident. Now she is tired of "that he gets away with something like that again" - based on the women who accused him of sexual assault four years ago. “I'm tired of being quiet. I want people to know: That's the man, that's our President, ”said Dorris. "That's what he does - and it's unacceptable." (Tsp)

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