How do we use the coding

We all code!

In our everyday life we ​​use coding quite unconsciously when we communicate with one another.

For example, we write messages to ourselves with emojis or abbreviations, their meanings everyone knows. This makes our messages shorter. However, the information we want to send remains the same.

Task 1 - Emojis and Abbreviations in Messages

In this exercise, for example, the information "See you" was encoded with a hand emoji as an image or with the letters "CU" as a character string.
The data "CU" thus contain the information "See you" in connection with the exchange of messages.

exercise 2

Put the numbers in the correct order. What information is encoded in them?

This coding is a Date of birth. Click the blue tick to check your solution.

Task 3 - What is coded here?

This coding is a License Plate. Click the blue tick to check your solution.

Coding in our everyday life

In our everyday life, we usually unconsciously use a lot of codes. These include, among other things

  • the use of emojis and abbreviations on the Internet,
  • the format in which we specify a date and
  • the structure of a license plate.

A Coding is a conversion of information such as "I'm cold" into another information language, for example a freezing emoji.