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1st month of the world mission October 2015 Host Church Bolivia Word of God Celebration World Mission Sunday October 18, 2015 “EXCITED BY CHRIST, COMMITTED TO THE PEOPLE” Word of God celebration and collection for the world church Downloads and order This Word of God Celebration (WGF) October 18 can be used wherever there is no service with a Eucharistic celebration. You can also download all materials as pdf files from. Additional materials and information can be found in the impulse booklet! Collection The collection on World Mission Sunday is unique. It is received in all parishes around the world. We invite you to consciously give time and space to solidarity with Christians all over the world on World Mission Sunday: in prayer, in thinking about one another, in witnessing your faith and thereby emphasizing the global dimension of the collection. The money from the World Mission Sunday collection will be donated to the central solidarity fund. This enables the equitable distribution of the funds. In Bolivia, for example, the five Apostolic Vicariates are supported. Apostolic Vicariates are dioceses in the process of being established. The annual collection on World Mission Sunday is important and must not be used for parish projects. The text for the announcement of the collection can be found on page 9. For World Mission Month 2015, in addition to the celebration of the Word of God, the Mass for World Mission Sunday on October 18, a family service and sermon thoughts for all Sundays in October are available to you. You can find all documents for download at

2 Word of God Celebration The Word of God Celebration (WGF) on World Mission Sunday follows the structure as described in “The Word of God Celebration on Sunday” (2014) and in “Solemn communion prayers for the Word of God celebration with communion. Supplement to the celebration book »(2007) is given. With SIGN ACTION AND PRAISE (= page 2-8) On this World Mission Sunday we want to put a special emphasis on the celebration of the Word of God and show solidarity with those who cannot celebrate the Eucharist. This is the case, for example, in the many outstations of the extensive parishes in Bolivia. With GIVING communion (= page) If the celebration of the Word of God is celebrated with giving communion, it follows the basic form from the opening until after the announcement. Before the litany prayer comes the confession of guilt. The sermon and the song are followed by intercessions. The celebration will then continue as planned in the supplementary booklet «Solemn communion prayers for the celebration of the Word of God with communion». If the celebration of the Word of God is combined with giving communion, it must be clear, on the one hand, that there is a close connection with the celebration of the Eucharist from which the consecrated hosts come, and on the other hand with the congregations celebrating the Eucharist at the same time. In the presence of God the opening move in and singing for the opening KG 42: Come here, rejoice with us rise up 005: We want to sing other songs CD Encuentro de Amor 5: Pueblo que caminaonline-shop Liturgical greeting and reflection (WGF No. 6 7) Possible text in the brochure “Celebration of Mass” on page 2. V: We have gathered here to open ourselves to the word of God, to this word that is nourishment and life for us. In singing and praying we stand in his presence. Brief silence V: We hope in the Lord, we trust his word. Yes, we are waiting for the Lord. In the case of WGF with giving communion, the admission of guilt is made here At the opening: Slides 1 (poster) and 2-6 2

3 Litany prayer «You are present» (WGF No. 113) V: Let us enter into prayer. Let us gather with the song cry after each invocation of God N / A: The joy of God, Hallelujah, is our strength. Alleluia. (KG 85) V: You are present where people listen to your word and praise you. V: You are present where people join hands and quarrel gives way to reconciliation. V: You are present where people dry each other's tears and sow confidence. V: You are present where people show each other ways of peace and destroy weapons. V: You are present where people make each other heard and respect the diversity of opinions. V: You are present wherever people courageously step into your footsteps and thus give credibility to the church. V: You are currently here in our midst. Open our hearts to your word, hear God's word. Procession with the lectionary (WGF No. 12) In the procession with the lectionary, the word of God is presented to the believers and symbolically brought into their midst. V: Jesus Christ is the living word. In the word of the Holy Scriptures he comes into our midst. Let us open ourselves to his message. During the procession with the lectionary, the congregation sings / speaks a repentance. First reading: Isa 53: 10-11 K / A: Lord, you have words of eternal life. (KG 629) V: Greetings, you word that gave the world the beginning. Greetings, you lead your people through time. Greetings, you stay forever. Greetings, God's word: work in us. K / A: Lord, you have words of eternal life. The reading is part of the so-called fourth servant song. The entire reading can be heard on Good Friday. This also determines the direction of interpretation. The church interpreted the speech of the "servant of God" as referring to Jesus. He is the "smashed" servant, the "just" servant. The message behind it wants to awaken hope: An apparently failed life can become a fulfilled life through God. This hope was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. 3

4 Answer psalm / answer song Answer psalms in the brochure “Mass celebration” on page 3. KG 551, 1.4-5: Good for those who walk there rise up 122: The cause of Jesus needs enthusiastic people Second reading: Heb 4:14 16 God is to us in Jesus Christ got close. He became human and therefore has sympathy with us. The reading from the Letter to the Hebrews therefore speaks of a high priest who can sympathize with us. She encourages us to turn to God with everything that moves us, for we can expect affection and philanthropy from him. Voice from the host church At this point, the message of Sr. Cilenia Rojas can be read out as an impulse for the sermon. (see in the brochure «Mass celebration» on page 5 or in the postcard flyer; see also on page 11 in the impulse booklet + slides 7-9). Hallelujah KG 88-93: Hallelujah rise up 169: Sing Hallelujah to our Lord CD Encuentro de Amor: Aleluya From the holy Gospel according to Mark: Mk 10,35-45 At that time James and John, the sons of Zebedee, came to him and said: Master, we want you to grant us a request. He replied: What should I do for you? They said to him: Let one of us sit on your right and the other on your left in your kingdom. Jesus replied: You do not know what you are asking. Can you drink the cup that I drink or take the baptism with which I am baptized? They replied: We can. Then Jesus said to them, You will drink the cup that I drink and receive the baptism with which I am baptized. But the place on my right and on my left I do not have to allocate; there will sit those for whom these places are intended. When the ten other disciples heard this, they became very angry with James and John. Then Jesus called them to him and said: You know that those who are considered rulers oppress their peoples and the mighty abuse their power over people. But with you it should not be like that, but whoever wants to be great with you should be your servant, and whoever wants to be first with you should be the slave of all. Because even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. The alleluia is repeated. 4th

5 V: Blessed are you, Lord our God, for today you spoke to us through the word of the gospel. Your word challenges us, your word strengthens our hope. Blessed be your holy name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Sermon / Address A sermon proposal can be found on pages 6 and 7 of the brochure “Mass Celebration” or can be downloaded separately from. At the end of the sermon, for example during a time of silence or accompanied by a song from the music CD, the faithful can be invited to put their own thoughts into words on the reply card of the postcard flyer distributed at the beginning of the service : What is the good news for you that inspires you to be committed to the people. The cards can be collected at the end of the service or together with the collection. Additional information in the impulse booklet: Page 11: Message from Sr. Cilenia from Bolivia Slide 15 for the celebration of the Word of God with giving communion continue on page 11. 5

6 Answer the word Sign action and praise Sign action (2 sign actions to choose from) A: Encouragement of a biblical word (WGF No. 39) The lesson is on the place of the book. The two candlesticks are next to it. V and L are to the left and right of it. V invites you to come forward, to bow to the book if necessary, and to receive a word from the Scriptures. The invitation to the act of drawing takes place with the following or in your own words: V: Sisters and brothers, the words of the Holy Scriptures are a force for our daily life. Like bread, they nourish and strengthen us. We would like to give you a word (of the reading) today (for this week). I invite you to come forward (and bow to the Scriptures). N.N. and I will speak this word to you. So that you can read it again in the next few days, we will give you this word on a card. The fellow celebrants come to the place of the book (and bow). You step in front of V or L, which are to the left and right of it. These speak the biblical word with eye contact to every single person. Depending on the character of the biblical word, an introductory formula precedes, e.g. «Word of the Gospel», «Thus says the Prophet N. / the Apostle N. / the Lord». Then the cards are handed over. Soft music can be heard during the drawing process. After the word has been spoken, everyone goes back to their seats and sits down. Examples of a biblical word: "Whoever wants to be great with you should be your servant." "My servant, the righteous one, makes the many righteous." B: UNDER GOD'S PROTECTIVE WORD (WGF No. 96) This act of drawing is particularly suitable for celebrations with children. V or a catechist invites the children (and adults) present to come forward with the following or in their own words: V: The words of Jesus are as important as the roof of our house. A roof protects us from rain and heat. Jesus Protects Us All Through His Word Two people hold the lectionary high enough to form a roof. V or a catechist invite the children to walk under the lesson. The children then stop at a suitable place. The fellow celebrants are invited to join. V or a catechist dismisses the children and adults involved if they have passed under the book, e. B. in the following or in your own words: 6

7 V: You pulled through under the roof that we kept over you. Jesus is with you. We are at home with him. You are now allowed to go back to your place. Suitable songs can be sung during the drawing process. KG: Come over and sing praises to the Lord for the deeds of Jesus (WGF, No. 27E) V: Sisters and brothers, Christ is where two or three are gathered in his name. Just as he reveals the Father to the disciples, so he also guides us through the word of the scriptures. Let us praise and praise the Lord: N / A: Laudate omnes gentes. (KG 519) V: Blessed are you, Lord our God, for your Son Jesus Christ: He became man and brought salvation and light to the world. He heals the wounds of creation, straightens up what is bowed, calls people into the kingdom of his peace. A: Laudate omnes gentes. V: Jesus spoke to the lonely, proclaimed freedom to the prisoners, given the blind eyesight, opened the ears of the deaf, cleansed lepers and called the dead to life. A: Laudate omnes gentes. V: His word is good news. His work is just and merciful. He calls men and women to follow him, connects us with all Christians. In him we are a chosen race, a holy people, a royal priesthood. A: Laudate omnes gentes. V: Christ has done great things for us: He conquered death and through his resurrection created life anew. He gave us hope, 7

8 that gives light in life and stability in death. A: Laudate omnes gentes. V: Blessed are you, good God, through Jesus Christ, your Son, in the Holy Spirit, on this day and at all times and for ever. A: Amen intercession (WGF No. 28) V: God is present in the word in our midst. We entrust to him what is not in our hands. Intercession in the brochure “Mass celebration” on page 8 Lord's Prayer (WGF No. 29) V: We place all of our requests and concerns in the prayer of our Lord and speak (sing) together. Peace Sign (WGF No. 30) V: The risen Lord has promised us his peace. That is why the challenge applies to us as well: May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to this you are called as members of one body. Let us give each other a sign of this peace before we part. Song KG 147: Come, Lord, bless us rise up 006: Exit and entrance CD Encuentro de Amor: Encuentro de Amor 8

9 Announcements and collections Like every Sunday we take up a collection today. But this weekend we are doing it together with all parishes around the globe: in Malawi, in the Philippines, in Bolivia etc. The financially weakest dioceses benefit from this worldwide, unique collection, which can implement their pastoral and social projects with it. Everyone gives what he can. And it is amazing how people in poorer countries strive to make their contribution. Last year Catholics raised $ in Burkina Faso, $ in Ecuador, $ in Sri Lanka, to name but a few. These are real signs of solidarity in our church. Thank you very much for your contribution! Carry out slides of God's word Conclusion Announcements Here, if not already done elsewhere (see at the end of the sermon), reference can be made to the campaign with the postcard flyer and to the mission box. Prepare tables where the cards from the postcard flyer can be filled out. The cards are collected and sent to Missio and Missio will forward them to Sr. Cilenia Rojas in Bolivia. Foils Before the blessing we pray together the prayer from Bolivia from the postcard flyer (see page 12). Slide 16 9

10 Blessing (WGF No. 33) V: The Lord bless us and keep us. May the Lord make his face shine upon us and be gracious to us. The Lord turn his face to us and give us peace. V: The blessings of Almighty God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit come down on us and abide with us at all times. or: Blessing in the annual cycle (WGF No. 122) V: The living God led the people of the first covenant out of oppression and into freedom. He also leads us out of the constraints of our time into the vastness of new life. V: The merciful Father sent Jesus to proclaim the kingdom of God and to bring his closeness to people. May he also show himself to us as a confidante, as a friend and lead us to the fullness of life. V: The Spirit of the Father and of the Son has called women and men into the communion of the Church. He comes to the aid of his church with the living fire and calls her to the unity of the Christian life. V: That grant us the triune God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Dismissal (WGF No. 34) Excerpt V: Sing Praise and Prize A: Thanks be to God the Lord. 10

11 Responding to the Word of God Adoration and receiving Communion Intercessions Intercessions in the brochure “Celebration of Mass” on page 8. Peace Signs Worship of the Most Holy Prayer of the Lord Today, the Sunday of World Mission, the Eucharist is celebrated all over the world. Our (parish) congregation is also included in this celebration and connected to the others in the body of Christ. Hence we too will receive Holy Communion. Communion giving Solemn communion prayer (Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving to choose) Thanksgiving (Sunday III) Praised are you, God of our life, through Jesus Christ, your beloved Son, because your love is without measure and without end. You have opened our hearts so that we can hear and understand your voice. You have laid the longing in us to look for you and to find you. We live from you, in you we move and we are. We ask you: through this divine food give us the strength to open ourselves to your Holy Spirit and to follow Christ every day of our life, who lives and rules in eternity in the unity of the Holy Spirit with you. Thanksgiving Thanks for the gifts of the earth Blessed are you, God of our life, because you are great and wonderful you have done everything. We thank you for the sun and the water, for the light and the air, for the fruits of the earth, for grain and wine. We thank you for the animals on the land, in the water and in the air. We thank you for the people who give, love and make us happy. Today we thank you that you are nourishing us with the bread of life that is Christ himself. We ask you: stay with us with your life force.Through him, Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord and God, who lives in the unity of the Holy Spirit with you and reigns for all eternity. 11

12 Messages and collections See page 8. Carrying out God's word Conclusion (see pages 9-10) Prayer from Bolivia God, good father, creator of life and history, we thank you for the wonderful gift of fellowship among your sons and daughters. Together we try to build a new world in solidarity and love. Jesus, sent by the Father, teach us to say yes to love, solidarity, mercy and the mission to proclaim your word to all people. Holy Spirit, make us authentic witnesses of the gospel; we want to live and proclaim his joy. The community of believers in the Church in Switzerland and Bolivia should be a visible sign of your love and care so that all people on this earth will be happy. Bless our families and communities, look to our dreams and hopes. May Mary, our mother and mother of the Church, accompany us on our journey. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen Blessing Dismissal Excerpt from WGF = Word of God Celebration V = Heading Person L = Lector K = Cantor M = Acolytes A = All On our website you will not only find downloads for the organization and preparation of the World Mission Month, but also the practical online shop. Or order the printed material by phone: Imprint Missio Internationales Katholisches Missionswerk Vignettaz 48, Postfach 187, 1709 Freiburg Tel .: Fax: Mail: Internet: Editorial deadline: July 16, 2015 Printed on FSC-certified paper. 12th