Why are animals killed by agriculture?

Battles on the farm

In order to be able to comply with the applicable hygiene regulations when slaughtering pasture, it is advisable to use mobile transport and bleeding boxes specially designed for this purpose. Immediately after the bullet stunning, the cattle in these boxes are killed by blood extraction and taken to a slaughterhouse to be cut up. There are now various models on the German market. Those that can be attached to the tractor and those that can be carried as trailers with the car.

More animal welfare and better meat quality

For many organic farmers, pasture slaughter is the logical continuation of species-appropriate, ecological pasture management: the animals die where they lived - without stress or fear. In Germany, only a few companies practice bullet-shot slaughter. However, interest among pet owners is growing.

For more and more consumers, knowledge about the most animal-friendly and ethical production process possible is becoming a purchase criterion for meat. In addition: the gentle slaughtering method also has a positive effect on the quality of the meat, as scientific studies by the University of Kassel show. This can be recognized, among other things, by criteria such as tenderness, meat color and water retention capacity. Some consumers are willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets.

In this way, pasture slaughter creates a new market niche for direct agricultural marketing. And not only that: by including the local butcher shops and slaughterhouses, this method brings some of the added value back to the country.

And what about animals that are not kept on pasture all year round?

Many animal keepers wonder why the permission to kill and bleed animals on their own farm is only limited to cattle that are kept outdoors all year round. Especially farms with (ecological) suckler cow husbandry, in which the animals spend a large part of the year on the pasture, are increasingly interested in the on-farm slaughtering process, as are sheep and goat farms. Some authorities in Germany have already approved such slaughter for cattle that are not kept on pasture all year round. However, there is currently no official approval for animals in this type of husbandry.

That should change now. On June 5, 2020, the Federal Council decided to expand pasture slaughter under animal welfare law and mobile / partially mobile slaughter. In the future, slaughter on the farm should also apply to farms that do not keep their cattle all year round, but only seasonally under extensive conditions outdoors. In addition, the approval is to be extended to the animal species pigs.

Decision of the Federal Council of June 2020