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Learn math online for free and with fun. Life without math is unimaginable in our modern world. Anyone who has mastered mathematics has it easier in many situations. We would like to support you in developing your math skills and arouse enthusiasm for this wonderful and useful subject area.

With our math trainer you will learn correct and fast mental arithmetic. Calculating in your head always helps when something has to be calculated quickly and without a calculator. For example, to compare product prices, check the receipt and count the change when shopping or negotiating on the job.

We also offer free math exercises for school, university, work and for the math challenges of everyday life. Our exercises combine theory with practice and thus facilitate application in real life.

Math trainer

With our free math trainer, beginners and advanced learners can learn mental arithmetic and mathematics online. The focus is on tasks and training in the four basic arithmetic operations with whole numbers.

Learning math can also be fun: The online trainer creates unique learning incentives through competition between users. Different learning levels and ranking lists motivate you to improve your personal best. Compare your computing speed with other users. Learning mental arithmetic becomes a game and helps develop cognitive skills.


Good math skills are helpful in school, studies and work. Learn mental arithmetic quickly and correctly.


The four basic arithmetic operations up to 100 are no problem and you want more? Time for tasks up to 1,000.

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Can you solve difficult tasks quickly and correctly? Show that you can do it with numbers up to 10,000.

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