What is the PICA effect

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    PI is the world's leading provider of solutions in the field of motion and positioning. PI not only develops and produces a wide range of positioning tables and actuators for linear, rotary and vertical movement or combinations of different axes. PI also adapts these solutions to customer-specific applications or supplies ready-made subsystems.
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      On this page you will find the latest product news. If you want to know more, just contact us: our sales engineers will contact you immediately.
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      Select the product type based on the required axes of movement. By selecting additional criteria, you can limit or expand the number of results. You can set several filters at the same time, and thereby include, for example, positioning tables with a higher load capacity in your selection.
    • Custom adjustments
      Custom adjustments
      PI is at home wherever unconventional solutions are required. This is no longer the case only in research areas. Today, nanotechnology is also present in standardized industrial processes.
    • Piezo nanopositioning tables
      Piezo nanopositioning tables
      Piezo positioning tables with solid-state guidance from PI combine sub-nanometer resolution and guidance accuracy with minimal crosstalk.
    • Miniature tables
      Miniature tables and small manipulators are an essential part of mobile measurement technology and medical devices, both in industrial automation and in research, also, for example, in UHV or non-magnetic environments.
      • Miniature linear tables
        For positioning tasks with limited installation space, miniaturized table tables are an essential element. Solutions with piezo motors such as Q-Motion®, PILine® and PiezoWalk® enable particularly compact solutions thanks to their direct drive principle.
      • Miniature rotary stages
        The compact rotary stages can be used in optical applications, where B. Position filters reliably and with excellent repeatability. Rotary tables can be flexibly integrated in multi-axis combinations and can be mounted on suitable linear tables without an adapter.
      • Miniature hexapods
        The most compact products for movement with 6 degrees of freedom are based on Q-Motion® piezo motor tables. But only hand-sized hexapods with brushless DC motors (BLDC) are available. Classic parallel kinematic hexapod design results in the most uniform possible performance in the axes. For long linear travel ranges, a design with a low overall height may be better.
    • Linear tables
      PI offers a broad portfolio of motorized linear stages for high-precision industrial applications such as the semiconductor and photonics industries, as well as for high-class research. There are vacuum versions for many different models. Multi-axis combinations can be realized with the help of adapter brackets, or more compact with suitable lifting tables and rotation tables.
    • Linear actuators
      The wide range of technologies enables the optimal choice for almost every area of ​​application: Highly stable “set-and-forget” continuous applications benefit from the specific properties of piezomotors, even in a vacuum or non-magnetic environment. DC and stepper motor solutions are widely used in both industry and research and are known to be reliable.
    • Rotary tables
      The requirements for rotary positioning are wide-ranging in terms of payloads, sizes and accuracy. PI offers tables with all available drive technologies and guide mechanisms.
    • Cross tables
      Stability, precision and dynamics are key features in the areas of application of the PI cross tables. These properties form the basis for high throughput rates and reliable operation. Industrial production and inspection benefit from the use of high-load cross tables and planar scanners from PI.
    • Hexapods
      Hexapods offer six degrees of freedom of movement in the most compact space. For industrial applications, there are combinations of absolute measuring position sensors, suitable software and motion controllers with which even complex motion profiles can be conveniently commanded.
    • High-precision motion systems for automation
      High-precision motion systems for automation
      Highly precise, complex motion and positioning solutions require precision components, stable control and a lot of experience in engineering as the essential fundamentals. PI is a provider of technologically sophisticated drive components or high-precision positioners and offers customized solutions for integration.
    • Fast multi-channel fiber positioning systems
      Fast multi-channel fiber positioning systems
      Piezo scanners take on the fast, continuous scanning tasks where durability, dynamics and precision are important. The larger travel ranges are implemented using XYZ combinations or 6-axis hexapods. Thanks to the integrated routines, it is possible to carry out single-axis alignments up to complex, multi-axis fiber array positioning within a very short time.
    • Motion control software
      All PI digital controllers are supplied with an extensive software package.
    • Controller & driver electronics
      Controller & driver electronics
      The respective application is decisive for the selection of the right controller. In addition to the drive technology, determining criteria are the number of controlled axes and the available installation space. PI offers a wide range of controller types and control concepts.
      • Nanopositioning piezo controller
        Nanopositioning piezo controller
        PI offers the broadest portfolio of digital and analog piezo control concepts and thus the optimal result in every application. All piezo systems are calibrated before delivery and all systems are ready for operation upon delivery.
      • Piezo driver for uncontrolled operation of piezo actuators
        Piezo driver for uncontrolled operation of piezo actuators
        Piezo drivers from PI are available as tabletop devices or rack modules, but also as tiny OEM modules with a separate power supply unit. Powerful amplifiers, which are adapted to different fields of work, work in piezo drivers.
      • Motion controller & driver for DC, linear, torque & stepper motors
        Motion controllers & drivers for DC, linear, torque & stepper motors
        PI develops motion control solutions in-house, matching the properties as closely as possible to the drive and applications. Motion controllers from PI are available with single and multiple channels, and that as table-top units, rack modules or OEM versions.
      • Controllers & drivers for piezo motors
        Controllers & drivers for piezo motors
        Piezo motor controllers are designed to optimize the performance of the various types of piezo motors. They are available with single and multiple channels, as a tabletop device, rack module or OEM version.
      • Controller systems for several axes & different drive types
        Controller systems for several axes & different drive types
        Modular motion controller systems offer the highest flexibility to gradually integrate more axes into a system. Different types of drive can thus be controlled via a single interface. The available modules are constantly being expanded. Talk to us about your individual controller design!
      • Hexapod controller
        The corresponding motion controller is as unique as the hexapod mechanism. It ensures that the control of the parallel kinematics works easily and unnoticed by the user: All target positions are commanded in Cartesian coordinates. The integration into automation processes facilitates the industrial EtherCAT interface.
      • ACS Motion Control
        ACS Motion Control for industrial solutions
        We recommend controllers from our partner ACS Motion Control especially for automation with industrial standards. Talk to us about your integrated solution!
    • Piezoelectric converters & actuators
      Piezoelectric converters, transducers & piezo actuators
      Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers are available in many different shapes such as disks, plates or tubes, and in different performance classes. Application-specific adaptations include the piezoceramic material, the electrodes, the structure and the connection technology.
    • Air bearings & air bearing tables
      Air bearings & air bearing tables
      Air bearing tables are used when the movement has to be carried out vibration-free, when the speed has to be particularly constant and tilting of the moving platform is to be avoided.
    • Sensors, components & accessories
      Sensors, components & accessories
      Capacitive nanometrology sensors can be integrated directly into OEM applications. A number of useful additions are available for microscope tables, such as QuickLock adapters for objective positioners and various sample inserts. There are standardized adapter brackets and plates for many positioning tables. Adjustments are available upon request.
    • vacuum
      Product series with vacuum-compatible articles
      PI offers specific catalog items for selected product series that are already suitable for high vacuum (HV) or ultra-high vacuum (UHV).
  • OEM
    For PI, customer and application-specific product developments are the basis for success. To do this, the requirements must be understood and technologically implemented.
  • Applications
    PI offers positioning accuracy for many areas of application: semiconductor manufacturing, surface measurement technology, medical technology and automation technology.