Which Instagram filter changes gender

Gender swap filter: Gender reassignment on Snapchat

Snapchat can be used to send pictures that disappear after a few seconds. This information is enough to understand why the app is so popular: Snapchat owes its success to nude photos. Since nobody is interested in what happens to their own pictures anymore, Snapchat has been going through difficult times. Filters that can be placed over faces are still popular: What do I look like with a rabbit's ears, like a dog's snout?

Of course, you can also do it naked. In the last fight against insignificance, the app has now landed a small hit and offers a gender swap filter. What do I look like as a man? What do I look like as a woman? And because we are convinced that we also look good as the opposite sex, we naturally had to try it on ourselves.

As a man, I would like to ... or would I?

When I look at the photo like that, I have to say that as a man I don't look bad at all. Somehow I look really robust. As a young, style-conscious man, I casually tied my long hair into a man bun. The three-day beard makes me look skillfully masculine and modern, but doesn't take too much away from my handsome, angular man's chin. The three-day beard is the it-piece of a fashion-conscious city dweller, that is clear to me. All reasons to turn to me, and I need to know.

And as much as I have just dealt with pure superficiality, the question is actually quite interesting what I would like to experience as a man. The result surprises me. Instead of 100 things coming to my mind, I can't think of anything that I can do as a man that is denied to me as a woman. Knocking my fist on the table during a job interview and saying “I'm the right person for the job!”, I can do that as a woman too. Starting the grill with my friends and striking a barrel, I can do that as a woman too. And as a woman, I can even go on the slopes and pick up girls.

Somehow I can't think of anything that's stereotypical for men and what's stereotypical for women. Maybe I would like to have sex as a man, but I'm not sure. But now to find my way back to my superficiality, if I were a man, what would I look forward to in my forties and fifties! I think with a mottled gray beard and a few more laugh lines I would look damn good, maybe better than when I was in my mid-20s.

And yet, at the end of the day I would like to have my upper lip back and my stubble-free, soft cheeks too. I prefer to see masculine robustness in my boyfriend than in the mirror. And as long as it doesn't end up saying “Carlotta, you've never looked better”, it'll just be a fun toy - this Snapchat filter.