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Hello, I have another question. I have uClinux running on my DE2-115 board, which uses the SD card as rootfs. SD card with two partitions, one for the rootfs and the other for the zImage. So that the zImage is loaded into the SDRAM and started with "Power on", I now need a boot loader, but how do I do that? I downloaded "u-boot" from git, but I don't know what to set. The contributions from the AlteraWiki didn't really help me: / The Qsys design has an onchip meme, from which the bootloader is to be started (compeled in as .hex). Did anyone else do this before? I would be very grateful for instructions or hints. Greetings Jan

Moin, Hm, doesn't seem to happen very often, as much as there is going on here ... Almost 10 years ago I built something similar with the Cyclone-III. The thing to graphically combine the NIOS components was still called SOPC Builder. It had a peripheral component called something with EPCS. That was the serial config device. And inside you could store a binary (e.g. a submarine) behind the bitstream for FPGA configuration. The reset vector of the NIOS then had to point to the address range of the EPCS component, then some Voodoo Magic in the EPCS component ensured that the u-boot was copied into the SDRAM (I think the code for this copy process was hard-coded in a block RAM in the EPCS component). After that, the NIOS jumped into action and the submarine started. That could then load a uImage from further flash modules into the SDRAM and start ... Probably the whole thing is now completely different. Greeting WK

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions! :) In the first step I loaded my zImage into the flash and let the reset vector point to it. That worked great. Instead of the EPCS, however, I used CFI. In the next step I managed to build a u-boot that runs on the Nios hardware. I then had it started from the Flsh. Compiling the submarine was not that easy, unfortunately I don't know the way around the submarine: / Here I found an example for my DE2-115 that helped me a lot (https: // github .com / emount / nios2-u-boot). Now all I have to do is get the mmc / spi running in the u-boot and run my zImage in the SDRAM. The mmc / spi is not really running yet, but instructions are available here (http://www.alterawiki.com/wiki/U-Boot_and_Cyclone_II-DE2_boards#SD_card_over_SPI_protocol). I currently have two questions: Can I load the .sof and the u-boot both into the flash memory? I read something about the "after" command somewhere. So first the .sof (of course as .flash) and attached to it the submarine? How does the FPGA know that its configuration is in Flash and not in EPCS? With which commands can I later copy the zImage from the SD card to the SDRAM and start it? (In the u-boot) I wish you a nice weekend :)

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