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Funny? When the woman is taller than the man

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (or, well, Tom Cruise) or Jamie Cullum and Sophie Dahl: There are some celebrity (ex) couples where the woman is taller than the man. Weird looks are and have always been guaranteed. The question arises: are some of them no longer together because of the difference in size? Could this be a real problem for a relationship? We say: yes and no. Here we explain why it is unfortunately difficult, but definitely not impossible, when the woman is taller than average (or the man is shorter than average).

Why it seems so strange that a woman is taller than a man

I am 1.83 m tall. That's why I know exactly what it feels like to be stared at as a woman who is far from the average height of 1.65 m. The whole thing seems to be even more exciting when you walk hand in hand with a man who is significantly shorter. Actually, it shouldn't matter who loves whom. Still, you just can't help but look. Why? Because it is just so "abnormal".

Who determines what is normal? Of course, society again, that which has developed as an ideal over decades, oh what, centuries. And so it looks like the man is a patriarch and great protector, while the woman just waits for male rescue and wants to look up to him - literally. Even if this division of roles is actually completely outdated today, it has fixed the cliché image in our heads in such a way that any deviation causes raised eyebrows. And not only when women earn more and take their lives into their own hands instead of waiting for a rich dream prince.

Woman taller than man = problematic?

The smallest man I have ever met was about 1.73 m tall. In my case that makes a whole 10 cm difference. It only lasted a few weeks. Did the size difference play a role? Possible. But he wasn't the main reason. Even if it was only brief, I learned something from the situation on the subject of taller women and shorter men. It seems to be equally unusual for men and women:

  • Men actually seem to have a problem with being the smaller one in a relationship. For some, the complexes are so strong that they don't even dare to speak to a taller woman. Others are curious and dare to try. One notices their uncertainty when they come up on the subject within seconds. A slightly panicked "You're pretty tall" (wow, really?) Or a "Are you really wearing high heels?" Speak volumes. If you do get involved in the adventure, it may well be that when you reach up to kiss, you feel so degraded in your manhood that the whole thing quickly comes to an end.

  • But even women who otherwise have no problem with their size can have complexities when flirting with a short man. I caught myself finding it strange having to bend down for hugs. It's somehow different with girlfriends. In addition, I completely voluntarily, without subtle hints on my part, temporarily foregoing high heels in order not to make the whole thing even stranger. And not just so that he feels more comfortable, but me too. In short (pun!) It can happen that tall women do their part to ensure that it is not perceived as normal that a tall woman can fall in love with a short man, or vice versa.

How it can work for a tall woman and a short man to be happy

Self-confidence and a certain “I don't care” attitude are the magic words for a functioning relationship when the woman is taller than the man. And that goes for both sides. Of course you get confused looks and there is unnecessary talk when someone breaks away from the social norm. Think of plus-size models who, as non-size-zero models, always stimulate heated discussions. Or to people who dye their hair brightly, have their tongues split or who express themselves in some other way that only makes people who are overly conformist shake their heads. When it comes to relationships, it is especially couples with a large age difference that causes frowns.

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So there seems to be a reason to complain for so much that it really shouldn't be given anything. While it may seem strange for a tall woman and a shorter man at the beginning of a relationship, that feeling will come back quickly. After all, there are so many other values ​​and character traits in the foreground that the difference in size suddenly seems very small. And the high heels can soon be unpacked again without hesitation.

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