What can a couple do for fun

What to do on the weekend 30 brilliant activities for two

Even if you've been a couple for a long time, that doesn't mean that you just have to go out to eat together or sit in front of the telly. After all, things worked differently at the beginning of the relationship. The problem: When you're together for a longer period of time, you eventually run out of ideas about what to do together on the weekend.

We have therefore collected the 30 best tips for activities for two for you. From simple ideas that you can implement at home to exciting activities outside. Have fun!

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1. Paint each other.

Nobody has to be Picasso for this. And if it looks bungled and funny: all the better!

2. Try a new sport.

How about climbing in the climbing hall? Or dance wild Lindy Hop? Or discover cycling for you together and explore the most beautiful green stretches in the area? It's best to choose a sport that neither of you can do. It's exciting for both of them.

3. A different kind of blind date: eat in the dark.

While eating, blindfold, feed each other and guess what tastes - why not? Sounds childish, but it's a real experience.

4. Go to a club with your friend and dance the night away.

You often only do this with larger groups of friends or with your girls. But only dance the night away with your loved one until the sun rises and then eat a huge portion of fries together at five in the morning. Gorgeous!

5. A night walk.

Why only go out into nature when the sun is shining? A night walk like this is extremely romantic - BECAUSE it's a little scary.

6. Go to the amusement park.

Be a child again: go down the ghost train together, shoot a picture with Mickey Mouse, eat cotton candy together - for a whole day.

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7. Go to the zoo.

Giraffes, sea lions, elephants and meerkats: a day at the zoo is a very special feeling. A little melancholy resonates because you are reminded of old childhood days, because it's a little old school and because the animals should actually run around in the wild. But at the same time it is fascinating to experience the different animal species so close and live.

8. It doesn't always have to be Paris.

It's like Bruges: no sooner was the film 'See Bruges and Die' than the enchanting city became a destination for countless young people. There are more undiscovered "Bruges" around you. Look around! Drive to a nearby city that you do not know. Sometimes the beautiful is very close.

9. Paint the apartment in a new color or completely rearrange it.

Bring your own four walls into shape, just try a crazy color in the kitchen and then be happy that it is so beautiful at home.

10. Mimic the ice cream tester.

Cookies & Cream, Tiramisu and Coconut Ice Cream: Buy lots of different types of ice cream together, a real iceberg with flags and an umbrella, sauces and sprinkles. Then you do the ultimate ice cream test. You just never treat yourself to something like that on your own.

11. Accompany a day with the disposable camera.

Create your photo love story: Buy a disposable camera - yes, the one where you can't see the pictures directly, like on a mobile phone - and snap a day together with you and your sweetheart. A nice memory for which you have to be patient. And when you pick up the photos from development, it's really exciting to see what you've photographed.

12. Just pick up your friend from work and kidnap.

Just surprise your loved one: pick them up from work and take them off to go pedalos in the evening sun.

13. Take the tour bus through your own city.

What do you actually know about your own city? Buy a ticket for the tour bus in your city and off you go.

14. Sleep under the open sky.

Just sleeping outside under the stars in summer is great. If you don't have a garden, you can take the mattresses out onto the balcony. Mega romantic.

15. Attack the house bar together.

You have had this bottle of French liqueur and this green mixing stuff for years that nobody knows what to mix with? Then play the bartender and experiment a little. If you succeed in creating a suitable drink, the drink is named after.

16. Enjoy a wellness day together.

This is pure enjoyment: Immerse yourself in the wellness oasis together and enjoy! Our tips against boredom: Massage, sound pool, sauna and whirlpool - treat yourself to the full program!

17. Write love letters.

Write to each other in a letter what you like about each other. It's not that easy at all - but wonderful for each other.

18. Play first date again.

Meet in a bar and pretend you're just getting to know each other. Prerequisite: Both perform their roles consistently. Then it will be an extremely funny evening - and the old tingling is suddenly back ...

19. Go bowling or bowling.

It's not only fun with friends, but also with loved ones. Show him where the hammer is and that you are the bowling queen!

20. Attend a cooking class together.

Certainly there is also the possibility of attending a cooking class in town. That sounds like a housewife seminar, but it's anything but boring. Try it out!

21. Learn a new language together.

Are you planning to travel to Brazil next year or spend a week in Warsaw? Then take a language course or buy a learning DVD. When was the last time you learned a new language? Everyone knows how good it feels to be able to communicate in the national language in a foreign country.

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22. Dress up and look at luxury apartments that you could never afford.

Do you have these chic, magnificent old buildings in your city that you would love to live in? Are you also impressed by the luxury lofts at the harbor? Then get dressed up and let the real estate agent show you the chic properties. Mimicking the rich couple together should give you additional pleasure.

23. Off to the drive-in cinema!

Of course, only with popcorn and cola - and then smooch in the classic way.

24. Swing in a children's playground at night.

Instead of getting into the taxi after the party and driving home quickly, you should end the evening in a romantic way in a children's playground. Romance: 12 Points!

25. Picnic at night in the park

Even more than romantic: a nightly picnic with blankets, candles and lots of goodies. And pop at least one cork.

26. Walk together through the warm summer rain.

If you see every film, you think it's totally romantic - and then you never do it yourself. It is great when the summer night is mild and the rain is warm. Try out!

27. Fly a kite.

A windy day and nothing to do? Then drive out onto a mountain in the countryside and fly a kite. The number from childhood is wonderfully nostalgic - and not that easy at all ...

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28. Do a wine tasting.

Total enjoyment: an old wine cellar, lots of delicious drops and the opportunity to simply try different wines - like the professionals, of course. "Mmh, honey, it's a bit special in the finish, don't you think?" And if you don't like wine, you can have a beer tasting.

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29. Go to the fair and heat the area with the bumper car.

Mingle with the teenagers who always hang around on the bumper cars at the fair and really give it a go. After all, not much can happen here and it is at least as much fun as it was back then with 13. Bets?

30. Go to the hairdresser or tattoo parlor together.

Of course we don't want to seduce anyone here to have their friend's name engraved. This is usually not a good idea. But how about a matching tattoo? For couples who are not into tattoos: A visit to the hairdresser - just for two - can be extremely funny.

Now it's your turn:

That was 30 tips for you against boredom in the relationship. Grab a piece of paper and make a plan with your sweetheart, which ideas you want to implement in the next weeks and months. Have lots of fun with it! May the boredom in your relationship no longer have any cuts!