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Development of 13 year old girls

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Important developmental steps in girls at fourteen

Such a bitch - some parents think and forget that they were once teenagers through puberty. By the age of 14, girls are already at the zenith of this complicated development phase, because they are usually two years ahead of boys. For the growing young women this means having to deal with significant changes in their bodies, to conquer more independence but also to learn to control the turbulent world of emotions. more on the subject Puberty in girls

A girl becomes a woman

The hormones produced in the brain by the pituitary gland herald sexual maturity. Most girls are now more or less happy that their first period has started (menarche). Follicles that produce estrogens now mature in the ovaries. From this point onwards, a girl can become pregnant. The ovaries and uterus grow during puberty and change shape accordingly. Also influenced by hormones, the labia and vagina are darker in color. At the age of 14 it becomes equally obvious from the outside that the girl is transforming into a woman. Within a short time, the proportions of the young woman shift. She experiences spurts of growth again and again. In addition, the waist becomes narrower and the hips wider. Typical feminine curves can be seen on the thighs. The girl's breast has been growing since she was 10 years old, and now it is increasingly taking on a feminine shape, because more and more fatty tissue is accumulating in the girl's breast. A woman's physical development is already complete at the age of 17. By now you should also have your daughter over Menstrual hygiene speak.

13 year old girl and the overwhelming hormones

The physical changes during puberty are undoubtedly overwhelming. On the one hand, they ensure that the girl suddenly looks very feminine. On the other hand, due to hormonal influences, the pubic hair and armpit hair also sprout like those of adults during this time. The first shave of the armpits and legs is imminent, even in the area of ​​the intimate zone, hair removal is not uncommon for teenage girls from the age of 14. Hormones also have other effects. Classic signs of this are pimples and greasy hair, which make life difficult for girls due to the increased sebum production. Also read: When should girls be allowed to apply make-up?

Puberty: emotional chaos included

Just as the body changes rapidly, so do the girls' emotions ride a roller coaster. They are becoming more and more sensitive but also bitchier. These mood swings during puberty have a profound effect on family life. Retreating into your own room, monosyllabic communication and demanding more independence harbor a lot of potential for conflict. The young women regularly explore their limits. Topics such as the chaos in the children's room, no desire to do homework, endless phone calls or the curfew are often on the table. During puberty, many girls, like boys, seek borderline experiences. Initial contact with alcohol and cigarettes, but also with illegal drugs, can hardly be avoided. However, girls from the age of 14 attach less and less importance to family rituals, and family celebrations are a horror for them. This process of cutting the cord from your parents is often difficult, but essential.
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Sexuality and contraception - not a taboo subject

With puberty and growing up to be a woman, the first sexual contacts also come into the life of girls. (The first time) Even if the parents do not like it, it is not uncommon for young teenage girls to be sexually active today. Since they are now sexually mature, there is always the risk of pregnancy in the room. From the age of 15 onwards, gynecologists also prescribe contraceptive pills for girls without further ado. (First visit to the gynecologist) Numerous young women make use of it, because the hormones also have a positive effect on the cycle, which in this phase of life can still vary greatly in its intensity and duration. However, since the pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, girls also need access to condoms. For parents, educating young women should therefore be a matter close to their hearts. more on the subject Enlighten girls
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