Why do skirts have zippers?

"Romy" skirt with zip and yoke

Yeah, there is a new pattern with sewing video instructions. "Romy" is a bell-shaped skirt with a curved front or you can sew it continuously.

With great joy and heart pounding, I present you today a new sewing video for sewing a skirt with a yoke yourself. The longest and most complex tutorial to date! In it, I will show you, among other things, how cut parts are cut at an angle to the thread run, how you can easily sew in a zipper that is concealed on both sides and how sewing bias tape works safely.

This all adds up to the charming skirt Romy: A bell-shaped, flared skirt with a yoke that sits comfortably on the hips and ends loosely above the knees. You can sew it in two ways: with a split, curved front part or with a continuous skirt part. The pattern PDF contains all pattern parts for the Sizes 32 to 48. There is also more information on, among other things, size selection, cut adjustment and cutting. A click on the button leads you directly to the pattern page with all further information.

Romy Pattern PDF to print out yourself, free shipping

Video instructions: sewing a skirt with a yoke

You can watch the first variant in the video:

Refined: zipper concealed on both sides

If you have already sewn a couple of Susie bags and have sewing curves on top of that, you are sure to master this sewing project too! Take courage!

Sewing in the zipper that is concealed on both sides is not that difficult - in the video, as always, I show it step-by-step. Incidentally, I copied the "tape trick" here.

Fabrics: here and here

Variant: full skirt

Here is the variant with a continuous skirt part and normal hem instead of bias tape:

Incidentally, I only cut this skirt part slightly diagonally. If you have a fabric that requires the pattern to run straight from top to bottom, you can cut the skirt piece straight. Then the front or rear center marked on the pattern pieces corresponds to the grain of the thread. The experienced seamstresses among you can also sew a seam zipper into the side seam. You can see how this works, for example, in this video.

Fabrics: here and here

Well then I hope that summer will last a good while, so that some "Romys" can still be performed on the beach!

And if not, this skirt is sure to cut a fine figure in baby cord or light denim. I'll show you.

Happy Sewing,
Your Ina