What do zombies drop in Minecraft


Zombies are aggressive monsters that can move around the player in the overworld at a light level of 7 or less. You move aimlessly through the game world and give a groan. If they encounter players or villagers, pursue them in order to attack them. In addition to the normal zombies, there are also the smaller and more agile zombie children. Zombie children rarely spawn as chicken riders.

Adult villagers and villagers children can be infected by zombie attacks and transformed into so-called zombie villagers.
Zombies are among the undead creatures and burn in sunlight.
Desert zombies are immune to sunlight.[BE only]

Properties [edit]

  • Zombies cause more damage the less life energy they have.
  • Unequipped zombies have a natural armor protection of 2 ().
  • Zombies usually spawn in groups of 1 to 6, but occasionally a lot more in villages (zombie siege).
  • You move purposefully towards doors and try to break them down; the beating noises can be heard from afar. In the degree of difficultyHeavy destroy zombies Wooddoors.
  • In sunlight, zombies start to burn, unless they are in the water, in the shade or they are wearing a helmet.
  • Burning zombies inflict additional fire damage on the player from difficulty level normal.
  • You avoid falling from cliffs and the like. They try to overcome obstacles with jumps.
  • If they fall, they will suffer fall damage. However, because of their natural armor protection, in most cases they do not die if they fall from 24 blocks, which is a 20 () would otherwise be the case. But with just a few more blocks they die despite their armor protection.
  • They make moaning noises, growl and chuckle when they fight.
  • As undead creatures, zombies are healed by the Potion of Damage - in return they take damage from the Potion of Healing. (This is why it is useful to throw potions of healing on the ground in close combat.) Potions of regeneration and poisoning have no effect.
  • Zombies don't swim, they drown in the water. If they are longer with their heads under water, they turn into drowned people. In doing so, they drop their equipment.
  • Like other monsters (e.g. skeletons and spiders), zombies recognize open trap doors as closed, which is good for traps.
  • Zombies can climb ladders!

Drops [edit]

Main article: Drops

Zombies and zombie children can drop the same items on death. This includes 0 to 2 rotten meat and a zombie head if killed by a charged creeper. When a player dies, a zombie rarely drops an iron bar, carrot or potato. If the zombie is equipped with an iron sword or an iron shovel and / or pieces of armor, he seldom drops these possibly even enchanted items.

Armed zombies [edit]

Some zombies occasionally pick up drops from the ground and hold this item in their hand to attack. Armor is put on instantly, as are heads or carved pumpkins. A zombie always replaces an object he is carrying with better objects he can find.

Some zombies already spawn with weapons and / or armor parts (all parts always made of the same material), which can also be enchanted. In this case (only if the zombie spawns already equipped), there are 1-3 additional experience points per piece of equipment.

Worn objects increase the attack damage or the armor protection of the zombie according to the properties of the respective object. As long as the zombie is wearing the armor or weapon, it won't wear out. However, helmets do wear out if the zombies are exposed to sunlight or if a block falls on their head.

Probability of equipment types [edit]

The likelihood that zombies will use drops or spawn already equipped depends on the difficulty level. The following table shows how often a certain type of equipment occurs on average:

Probability of certain pieces of armor [edit]

The following table shows the average frequency with which equipped spawning zombies wear certain pieces of armor:

armor Simple and normal Heavy
helmet 100% 100%
Helmet + breastplate 75% 90%
Helmet + breastplate + leg protection 56.25% 81%
Complete armor 42.19% 72.9%

Probability of certain armor materials [edit]

The table below shows the average frequency with which zombies spawning with armor wear armor of certain materials:

Armaments material probability
leather 37.06%
gold 48.73%
Chains 12.90%
iron 1.27%
diamond 0.04%

Combat and defense

Normal zombies are sluggish melee fighters and do not pose a great deal of danger unless they appear in a confined space or in large groups. A player can kill a zombie from above as long as the player is high enough above the zombie. If the player is being chased by several zombies, he can use z. B. Take turns attacking a sword so that none of the zombies come too close. If the player is in a small room with lots of zombies with no escape route, they should block and then kill the zombies one by one to minimize the damage. You can also try pushing zombies against cacti or in lava.

Going to sleep early in a safe bed saves you from encountering numerous zombies, as they are mostly to be found at night. If the player is in the open field at nightfall, he can dig a small hole in the ground to wait for the night to come. Then you can collect the drops of the surrounding burned zombies and other monsters or even, if you are fast enough, perform the last blow to kill in order to get the experience points.

It is very important that no zombies spawn in the base or in the player's bedrooms. To prevent this, it is sufficient to illuminate the premises brightly. You can also pave a room with glass blocks or steps or the like, since monsters cannot spawn on transparent blocks. Because zombies in difficulty Heavy If you can smash wooden doors, it is important there to better secure all living spaces. A wall that is two blocks high, a wall, or a fence around this area, or just an iron door, will keep zombies from entering the area.

With the command you can turn off the beating and smashing of doors by zombies.

Zombie children [edit]

Zombie children are zombies that are smaller and significantly faster than normal zombies, but cause the same amount of attack damage. Since they are only one block high, they can get through small openings and thus penetrate a house and surprise the player.

If parts of armor are worn by children, they are appropriately shrunk (50%) against the body.

In addition to their small appearance, they can also be recognized by their characteristic noises. These are created by playing the sounds of the adult zombie at 1.5 times the speed, which makes them sound higher but are shorter.

They spawn wherever zombies occur with a 5% chance instead of an adult zombie.

If the player defeats a zombie child, he receives as a reward more than twice as much experience as from an adult zombie.

Zombie children can also appear as zombie villagers and then be transformed into villagers. Very rare (with a probability of 1400 = 0.25%) a zombie child spawns together with a chicken as a so-called chicken rider.

In contrast to the adult zombies, the children cannot pick up drops in order to wear them as armor or to hold them in their hands (also applies to the children of the zombified Piglins).

NBT data [edit]

  • zombie has the object ID "zombie"
  • Desert zombie has the object ID "husk"
  • Drowned person has the object ID "drowned"
    • General object properties
    • General characteristics
    • General creature traits
    • CanBreakDoors: 1 or 0 (true / false) - true if the zombie can destroy doors. The default is 0.
    • CanPickUpLoot: 1 or 0 (true / false) - true if the zombie can pick up items. Any object is picked up. Since the zombie has no inventory, it cannot pick up any more objects. However, if he finds a weapon, it will be picked up if it is better in hand than the previous item, and the old item will be dropped. If he finds a piece of armor, it will be put on if it represents an improvement. A zombie can only pick up items if the game rulesmobGriefing on true is set.
    • ConversionPlayer: After healing a zombie villager, the UUID of the player who performed the healing. For the conversion see UUID. The heal activates the cured_zombie_villager progress trigger, which accesses the player UUID when progress is granted.
    • ConversionTime: -1 as long as the zombie villager is not transformed, otherwise the time in ticks until the transformation from zombie villager to villager is complete.
    • DrownedConversionTime: -1 as long as the zombie or desert zombie is not transformed underwater, otherwise the time in ticks until the transformation from zombie to drowned or desert zombie to zombie is complete.
    • InWaterTime: Time in ticks that the zombie or desert zombie is underwater. As soon as 600 ticks (30 seconds) are reached, the transformation into a drowned person or zombie begins. Zombie variants that do not transform underwater have a value of 0.
    • IsBaby: Optional: 1 or 0 (true / false) - true if the zombie is a child. May be missing in adults.

Progress [edit]

symbol progress description predecessor task Data value
Adventure, exploration and combat β€”Kill any creature or get killed by any creature
Monster hunter
Slay a monster adventure

Kill one of the following monsters:

Creeper, servant, zombie villager, ice wanderer, ender dragon, enderman, endermite, drowned man, ghast, great guardian, witch, hoglin, cave spider, tan, magician, magma cube, phantom, piglin, piglin barbarian, pest, looter, slime, shulker, silverfish , Skeleton, spider, devastator, guardian, witherskelett, desert zombie, zoglin, zombie or Zombified Piglin
A joke to throw away
Throw your trident at something.
Note: Throwing away your only weapon is a bad idea.
Monster hunterHit any creature with a trident
Target exercises
Shoot something with a bow and arrow Monster hunterHit any creature with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Progress is also achieved using spectral arrows or effect arrows.
Master hunter
Kill one of each monster Monster hunter

Kill all of the following monsters:

Creeper, servant, zombie villager, ice wanderer, ender dragon, enderman, endermite, drowned man, ghast, great guardian, witch, hoglin, cave spider, tan, magician, magma cube, phantom, piglin, piglin barbarian, pest, looter, slime, shulker, silverfish , Skeleton, spider, devastator, guardian, witherskelett, desert zombie, zoglin, zombie and Zombified Piglin

Achievements [edit]

symbolsuccessdescriptiontaskPointsCup (PS)
Monster hunterAttack a monster and kill it.Slay any monster by hand, weapon or tool.15Gbronze
Well camouflagedKill a creature while wearing the same creature head.β€”30Gbronze


  • There is a gigantic version of the zombie called giantwhich is unused and therefore cannot spawn in the game at the moment.
  • Zombies were the first monsters in Minecraft.
  • On Halloween (October 31st) some zombies, skeletons, witherskeletons and pig zombies wear carved pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns as helmets.[1]
  • Zombies used to drop feathers because Notch didn't know what else to drop zombies.[2]
  • The code stipulates that on death zombie children drop 2.5 times as much experience as adult zombies. Since adult zombies drop 5, that would be 12.5. However, since there are only integer values ​​for experience, it is rounded down and the player only receives 12.

Gallery [edit]

  • A picture tweeted by Dinnerbone about the zombie children[3]

  • A zombie attacks a player

  • Zombies burn in daylight

  • Zombies with helmets don't burn

  • A zombie tries to destroy a door

  • A fully equipped zombie

  • A zombie wears dyed leather armor

  • Some zombies meet pumpkins on October 31st

  • A zombie crushes turtle eggs

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Survival Test0.24
  • Zombies as the first monsters[4] and added as a second creature next to humans
  • They have an arm attack animation and occasionally appear with armor on, but it has no protective effect on their health
  • If zombies are killed, the player gets 80 points. They do not drop their armor when they die (there are no items yet).
Beta1.8(Beta 1.8-pre1)
Full version 1.0(Beta 1.9-pre4)
  • Zombies are harmed by Potions of Healing and are healed by Potions of Damage. They are immune to poison, although potions of regeneration would have the opposite effect on zombies
Full version 1.2
  • The zombies' AI is improved, which greatly affects the player's chase
  • Therefore, they avoid obstacles, so they no longer run into ravines, cacti, fire or lava
  • You have the ability to see through blocks
  • The zombies' AI is improved again to avoid the sunlight
  • If a zombie stands in the sunlight, it will look for a shady shelter; if it is already on fire, it looks for a watering hole to extinguish itself
  • Iron shovels, iron swords, iron helmets and iron bars are added as rare drops
  • Zombies hunt down villagers and hit wooden doors in villages
  • Only in difficultyHeavy and in hardcore mode you can destroy them
  • The drop rate of iron shovels, iron swords, iron helmets and iron bars is greatly reduced
Full version 1.4
  • Zombies can again wear armor like in the Classic phase, now even all available types
  • Zombies can carry iron swords and iron shovels
  • With a 0.5% chance, zombies can spawn dressed in armor and weapons
  • Zombies use their hand attack animation again, but only with a weapon
  • You can infect villagers and then turn them into zombie villagers
  • Zombie kids added, they don't age and don't burn in the sun
  • On Halloween, zombies carry carved pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns
  • In extremely rare cases, zombies can pick up and use armor and weapons
  • Zombies who have picked up objects always drop them when they die
  • The models and textures of Zombie and Pig Zombie are changed (no visual change, but in the texture pack)
Full version 1.5(13w03a)
  • Zombies are stronger depending on the level of difficulty
  • Burning zombies can spread fire to the player
  • Zombies can also call other zombies in the vicinity (radius depends on the difficulty level) to attack the player in a horde
  • Zombies do more damage when their health is lower
Full version 1.6
  • Zombies can spawn more zombies in the immediate vicinity if they are damaged
  • These additional zombies will spawn out of the player's field of vision, potentially attacking them from behind
  • You only need a light level below 10 (otherwise 8) and are spawned at least 7 blocks away from the player (otherwise 24)
  • Zombies no longer do additional damage when they are low on health
  • Zombies recognize players earlier, the range for the pursuit mode has been increased to 35 blocks
  • Player-focused zombies can move even if they are more than 32 blocks away from a player
Full version 1.6.2(1.6.2-pre)
  • Zombie children spawn in the world with a 5% chance instead of an adult zombie
Full version 1.7(13w36a)
  • Zombie children drop items and experience on death