What are some financial secrets

The 7 secrets of the super rich - THIS is how billionaires think

When I founded my first company almost 30 years ago, I asked myself how I could be successful as quickly as possible. It was immediately clear to me that I had to study all those who were already where I wanted to go - after all, only these people could credibly convey how gigantic success really works.

So I wrote to top entrepreneurs, celebrities, experts and billionaires from Europe's largest companies and invited them to dinner or a phone call. From all these conversations (with Andre Kostolany, Friedrich Knapp or Tony Robbins, among others) I summarized the following seven secrets, which have also carried me to great financial successes to this day.

Secret # 1: Successful people know that money is nothing but performance energy

What used to be barter is now represented by money in the form of power energy. The super-rich know that there are two ways to make money in your life:

Either you solve big problems (such as selling luxury cars to enthusiasts) for a few people or you solve a lot of relatively small problems for many people at the same time (just like the Albrecht brothers do it every day with food for a large clientele).

Secret # 2: Money is Spiritual

For most people, money is a lot, but not spiritual. Many feel that money is out of control and many live in financial shortage. Many circumstances are to blame for this - but in the eyes of most of them they are never to blame. Money is an external result, but it is created and created in our inner world. Why? It's simple: your thoughts influence your feelings. These, in turn, are crucial for your decisions and actions and depending on how you act, you create money or not. The reason for the absence of money therefore often lies in you. For example, those who have the feeling of being worthless inside can never hold great wealth outside and can only build them up again with difficulty. A lack of self-love and self-worth is a reason for financial difficulties.

Secret # 3: Money is important to the super rich!

Most people say they don't care that much about money. In doing so, they forget that they can never have something that they actually reject! Imagine saying to your partner that she is no longer so important to you - what do you think is going to happen? Correct. Your partner would leave you immediately. Is it just CLICKING?

Secret # 4 Money is COOL!

People who lead financially prosperous lives love their money. Not because they put the material first, but because they understand that they can achieve a lot with money. Schools can be built, hospitals renovated or important projects for those in need supported and promoted. So money is always important if you can make a difference with it!

Secret # 5: Money is always there

Super-rich people know: Money is in abundance at all times - just maybe not in their own account. Instead of panicking, they ask themselves how their respective financial bottlenecks could come about and are immediately working on a plan how they could draw more money into their lives again themselves.

Secret # 6 Money is reproducible

If you understand the universal laws, then you will be able to create as much money as you want at any time. Why!? See secret # 2: Money is spiritual and therefore a result of your inner world. If you lose money, stay flexible and question thoughts and emotions in your inner world. In this way you change your mindset and your inner world - and with it your account balance.

Secret # 7 Nothing is impossible

There can be the worst recession in the market, but the super-rich know that even in a time of crisis, there are great opportunities. Great companies can be found on the stock market for low prices, new opportunities are opening up, and while others panic, they are becoming calmer. After all, they trust proven strategies for success and have internalized that anything is possible that can only be imagined. Constantly training your own mind and personality is the key to living in the financial fast lane.


To person:

Damian Richter is a family man, entrepreneur, investor and life coach. Many also call him a real success maker, because if Damian can do one thing, it is to lead other people into their success.

At the age of 14 he founded his first company, in his mid-twenties he managed a portfolio worth billions on the stock exchange and has experienced everything from failed suicide attempts to appearances on the largest stages in the country.

His THROUGH STARTER PODCAST shot to the top of the iTunes download charts and at his LIVE seminars and on the Internet, Damian has been working with more than 300,000 participants, athletes and well-known companies since 2011, making him one of the most successful coaches in Germany.


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