Would Ubuntu support my touchscreen laptop

Desktop environment for a 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop for an Ubuntu system

I am not sure what you are up to «Based on Ubuntu» mean. A desktop environment either runs on Ubuntu or not. Also «The best desktop environment» is clearly a matter of opinion so I'll just focus on your bullet points.

  • Touch-friendly buttons
  • The cursor disappears when you use touch input, but it shows where it was pressed

Ubuntu already ships with such a desktop environment. In fact, this is the default environment: Unity. It is specially designed to work with traditional devices and touchscreen devices. In fact, the first Ubuntu tablets sold are currently using Unity for their user interface.

  • The screen rotates based on the accelerator pedal

This has nothing to do with the DE. The screen rotation refers to the graphics server. Scripts that automate this exist for different models (e.g. see this link for Microsoft Surface) but are not universal. Your device may or may not be supported out of the box.

  • The keyboard and touchpad are automatically disabled depending on how far the back screen is folded

It also depends on the level of hardware support for your particular device.

Ulad Kazach

You're right. Which runs on Ubuntu.