Are there tabla courses in Ahmedabad



Ioanna Srinivasan, 10967 Berlin
Academy of Kathak Dance, Urbanstr. 67; Tel./Fax 030/6861327, [email protected],

Professional Kathak dancer / choreographer, master student Pandit Vijai Shankars, state Kathak diploma with distinction (Chandighar). Concerts in Europe and Asia since the 80s. In addition to solo concerts and group choreographies in the classical tradition, collaboration with different styles and own experimental projects, radio and television productions. Head of the Academy of Kathak Dance in Berlin, teaching since 1987 (workshops, classes, lecture demonstrations). Your Academy of Kathak Dance offers extensive training (Kathak, Hindustani Vocal, Tabla), also with a state examination (Kathak Diploma Chandighar). Intensive workshops with well-known dancers are offered regularly (e.g. Pt.Vijai Shankar, Ioanna Srinivasan - Kathak; Ramaprasad Chattopadhyay - Bollywood film dance; Shree Ganguly - Hindustani Classical Music / Sarod).


Shebana Devi Mangold, 12161 Berlin
Tel. 0176-303 12 223, [email protected],

Stage dancer and teacher for the classical Indian dance styles Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. Training in both styles as well as carnatic singing and nattuvangam (rhythm) in Berlin and Chennai. 20 years of stage experience (group, dance theater and solo performances) in Germany and India. Teaching experience of over ten years.
Since 2012 Shebana Devi has been offering regular courses for beginners to professionals (including children) in Berlin, workshops in Germany and Europe, and performances worldwide.


Rajyashree Ramesh, 14169 Berlin
Mörchinger Strasse 43g, Tel .: 0049-30-812 2408, natyam @

Dancer, teacher and choreographer for Indian classical dance, mainly Bharatanatyam. She has been teaching since she was 7 years old in Bangalore, India, with a state dance exam in 1972. Further training in various areas of dance in Chennai and Bangalore, India. Singing training (Karnatik). Twenty years of teaching experience and thirty years of performing (appearances, workshops, courses, lectures) in India, Europe and the USA. Lives in Berlin since 1977. Your Rajyashree Ramesh Academy for Performing Arts offers extensive training (dance, music, yoga). As a choreographer she works in interdisciplinary work with international artists.


Kalamitra - Center for Classical Indian Dance, 20359 Hamburg
Tel: 04181/4605, mobile: 0177-7434322, [email protected]

Classes in classical Indian dance Bharata Natyam and Bhramari-Kathak for beginners to advanced by state-certified dance teachers and certified dancers with over 20 years of teaching practice and stage experience. In addition to dance technique and choreography, the theoretical and cultural background of this art is conveyed. Courses and workshops with renowned teachers take place regularly.


Katja-Shivani, 22765 Hamburg
Tel: 040/74570347, [email protected]

Katja-Shivani has been dancing Bharata Natyam for over ten years and was trained in the Kalakshetra style by well-known teachers such as Radah Sarma and Sita Sophia. Katja-Shivani performed her Arangetram under the direction of Radha Sarma. She has various performance and teaching experience that she is happy to pass on. In addition to dance, the lessons also contain well-founded theoretical parts.


Rita Panesar, 22769 Hamburg
Tel: 040/49 55 85, [email protected]

Dancer and choreographer with over 20 years of teaching practice and international stage experience. Performances with live musicians (sitar / tabla). Regular Kathak lessons in Hamburg. Weekend workshops in June.


Helene Eriksen, 37073 Göttingen
Burgstr. 19, Tel. 0551-42063, [email protected]

Studied dance ethnology in Los Angeles; Field research projects in the Balkans and the Orient; Junior Diploma for Kathak of Prayag Sangit Samiti Allahabad; twenty years of teaching experience; international performances with dances from South and Central Asia, the Orient and the Balkans.



Alpana Sengupta School of Kathak, 37073 Göttingen
[email protected],

Regular weekly courses for beginners and advanced learners. Regular weekend workshops with Alpana Sengupta every 2 - 3 months. It is possible to take dance or music exams via Prayag Sangeet Samiti or Pracheen Kala Kendra.


Jyotika Dayal Paust, 37520 Osterode am Harz
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 12, +4916095422214, +4955225064980,
[email protected]

Jyotika Dayal Paust is an accomplished Kathak Dancer, who has completed her Post Diploma under the guidance of Late Smt. Reba Vidhyarthi and Smt. Vaswati Misra from Kathak Kendra, New Delhi. She has been successfully performing for the past twenty years in major festivals in India and abroad. Since 1998 she is a member of the Musical Ensemble of Benares, where she has an important part, not only as a singer and Kathak dancer, but also as a composer and choreographer. Another project in which she shows her multi-discipline talent is the Kathak-Flamenco Project, a fusion between Indian and Spanish music and dance. She has also been giving various workshops for classical vocal and dance across Europe. She is presently giving private lessons to students in Germany.


Iris Brikey, 38304 Wolfenbüttel

Flamenco & Kathak, Hermann-Stehr-Str. 15, mobile. 0170-1130700, [email protected]

Dancer and choreographer, diploma at the Bhakhande Sangit Vidyapith in Lucknow, India, with Prof. Purnima Pande. Represented at numerous dance festivals, including abroad. Research in dance studies on the subject of Flamenco and Kathak. Regular courses in Braunschweig, Magdeburg and Wolfenüttel


Rebekka Schöberl, 60599 Franfurt a.M.
Buchrainstrasse 47 a, Tel. 069 - 49086884, Mobil. 0176 - 75033933 [email protected]

Workshops, performances and courses in Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, 20 years of stage experience


Amrit Stein, 80799 Munich
Turkenstr. 67, Tel .: 089-2719531, Fax 089-2719524, [email protected],

Since 1980 training in India with Rohini Bhate and Kumudini Lakhia with a Kathak diploma. Performances for NCPA / Bombay, Kathakfestival Lucknow, Natarani / Ahmedabad, Max Mueller Bhavan / Pune, Habitat World Center / Delhi and for the Maharajah of Udaipur / City Palace. Co-director of the Iyengar Yoga Institute Munich. Training in singing and modern dance


Chandra Devi (Simone Brero), 81543 Munich
Schyrenstraße 7, Tel: 089-21 70 53 87, Mobile: 0179-127 40 26, E-Mail: [email protected],, and,

Chandra Devi is the director of the Natyadhara dance school in Munich. Dance training in the classical Kalakshetra style with Shyamala Surendran, lessons with Abhinaya teacher Padmabhushan Kalanidhi Narayanan. Performances in Germany and India.


Gertrud Sohler, 86356 Neusäss
Tel .: 0821-3177166, [email protected]

Study of the classic South Indian style Bharata Natyam since 1993. 6 years training in Madras South India, training under: College of Fine Arts Kalakshetra, Udupi Laxminarayan, Meena Raman, Bhraga Bessel, Shobana Bhalchandra. Teaching and performance in D. since 1997, modern dance productions in collaboration with other artists. Classes in Bharata Natyam, Marma Yoga, Karnatic Music vocal.T


Lalitha Devi, 88079 Kressbronn
Hemigkofenerstr. 10, Tel./Fax: 07543-913253, mob .: 015786093058, [email protected],

Lalitha Devi, seven years of dance studies at the Kalakshetra Academy (India), brings you with just a few hours and without previous experience to dance small Indian dance choreographies - or accompanies you on a dance-therapeutic path, with the help of Indian dance rhythms and expression with the Indian hand gestures To promote your creative energy and expressiveness, whether you are a professional dancer or a layman. Lalitha Devi herself went down a dance therapeutic path and today passes on her experiences in clinics, schools and in her own studio.


Auxilia Albert, 90480 Nuremberg
[email protected]

Stage experience since the age of 6, meanwhile graduate dancer and dance teacher for Bharathanatyam and Bollywood dance. Founder of the Chandrakalarubalayam - indian danceschool for classical and modern dance. Lessons in Würzburg, Ansbach, Nuremberg, as well as various appearances and workshops.


Radha Anjali, A - 1010 Vienna
Stock exchange 3/11; Tel. + 43-1-5335819, [email protected]

Dance education since the age of six, first Indian dance and later also classical ballet and modern dance at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna. Since 1978 the classic South Indian Bharatanatyam style has been in the foreground, which she learned from Kama Dev (Vienna), Adyar K. Lakshman (Madras) and Kalanidhi Narayanan. She founded the Natya Mandir Association for the promotion and dissemination of Indian dance art, partly she teaches at the University Sports Institute in Vienna.