Why did Facebook block my website url

Facebook blocked? This is how you should proceed with account problems

Suddenly you can no longer log in to Facebook? Your account was blocked without warning? There can be very different reasons for this - trivialities or errors can also be the basis. We'll tell you what you can do in such a case.

Reasons for an account suspension

As soon as your Facebook account has been blocked, you will receive a corresponding message the next time you try to log in, informing you about the process. If it does not appear, there is more likely a technical problem with the registration. In that case, the best thing to do is to contact Facebook support. For example, Facebook blocks accounts if:

  • there is a suspicion that a user is using a false name or pretending to be a false identity.
  • The user has posted content that violates the Facebook Terms of Use.
  • Repeated acts were carried out that violate Facebook's community standards.
  • Other users were harassed - for example with advertising or unwanted, repeated advances.

The user sometimes receives a warning for statements that violate Facebook etiquette. If it is then blocked, there are different levels: a short period, a longer period or, in particularly severe cases, blocking without the possibility of restoring the account. However, it is quite possible that Facebook incorrectly blocks an account. If you have this suspicion, you should appeal immediately. Facebook has a special form for this purpose.

If the login to Facebook fails, there can be several reasons. The account may be blocked.

Object to the blocking

To get to the online form, simply follow this link. You are now on a page in which you only have to fill in three fields: To clarify the matter, Facebook needs your e-mail address with which you log in to the social network, your full name and a JPEG copy of an ID card, that confirms your identity. You can add this using the "Select file" button.


  • Check the reason for the block.
  • If Facebook has wrongly blocked your account, you have to file an objection using the form.
  • For this you have to submit your login email, your full name and a copy of your passport.
  • If you do not receive a notification about the blocking when you try to log in, there is probably another problem and you should contact Facebook support.

Have you already had such an unpleasant experience with Facebook or any other social network? Has your account been restored? Please write us your answer in the comments.