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Etageren made of glass, wood, porcelain & metal

Etagere definition - what is an etagere?

An étagère (French étagère = shelf) is an open arrangement of a shelf-like system for dishes or dishes with at least two, usually three or four levels, so that two-tier, three-tier or four-tier tiered shelves are formed. The term étagère is one of the French-influenced technical terms in gastronomy. The étagères are portable and suitable for transporting food in the catering trade. The Etagere belongs to the classic catering supplies wholesale, here buffet supplies and hotel supplies.

Etageren Uses and Benefits

Several plates can be placed on top of each other to save space and served to the guest. This is how dishes are presented elegantly and stylishly! Etageren are particularly suitable for

Candy cake stands

A presentation rack at the hotel reception for sweets always looks more elegant than a mere plate.

Etageren for the buffet

An étagère offers a lot of use in the smallest of spaces. The individual tiered stands, shelves or trays up to 4-story levels should be removable and have different diameters.

Larger tiered stands e.g. for kitchens.

... are not carried, but can be rolled. Similar devices are also used in self-service restaurants and canteens for receiving used dishes.

Etageren stainless steel / metal

Stainless steel shelves are particularly easy to clean. They are available in elegant étagères made of high-gloss polished stainless steel (18/10) in a brushed, hammered or smooth look.

Etageren porcelain and glass

Etageren with e.g. white porcelain or glass are very nice. The petit fours from the patisserie are not only delicious, they also have a particularly aesthetic standard.

Etageren wood

Etageres made of wood are well suited for rustic gastronomy.

Etagere 3-storey

The 3-story tiered stand is the most popular because the 2-tier tiered tier often offers too little space and the 4-tier tiered tier is very opulent. The 3-tier tiered stand looks elegant and has a balanced design.

Etagere 4 floors

For example for afternoon tea - this culinary trend with tradition brings select guests into your house!

Fruit cake stands metal

The fruit étagère made of stainless steel or metal has the advantage of the beautiful contrast of the fruit colors in combination with silver or gold metal colors.

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Etageren - a term in the catering supplies category, here buffet supplies and hotel supplies.

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