Why do people have straight hair


Why do some people have curls and why not others?

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People always want what they don't have - if you have curls you would prefer a smooth mane and vice versa. Of course, there are now many ways to achieve these goals, but perms and hair straighteners break up the protein molecules in the hair and thereby destroy the delicate structure. But why do people have curls?

Even researchers did not know exactly how to explain the phenomenon of curls for a long time. Many different ideas emerged - it was assumed that the hair root determines the structure of the hair, or the particular curvature of the opening of the hair root determines the shape of the hair. A rather absurd theory by an American researcher is that the direction of rotation of a curl depends on whether you are left-handed or right-handed. Allegedly, the hair of right-handers is supposed to turn clockwise - whether this is true, however, is controversial.

The appearance of the hair is genetically determined

Only one aspect seemed obvious to the scientists: the shape and appearance of the hair are largely genetically determined. In Australia, a study finally showed that the gene “trichohyalin” is responsible for the structure of the hair, which plays an important role in the development of new hair roots. From a biological point of view, hair curls because the distribution of the horn content changes.

However, it is still unclear exactly what role the gene plays in this. In any case, the sheath of the hair root influences whether the hair grows curly or straight. In Asian types, the cross-section is very round, so the hair is very smooth - in people from Europe, the cross-section is more oval, which leads to slightly wavy hair. In contrast, there is the hair of people of color: their cross-sections are irregularly asymmetrical, which leads to frizzy curls.

This type is so dominant that the hair structure usually also prevails in the offspring if only one parent has the corresponding hair. Another proven fact is that the structure of hair changes over the course of life. Since you are born with very thin hair, it is possible that as a toddler you have straight hair, but later curls develop from it.

In summary, one can say that there are still some mysteries surrounding the “secret of curls” and that many researchers are still in disagreement on this topic. However, the condition is genetically determined, so if you have two dark-haired parents, you will hardly get hydrogen-blonde hair. One thing is clear, however: whether fluffy curly hair or slick mane: Your own hair is unique and you shouldn't change it!

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