Where to learn Laravel programming

How do I become a Laravel developer?

In order to become a Laravel developer, you need some previous knowledge. In our article we show what is important and where you can learn from it.

Requirement 1: knowledge of HTML

The most important language in web development is HTML. This creates the surface of the Internet. Learn HTML

Requirement 2: knowledge of CSS

With CSS you can design your HTML code nicely. You can add colors or edit fonts. Learn CSS

Requirement 3: PHP knowledge including object orientation

Laravel is a framework based on PHP. For this reason, it is inevitable to deal intensively with PHP beforehand. Above all, you should understand the area of ​​object orientation well in order to be able to use Laravel in a targeted manner later. Learn PHP

Requirement 4: Knowledge of MySQL

Laravel saves the data by default in a MySQL database. Even if Laravel makes it easy for you with Eloquent, basic knowledge of MySQL is important. Learn MySQL

further skills

In the end, you can now start to deal with Laravel. It would be ideal if you build up knowledge of JavaScript and Vue.js in order to work with dynamic content in the browser.

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