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Cook and bake creamy soups, spicy Asian dishes and low-sugar desserts with coconut milk. The delicious plant milk not only tastes good, but is also ideal for a vegan and lactose-free diet. Be inspired by our coconut milk recipes!

Recipes with coconut milk: creamy enjoyment

Wonderfully creamy, slightly sweet and aromatic - but this is not about the liquid from the inside of the coconut, the so-called coconut water. Because coconut milk consists of desiccated coconut and water, which are mixed into a thick mass. Making coconut milk yourself is therefore not difficult: water and desiccated coconut are the only ingredients that are needed. Products with different fat contents are commercially available, with the normal fat content being relatively high at 20 percent, while the reduced-fat variants have around 12 percent. And why can coconut milk be called milk? The reason for this is an EU decision - it allows this product name even though it is not an animal dairy product. You have a coconut drink in front of you when the pressed pulp of the coconut has been diluted so intensively with water that it only makes up a maximum of 10 percent of the drink.

Coconut milk recipes: Asian, vegetarian and vegan

Recipes with coconut milk are often vegan, as the purely plant-based liquid can be used to replace cream, for example. It is also lactose-free and gluten-free, making it suitable for people with lactose intolerance and celiac disease. The fact that it is lactose-free is also one reason why coconut milk recipes are so popular in Asian and Indian cuisine. Mild coconut milk forms a perfect contrast to hot spices such as curry, chilli and ginger in many dishes. It is also the ideal basis for cream soups with vegetables, especially pumpkin. With our recipe for pumpkin and coconut soup with orange juice, we are introducing you to a particularly sophisticated flavored version. But it is also worth trying our coconut and sweet potato soup.

Recipes with coconut milk - dessert, breakfast or main course

Coconut palms grow in tropical regions. Coconut milk recipes have a correspondingly diverse influence on Asian, Caribbean, Creole and African dishes. Even with the main meals. Not every coconut milk recipe has a vegetarian direction. The plant-based product also refines creations with meat, fish and seafood. However, all variations have one thing in common: the result of recipes with coconut milk is creamy and aromatic. Even if you use the plant-based milk to prepare breakfast pancakes. You can also use recipes with coconut milk to make desserts.