I have bad skin

6 reasons for bad skin: that's behind pimples, wrinkles & Co.

Everyone wants a fresh complexion and a clear complexion, but only very few are naturally blessed with it. During puberty, most suffer from problem skin, but adult women also often struggle with blackheads, pimples and a pale complexion. In your twenties or beyond, however, this is very difficult to come to terms with - and you don't have to!

There are ways to get beautiful skin. To do this, however, you have to know what the causes of your own skin problems are.

6 surprising reasons for blemished skin - and what you can do about it:

1. Bacterial focus number 1: your hands

If we ever paid attention to the number of times we put our hands in our faces, we'd probably be shocked by the number. And in doing so, we constantly touch true bacteria throwers in everyday life. Whether it's a smartphone or a keyboard - there are often millions of bacteria romping about here, which we then transfer to the face via our fingers, where they can multiply undisturbed and cause impurities.

2. Bad diet

Alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy products - they are all suspected of having negative effects on our skin. They are supposed to let the blood sugar level shoot up and thereby promote sebum production and inflammatory processes. If you don't believe that, you can test it and change your diet for a few weeks. The results should speak for themselves.

3. Negative environmental influences

Free radicals in the air are completely normal, so our skin can deal with them well for the time being. It becomes problematic when these prevail, as is the case, for example, with air pollution. Then they attack our skin cells in an uncontrolled manner. The result: Our skin becomes dry, loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear.

To protect the skin from free radicals, our body needs antioxidants. We are lucky though, because we can record these twice. On the one hand internally through nutrition - vegetables, herbs and natural oils not only help with weight loss - and on the other hand externally, for example through creams.

Remedy: anti-pollution cosmetics

So-called anti-pollution cosmetics are intended to curb atmospheric skin aging caused by UV rays or air pollution. When free radicals hit our skin, oxidation occurs. As a result, tissue damage occurs on our skin, which our body cannot completely repair. So it is important to protect our cells from this tissue damage. This is what anti-pollution cosmetics do by relying on antioxidants.

Antioxidants cover our skin like a protective film and ensure that free radicals are less reactive. This protects our cells from oxidation. There is less cell damage, which slows down the skin aging process. Our skin stays plump and fresh longer.

4. UV rays

First of all, excessive sunlight causes our skin to age faster. Sufficient sun protection should therefore be mandatory anyway. But on top of that, sunlight also increases sebum production. Our skin tries to protect itself from the radiation and produces more oil. This can make pimples and blackheads more common.

In addition, the risk of skin discoloration around fresh inflammation areas increases. The solution: only sun protection can help.

5. One big problem: stress

It is always said that the eyes are the mirror to the soul, but in fact it is the skin. When we are stressed, not getting enough sleep, or having grief, it shows right on our faces. Not only do we look tired, it also stimulates sebum production. The result is stress pimples!

In the video: That says the position of the pimples over your skin

Video by Jane Schmitt

The solution: Bring the algae!

Algae are real miracle cures when it comes to skin care. Due to the changing tides, they are exposed to constant stress and have therefore developed a whole arsenal of protective substances to prevent them from drying out at low tide, for example. Therefore, the ingredients of algae also help our skin to store moisture for hours.

Algae are also full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. This gives our skin an energy boost that not only protects it from drying out, but also from negative environmental influences. In Asia, where youthful skin is an absolute must, women have long swear by the skin-protecting and anti-inflammatory effects of algae. In the meantime, natural cosmetics also rely on the power plant here in this country.

The antibacterial and protective effect of the algae can be used first thing in the morning by using a shower gel with seaweed extract. The skin on the face and body is gently cleansed at the beginning of the day, supplied with moisture and protected from environmental influences for the rest of the day.

6. Hormones

Anyone who suffers from hair loss or pimples on the back in addition to bad skin on the face should have their hormonal balance checked. Maybe this is out of whack. Then even the best products will not help to get these foci of inflammation under control. Blemished skin or so-called (late) acne occurs particularly often in women after stopping the pill. A visit to the doctor, on the other hand, can quickly provide a remedy.

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