Can I bring a karaoke machine

Best karaoke system for parties

That you can completely change the mood at a party at any time with the skillful use of karaoke has been clear since our contribution to the karaoke party. But for beginners and advanced players the question always arises whether it is worthwhile to buy your own karaoke machine or to borrow one, and if you buy one, what is the best karaoke machine for my party?

We have already had a lot of experience with different devices and were able to test a lot ourselves. First of all: If you are throwing a huge party, organizing a large event or throwing a festival with thousands and thousands of visitors, then you need professional equipment and this is better to borrow. In all other cases (for private parties, birthdays, weddings or anything else) it is better to buy an appropriate karaoke set. It is yours and you can use it as often as you want. You usually have the one-time costs outside after renting for the second time.

What kind of karaoke system do I need?

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For home use and private parties, the truism applies here: "If you buy cheap, you buy twice." The sound is tinny and everything is processed cheaply. Even if such a device is perhaps suitable for practice and for the children's room, it becomes more of a laughing stock than a highlight at a party.

With this in mind, it is better to spend a few euros more and buy something sensible than to save money at the wrong end. We have tested many karaoke machines and worked out the best karaoke machine for you.

Even if your party may be small, it can always make sense to buy a stronger system, because then you have room for improvement and you don't look for something new at the next larger party.

There are basically two ways to operate karaoke:

  1. Use of a complete and ready-made karaoke system
  2. Assemble the components yourself

We clearly tend towards the first variant, because on the one hand, as a party organizer, you already have more than enough to do, so why bother with connections, adapters, components and details when everything is ready-to-use? Second, such complete systems are well coordinated and specially designed for karaoke singing. It starts with CD + G functionality and ends with mobility and connectivity.

So get yourself a karaoke machine that has the following skills:

  • USB / Bluetooth connection
  • Equipped with 1 or 2 microphones
  • Qualitative boxes with good wattage
  • Integrated CD player or connection option for CD player

The best karaoke systems for parties tested

As already mentioned, there are karaoke sets like a dime a dozen, so based on our experience with these devices in practice, we have selected a selection that is suitable for you and for every purpose and can be a win for your party.

1st place: Ibiza Port 8VHF karaoke system

For smaller and medium-sized parties but also for larger celebrations with the appropriate additional amplifier, the Ibiza Port 8VHF karaoke system is the best that can be bought in terms of price / performance. The device is built in high quality and very mobile (like a small suitcase) and even suitable for outdoor use or for garden parties because it is weatherproof. A power connection is not even necessary because the device can be operated with batteries. In practice they go to their knees quite quickly (approx. 3 hours running time), so reserve a few. The sound is really good and together with the adjustable echo effect and more than sufficient for karaoke purposes.

It is also particularly stylish that both USB (MP3-compatible) and SD inputs can be used as a music source. There are also connections for a PC or CD player who wants to. A Bluetooth interface also enables an Ipad to be connected, which is very useful for reading lyrics. Not everyone always has a television in their party location.

Probably no other device can be assembled and dismantled so quickly in practice because the set of approx. 8kg has castors so that it can be pushed from A to B quickly without having to use a lot of force.

Another plus is the wireless microphone. You can get by here without cables and are therefore quite flexible. A second cable microphone is also included, in case you want to sing in a duet. With many other devices you have to purchase this additionally.

For us the absolute best karaoke facility because of:
  • Good sound (400 watts of power)
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Many connection options
  • Weather resistance
  • Very mobile

2nd place: Skytech Karaoke Set Capri Star

A good second place and a real buy recommendation is the Skytech Capri Star karaoke system. It also has 400 watts of power and makes a very high-quality impression and a homogeneous sound image in practice.

The device comes with 2 cable microphones, the volume of which can be adjusted separately. The amplifier comes with a 2 band equalizer and a 2 x 50 watt RMS power. The two boxes have to be set up separately, which is also the biggest weak point. You have 4 devices (2 boxes, amplifier / control device as well as players such as CD or DVD players) and accordingly more effort to assemble and dismantle.

The device is very easy to use and quick to set up. However, you still need a separate CD player if you want to play from CD. An integrated part would have been desirable. In terms of price, however, the Skytech is very attractive.


  • Good price
  • Robust and powerful amplifier
  • Homogeneous sound

3rd place: Auna Disco Fever

The Auna Disco Fever karaoke system can be briefly described as “Small but Oho”, if it is only suitable for incidental and smaller celebrations. Nevertheless it is nice and small and compact and has an integrated CD + G player as well as an amplifier and loudspeaker. If you want more sound, you can also make an additional connection to the music system.

The device should still be connected to a television, but it can also be connected to an Ipad via the aux input. Here you have also thought, because the small one also has an integrated Ipad holder, but without a charging function.

The light effect is a gimmick at the party as it brings something and is somehow superfluous. But they really tried to integrate as many functions into this set as is possible in a small space. And for the most part, this has also been achieved.

Unfortunately, only 1 microphone is included in the scope of delivery, which means a point deduction, because nobody likes to sing alone. MP 3 files cannot be played, nor does the device have a USB port.

If you want to fill a larger party with sound, you can't avoid connecting to a larger amplifier.

4th place: Singing Machine SML385WHT

Last place goes to the Singing Machine SML385WHT, but it is still a purchase recommendation for smaller celebrations, because just looking at it makes you want to karaoke. The small, white and flashing karaoke machine radiates pure party and is optically superior to most of the other candidates.

But we (unfortunately) also evaluate the inner values ​​and here you can tell that you are in a cheaper price segment. The device has CD + G functionality as standard, but comes with only one wired microphone. The cable is also quite short, but it sits comfortably in the hand.

Savings have also been made in connection options. You search in vain for USB and SD,

If you are looking for a cheap karaoke system with which you can sing a few songs at smaller parties, you can access it here. With a bit of "bling bling" and the light effects, the party mood arises.

  • Mood-creating optics
  • Small and compact