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Company portrait

Company portrait

We are today [movers] and tomorrow [shapers].

As [movers] we are strategic and convincing thought leaders in one of the leading European management and technology consultancies. We support our customers, drive ideas forward and inspire. As [shapers] we form concrete solutions and design processes. We use innovative technologies and thus open up new paths. So each of us is always both: [mover & shaper]. Together we are 46,000 [movers & shapers] worldwide - and we all share the goal of successfully shaping the future for our customers with the help of digital technologies. In this way, we as a company achieved a turnover of 4.3 billion euros in 2020 with 46,000 employees from 25 countries.

Additional information about the company

At Sopra Steria you have a lot more freedom than anywhere else. We have great confidence in you and let you work independently from the start. That is why we are looking for employees who can handle this leeway responsibly. You can bring your own head with you and - more importantly - you can keep it. Together with your knowledge, your experiences and your ideas.


Job offers

Requirements for applicants

Requirements for applicants

For us, good advice is not a product of chance, but the perfect combination of expertise and personality. In other words: the result of a consultant DNA. With this in mind, we are looking for colleagues who, in addition to their specialist knowledge, also bring passion, team spirit, IT affinity and wanderlust with them:

Heart and soul
We are a consulting company with a pronounced customer orientation and are both a source of inspiration and a creator for our customers. The project success and the satisfaction of our customers are our top priority.

IT affinity
On the way to digital excellence, we are looking for consultants who identify with their area of ​​expertise. Our enthusiasm for the latest trends and technologies makes us a valued advisor, critic and successful consultant with our customers.

The success of the project is the success of the team, because we need different skills in every project. An open and trusting togetherness is the basis for a productive working atmosphere in which ideas flourish that make the difference.

We advise our customers all over Germany and as consultants are always there where our customer is. You have the opportunity to get to know a wide variety of cities. During the week you are almost always in the hotel, the weekend you can then enjoy at home.

Entry opportunities for students

Entry opportunities for students

As part of an internship, a working student position or your thesis, you can expect pure practical experience, a change of perspective and a first valuable contact with a potential employer.

Working students

As a working student you are an important support in our daily work, at the same time you have the chance to make important contacts during your studies. With us you work flexibly - in terms of time and space, always tailored to your current study situation. With us you can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and up to 40 hours per week during the lecture-free period. We mainly offer working student positions at our offices or at large project locations such as Nuremberg or Hanover.


An internship with us means taking responsibility, regardless of whether it is a compulsory or voluntary internship, regardless of the duration, we appreciate your commitment and remunerate all interns with € 1540 per month. So that you can get to know our way of working during your internship, we recommend an internship of 3-6 months. This gives you the opportunity to work intensively in our projects and we can assign you responsible tasks during your internship. Gain an insight into everyday consultancy work and actively support our consultants on site at our customers.


You are welcome to write your thesis with us in a practical environment and thus create important added value for our internal or customer projects. Feel free to send us an unsolicited application for a thesis and bring in your suggestions for topics.

Whether as part of an internship, a working student position or a thesis, we offer all students good job opportunities after graduation.

Entry opportunities for graduates

Entry opportunities for graduates

Our Graduate Program is ideal for you as a graduate and young professional if you want to start a permanent consultancy activity and have defined professional and personal excellence as a compass for you. In the first 12 months, as part of an extensive training program, we offer you the opportunity, in addition to your project assignments, to broaden your horizons and promote your career through solid knowledge and diverse impulses. From communication training, presentation techniques, project planning and control to imparting specialist knowledge, exciting training days are waiting for you. We have already developed a subject-specific curriculum for the following topics:

  • Accounting, Banking & Credit
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Cloud computing
  • Digital banking
  • Digitization SAP
  • Cyber ​​security
  • Java / Web Development
  • Microsoft Technology
  • Payment Services
  • Project Office
  • Risk, Finance & Compliance
  • SAP Analytics
  • Telecommunications
  • Testing

For all other subject areas, you decide together with your supervisor which training courses best suit your career. Join us on your way to becoming an excellent consultant as part of the Graduate Program.

Entry opportunities for professionals

Entry opportunities for professionals

Change is your strength.

We are therefore looking for people for challenging customer projects who understand change as a personal incentive. Do you already have several years of professional experience and want to take the next step in your career as a professional? At Sopra Steria you will experience a dynamic environment in which you can contribute your entire skill set, but also develop yourself professionally and personally.

You have all options.

As a professional, you get to the bottom of customer problems analytically. Develop valid solutions. And implement them with consistency and a sense of proportion. You deal professionally with time-consuming project phases. For you, mobility is part of your job. In all of this, you have our confidence to actively use your creative freedom.

Do you see yourself as a team player instead of a lone fighter, as a thought leader instead of a brakeman, as a stickler instead of a surrender? If you are also decisive and keep a cool head in hot phases, then nothing stands in the way of future management responsibility.



Your recruiting team 

We will be happy to answer your questions about the company, the application or the application process as well as all questions about our vacancies! Our colleague Dana Orthaus will be happy to answer any general questions you may have. If you have specific questions about one of our areas, you will find all the contact persons here

Dana Orthaus
Tel. +49 40 22703 5200
[email protected]

Products and services

Products and services

As a leading European provider of digital transformation, Sopra Steria offers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios for end-to-end services on the market: consulting, system integration, software development, infrastructure management and business process services.

Companies and authorities trust the expertise of Sopra Steria to successfully implement complex transformation projects that address business-critical challenges. In the interplay of quality, performance, added value and innovation, Sopra Steria enables its customers to make optimal use of information technology.

Career information

Additional information on entry and development opportunities

Working on future-oriented topics automatically gives you a great knowledge advantage. Due to the demanding day-to-day business, your expertise grows constantly. However, we are of the opinion that every competence can be further developed.

That is why we offer our employees a variety of specialist training courses in addition to exciting basic training. In addition, you can attend seminars on individual, personal development, for example in the area of ​​communication, dealing with conflicts or presenting behavior. It goes without saying that we are constantly developing our training offers in order to be able to react to current developments and trends at any time and to be able to offer our employees the best possible training quality.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits

The satisfaction of our employees is our top priority. We offer you a range of different benefits for this. In addition to exciting, interdisciplinary projects with well-known customers, you will work with us in a dynamic environment with good and fair opportunities for advancement.

Work-life balance

We offer you a balance between work and private life. A working time account, working on the go or at home, as well as a time-out as part of a sabbatical help you find the balance between work and private life and keep it sustainable.

Individual training opportunities

With us you have the opportunity to develop yourself professionally. We promote your individual further training measures - matching your career level and your career goals.

International knowledge exchange

Due to the international orientation of Sopra Steria, we are in regular contact with our offices all over the world. We want to learn from the experiences of our colleagues in other countries. Thinking outside the box helps us to advise our customers successfully, even in international competition.

Promotion of women

As part of our women @ soprasteria series of events, we also want to promote the women in our company. The consulting industry is strongly characterized by male consultants, which is why it is important for us to offer our female colleagues a platform for exchange and networking. In addition, our events serve to train our consultants in various practice-relevant topics.