Life after death currently exists

Quantum physics: the soul also exists after death

The American chemist James Grant, who worked for several years at a Max Planck Institute in Germany, usually only reports in close circle of friends about a strange experience during his studies, which he completed not only in the USA but also in London. Since there was no more free space in the dormitory, he put himself on a waiting list as soon as he arrived. However, a room became vacant unexpectedly quickly.

Shortly after moving in, he woke up one night and noticed a young man with black, curly hair in the glow of a street lamp in his room. He was terribly frightened and told the supposed neighbor that he must have made a mistake in the room. But he did not react at all, just looked at him deeply sadly. After switching on the light, the shape was no longer perceptible.

Is there a soul Existence of the supernatural

“As I was absolutely certain that I hadn't dreamed, I told the director of the home about the strange encounter the next morning and described exactly what the young man looked like,” says Grant. Thereupon she searched briefly in the archive and showed him a photo on which he immediately recognized the young man. Grant describes the almost unbelievable as follows: "When I asked her who it was, she replied in a trembling voice that it was my previous tenant who had recently committed suicide."