How do I get sponsored on Instagram

Making money on Instagram isn't new. However, Instagram sponsors find it difficult. But that's just what you think. Because it has become easier and easier in our social media landscape and our digital society. And I'll show you here in this blog article. I'll have a chat from practice ...

The business that was previously only withheld from bloggers can now be managed easily via the social network, without any SEO or domain. Finding sponsors for Instagram sounds like a dream at first. While in the past few years it was only the "really big" stars on Instagram who got hold of the cooperation, the brands are now shifting their focus to smaller influencers (often also micro-influencers), who are, however, "the big ones" in certain niches . You can do that too - see inter alia for one way to go this route.

So how do you find sponsors for your own Instagram feed?

If you want to find sponsors on Instagram, you always have to start with the niches first. And which niches (also called pain niches because these are exactly what stimulate people the most) make the most money?

I'll tell you: fashion, fitness and food. These three buzzwords summarize pretty well where the most money goes. If you look around, most of the posts that are marked as advertisements or advertising are based on one of the three industries. Therefore, you should specialize in one of these niches if your aim is to get sponsored and fame as quickly as possible in the near future. But I'll give you one thing on the way: Don't be like everyone else, be different, be controversial - and just stay you. Often this is exactly when you stand out from the crowd. Because the sponsors don't want any artificiality or bought followers - they want personalities who can also stand for themselves and for their own brand. Success attracts cooperation. It has always been like this. Here also my little influencer guide to you.

A tip: Lifestyle topics are always in demand. So it's best to go if you can advertise all three niches. Be diverse. And then create your own digital products.

Find your dream sponsors: Find Instagram sponsors in a nutshell

Of course, you shouldn't set the bar too high from the start. Because brands that have a million following themselves don't need your support. Therefore, you should first keep your eye out for medium-sized companies or companies with a following of up to 5,000. You can also orient yourself to other influencers from your niche and see which brands have sponsored you.

My tip: If you find an influencer with similar content to yours, it is worthwhile to see who is sponsoring it. Maybe the brand is interested in working with you too.

Still, you shouldn't ignore the big brands (for example, I recently saw a great influencer call from a drugstore chain). Because, as already described above: They too are often looking for micro-influencers. It is therefore worthwhile to interact with your posts and to write to you regularly. That's exactly what it's so easy to do with Instagram! And if the company in question (often a whole social media team is behind it) has your request, this team has to respond to you and answer you. That’s what they’re there for. If they do not do this, they are not well positioned in terms of cooperation management.

Always be friendly, always specifically related to your potential partner - then a lot will be feasible. You will find out what the wording is like and the individual steps involved in my book from blogger / influencer practice, the 1MIO blogger tips (here on Amazon).

Another professional tip: It is also a good idea to create content that corresponds to the style of the brand and to link the brand on these posts. Even if you do not win a cooperation, there is still the possibility that the brand will publish your image and tag you on it.

How should the sponsors contact you?

No email address and no website. How are you supposed to be reached there? A nice Instagram profile is only half the battle. It is more important that you stay in the memory of the potential sponsors and for that you have to be able to easily reach you. Communication via email is preferred, especially for collaborations. If you link your email address and set up a website or blog, companies will see that you mean business and that you are not just out for a quick buck. I also have a media kit (you can create one via Canva - more on this in my book).

At the same time, your website offers another opportunity to market products.

“You don't buy followers”. Even if it sounds tempting, you shouldn't give in to the urge to push your following overnight. On the one hand, you can see from the engagement and analytics who is cheating and who has worked really hard, and on the other hand, fake followers are just numbers that are useless. Therefore, it is better to invest in your education and learn how to attract real people to you. An example of this are all the premium hacks on how you can get ahead with Instagram and as an infuencer. I have collected them here for you with all blogger hearts - and only for a short time I will make them available to you here (for even just 1 euro to test):

And now a lot of success - and above all a lot of fun, passion and perseverance with Instagram sponsors.

Your little blogger heart of many, Christian

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