Is biotechnology better than an AG BSC

Bachelor in biotechnology


Bachelor degree

The bachelor's degree in biotechnology at D-BSSE is last offered in the 2015/2016 academic year. The transition to the 3rd year of the bachelor's degree in biotechnology will therefore be possible for the last time in HS15; Transfer to FS16 is no longer possible (not even for ETH students). Students who start the 3rd year of the biotechnology bachelor's degree in HS15 are advised of the following:

·      The learning units (LE) of the 3rd Bachelor year are offered for the last time in HS15 and FS16. The students are obliged to take all LE required for the Bachelor's degree in HS15 and FS16. This also applies in particular to the one-week compulsory block course “Interdisciplinary Biotechnology” at the beginning of HS15 and for the compulsory internships in FS16.

·      Students are strongly advised to take the exams as early as possible. The exams are also only offered for a limited time.

·      In HS15 and FS16, taking a vacation semester is excluded.

Master's degree

Students who start in the 3rd year of the bachelor's degree in biotechnology in HS15, as well as external students who apply for the master's degree in HS16, can still transfer to the previous three-semester master's degree in biotechnology in HS16.

The master's degree in biotechnology is being revised.