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Joe’s Tailoring Singapore is the tailor where the bride and groom had their wedding suits made to measure. Alex's maroon wedding suit goes perfectly with a white suit shirt and a dark blue bow tie. The silver-gray vest elegantly completes this groom's outfit. Adrian, on the other hand, presents himself in a dark blue, brown shoes and a maroon bow tie, so that the harmony of the bride and groom is optimally revived. Colorfully lived and colorfully designed, the message of this wedding becomes clear in a romantic way with smoke bombs. What special features do you highlight at your wedding?

Our groomsmen performed the ceremony, which made it all very personal. The singer hit the right mood when we moved in, so we had to shed a tear, which in turn moved the guests to tears. That was actually the best moment to share the emotions with our closest and most important friends and family.

Our wedding music

Take That - Never Forget
Christina Perri - a thousand years (moving in)
Kina Grannis - Iris (originally from Goo Goo Dolls)
Kina Grannis - Can't help Falling in Love
Plain white T‘s - 1, 2, 3, 4 (excerpt)

The basis is the wedding location. As soon as that is all set to work. Allow time for the final details. Have fun planning together and don't make it too complicated. In the end, you have to like it yourself.

Burgundy and chestnut - these are the colors Alexander always wanted to marry. Adrian wanted blue. Since yellow goes well with this, the color concept for the wedding in the greenhouse of the Alte Gärtnerei Taufkirchen was simply set to maroon, blue and yellow. And the rainbow could not be missing in any case, as with the personalized chocolate buttons in rainbow colors as guest gifts. The wonderful floral splendor of the wedding location in the old nursery smelled of the finest flowers and lived from the decoration from the skillful hands of the location. Summer meadow flowers in simple vintage vases frame the atmosphere with retro elements and the open flair of the greenhouse.


Wedding decoration in full love of detail

Flooded with light, open and in the evening by candlelight, the rustic charm is perfectly presented. For Alexander and Adrian, the basis of the location was decisive for the entire decoration concept in order to perfect everything authentically. The tablecloth is deliberately omitted in order to bring the solid wood of the table into the natural focus. Sunflowers instead of roses convey the feeling of joyful freedom. Wicker-bound seats on the chairs underline this wonderfully open atmosphere in the middle of nature. Hanging floristry transforms the location into a spring-like jungle full of festivity.

The saying "Most beautiful day in life" actually hits it. It was just nice to have a great party with our friends and family and to express our solidarity. The day and the preparation actually strengthened our relationship again after 15 years and gave it momentum. We are still happy to wear the ring in public every day.