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Deidara is a Nukenin from Iwagakure and a member of Akatsuki. In Iwagakure he was an assassin in the Bakuha Butai demolition unit. He can make figures out of clay that he can make explode. There are mouths in his palms that he uses to make these bombs.


Deidara is, in his opinion, an artist who primarily sees art in the moment. This realization often leads to a dispute between him and his partner Sasori, as he has a different understanding of art than he does. Despite this major controversy, they are a well-rehearsed team. Deidara is still an intelligent shinobi who searches for the weaknesses of his opponents in fights in order to be able to use them against them. He also plans some of his clashes with enemies in advance, but the opposite can also happen. Since Deidara relies on his special clay, he always has to have enough for the fight with him, but sometimes forgets about it. Deidara has a particular aversion to the Uchiha clan, as it was once defeated very quickly by a gene jutsu from Itachi Uchiha. Since then, he has been of the opinion that it is very easy for this clan to defeat an opponent in battle because they have a very wide range of possibilities.


Forced recruitment

Akatsuki was interested in Deidara's special abilities, which is why they sent Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki and Sasori, whose partner Deidara was to become, to win Deidara over. They gave him a chance: if he lost a fight against Itachi, he would have to join Akatsuki; if he won he could go. But Deidara lost the fight against Itachi by a huge margin and since then he has been a member of the Akatsuki organization.

Attack on Sunagakure

Deidara was assigned to catch Gaara, the Jinchuuriki of Ichibi. Together with his partner, he made his way to Sunagakure, the old home of his partner Sasori. They got into the village with ease because one of Sasori's spies turned off the outside defenses. Then he went alone to find Gaara, who had meanwhile become Kazekage. When they met, a fight broke out between the two, in the course of which Gaara crushed Deidara's left arm. In the end, Deidara managed to defeat Gaara. Together with his partner, he took him to one of Akatsuki's many hiding places. There they began to extract the bijuu straight away. After removing the bijuu, Team Kakashi showed up to rescue Gaara. Deidara managed to separate Naruto Uzumaki and Kakashi Hatake from the rest of the group by removing Gaara's body with one of his mud birds. It came to a fight between the three, in the course of which Deidara also lost his second arm. He was almost defeated, but managed to escape by an explosion. He later learned that Sasori had been killed. His new partner then became Tobi, a former subordinate of Zetsu. His arms were later sewn back on by Kakuzu.


The next job Deidara received was to catch the Sanbi with the help of Tobi. This bijuu was not sealed in any jinchuuriki. He manages to put the Sanbi out of action relatively quickly. Whereupon the two take the Sanbi to an Akatsuki hiding place, where it is then sealed at the same time as the Yonbi.

An artist becomes art

After he found out that Orochimaru had been killed by Sasuke Uchiha, he wanted to get this done because he had wanted to kill Orochimaru for a long time. Shortly afterwards there was a fight between Sasuke and him. When he realized that he couldn't win the fight, he revealed that there was also a mouth on his chest, and with the help of this he blew himself up to kill Sasuke as well. He did not succeed, however, as Sasuke used his Jutsu of the Familiar Spirit to avoid the effects of the explosion through Manda's protection. Manda lost his life in the process.

Revival through Kabuto

Kabuto Yakushi, who joins forces with Tobi, has revived the following members of Akatsuki as proof of his strength by means of Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei: Deidara, Sasori, Nagato, Itachi and Kakuzu. However, just like the others, Deidara is not really alive, but is controlled by Kabuto.
Later, Kabuto takes Deidara, summoned by the Edo Tensei, with him to the island, where he wants to capture Hachibi and Kyuubi. He puts a special kunai in Deidara's head, which breathes life into Deidara. Kabuto explains that he is not completely bound by his will. Finally he opens his eyes and discusses his art with Kabuto. When they want to find out the whereabouts of the island on Deidara's C1 bird, they are attacked by the Tsuchika. He notices, however, that this is just a clay doppelganger from Deidara, whereupon Deidara, who flies further back with Kabuto, also lets them explode. Oonoki was also just a stone duplicate created by Akatsuchi. So it comes to a renewed meeting between Deidara and Oonoki, whereby the Tsuchikage and his companions thought he was dead. After Kabuto discovers the whereabouts of the island through the new Manda, Kabuto and Deidara separate. Eventually the three Iwa-Nin catch up with Deidara on the island and a fight ensues between him and his former master Oonoki.

Techniques and special skills

With the mouths in the palms of his hands, he forms his special clay into various animals and shapes, which he controls and causes them to explode. He can also shape the clay with his own mouth. To shape his figures, he takes some clay, sometimes more and sometimes less, depending on the size of the animal he wants, in his mouth and chews on it. When he spits out the clay again, he has taken on the desired shape. His large mouth on the left side of his chest is closed with threads. If he opens it and picks up clay with it, he turns himself into a bomb, the explosion radius of which is ten kilometers. In addition, Deidara is able to fend off genetic jutsus because he trained one of his eyes on it after the fight with Itachi.


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diagram Total (max. 40) Nin-jutsu Tai jutsu Gene jutsu Knowledge Strength speed Chakra Finger sign
32 5 3,5 3,5 4,5 3,5 4,5 4 3,5

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  • Deidara is someone who almost never is in a bad mood.
    • However, he reacts quickly to annoyance and quickly becomes angry, especially with regard to Tobi.
  • At the end of each sentence he has got used to saying "un" (due to the Japanese pronunciation only "n", it sounds like "hm").
  • Whenever he blows something up, he shouts "Geijutsu wa Bakuhatsu da!" (芸 術 は 爆 発 だ) ("Art is a bang!" Or more precisely translated from Japanese: "Art is an explosion!")
  • The template for Deidara's character, philosophy and appearance of his art is / was the Japanese artist Okamoto Tarou. From this the saying "Art is a Bang" was adopted. In addition, the clay birds that Deidara uses as flying bombs bear a striking resemblance to the clay figures of Okamoto Tarou. Even the explosion cone of Deidara's self-destruct is in the form of a work of art by Tarou, the "Tower of the Sun".
  • Deidara and Sasori respect each other as artists, but have completely different views on true art. While Sasori believes that true art must be something that exists forever, Deidara firmly believes that art is something fleeting that only unfolds its full beauty for a fraction of a second (for Deidara, the moment when his creations explode ).
  • By making himself a bomb, Deidara became a great work of art himself, his masterpiece.
  • Part of Deidara's right arm, the elbow, was sent to another dimension by Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan (this severed his right arm). Since the elbow could no longer be retrieved and an elbow is necessary for the full functionality of an arm, this part was replaced by an artificial elbow that appears to be made of wood.
  • He absolutely cannot stand the Uchiha clan and thus Sasuke and Itachi. He says that she and her Sharingan would not appreciate him. Those eyes would pretend he's just dirt. This is how he thinks of the clan and especially of Itachi.
  • Deidara wants to know what is hidden under Tobi's mask: Once they were eating dangos together, he took off the mask, but immediately turned in the other direction, to which Deidara reacted in astonishment.
  • Despite all the problems and the anger that Deidara had with Tobi, he apparently sees him as a friend, because shortly before he blows himself up, he mentally apologizes to Tobi for it. He thought Tobi would not survive this self-destruction.
  • Deidara claims to have defeated several Jinchuurikis.
  • In Iwagakure, Deidara was a member of the Bakuha Butai demolition unit.


  • Kurotsuchi describes Deidara as "big brother". It is not yet known whether they were actually related.


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