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Young people also want to use audiovisual forms of learning in class and, for example, critically reflect on YouTube videos. This is what the study “Youth / YouTube / Cultural Education. Horizon 2019 ”by the independent expert committee“ Council for Cultural Education ”. These media needs of young people need to be recognized and taken into account in the design of educational offers.

In addition to music videos, sketches and Let's Play videos, you can also find clips with helpful information on school topics on YouTube. A distinction must be made between content that provides concrete support for topics relevant to the lesson (e.g. summaries or tips to remember). In addition, there is content that gives an overview of a field of knowledge and, for example, discusses broader, socially relevant topics.

In the meantime, YouTube has also created its own page, Learning at Home, on which a selection of videos on school topics curated by the company can be found.

School content YouTube channels

The channels “Simple Club”, “Die Merkhilfe” and “mussewissen” are each subdivided into several sub-channels that are dedicated to specific subjects. In the videos, certain topics are explained in an entertaining way, summaries or an overview is offered. Many videos relate specifically to the course content of a grade. They are therefore suitable both for the follow-up of material that is not fully understood in school, as well as for repeating or preparing for exams.

Teachers can also be inspired by the clear and realistic explanations and use the videos in their lessons. The “Sports Lessons” channel is particularly suitable for teachers specializing in sports, as there are a large number of creative games, warm-up exercises and performance tests that can be used specifically in the classroom.

Selection of channels with school content

Simple Club offers free videos for various subjects, but also advertises paid premium memberships with additional features.

A channel for the subject German (there are also channels for mathematics, physics and chemistry): novellas, table of contents and grammar - you had to know all that? Everything to do with German from the 8th grade to the Abitur. Attention: The channel has not been updated since the beginning of 2019.

Tuition in biology, German, English, math, geography, history, Spanish, philosophy, physics, chemistry, religion, economics, computer science, politics, society, law, psychology and sport. In addition, exciting general knowledge, methods, motivation & tips!

Since 2011 there have been short math tutorials every week that explain complicated facts in simple terms.

The videos are made for schoolchildren, parents, educators and other interested parties. There are no fixed broadcast dates and no fixed sequence of topics. A sorted overview of all videos at:

Homework tips and tricks on the subject of mathematics, physics and other school subjects. The channel is no longer updated.

100 Seconds Physics: Science in a simple, concise and entertaining form.

Physical education: The channel for physical education teachers, students, trainers, schoolchildren and all sports enthusiasts.

Tips and tutorials about making music. The channel is no longer updated.

YouTube channels with scientific and socially relevant topics

These channels are less concerned with concrete teaching content, but can inspire scientific or socially relevant topics. For example, chemist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim checks advertising promises from cosmetic companies for their scientific content on her channel “MaiLab”.

Mirko Drotschmann alias "Mr.Wissen2Go" speaks about current political events and social issues on his channel. On the “Terra X Lesch & Co” channel, the team around Prof. Harald Lesch presents topics in around 10-minute clips. They can often be used well as an educational supplement to the content of the lesson.

It should always be taken into account that the YouTube clips should arouse interest and can function as a didactic tool. In principle, the scientific verifiability of the information offered must of course also be taken into account.

Selection of channels with scientific and socially relevant topics

Scientific research close to everyday topics with MaiLab.

General knowledge and opinions on current and historical topics conveyed by MrWissen2Go.

Terra X Lesch & Co: exciting videos from the world of science.

Things explained - in a nutshell

Things explained - in short: science channel that explains complex topics from space research, physics, biology, politics, philosophy and technology in an easy and understandable way in an animated form.

Humorously packaged: smart-ass, show-off and brief knowledge for every situation in life.

RL Science (trials and experiments)

Weekly RL Science videos on astronomy, chemistry, physics, and engineering. The channel is no longer updated.

Federal Agency for Civic Education

The BPB wants to promote understanding of political issues, consolidate democratic awareness and strengthen willingness to participate in politics.

YouTube channels - creative to playful

Approach teaching-relevant topics creatively and thus arouse the enthusiasm of the students? The math musician “DorFuchs” or Michael Sommer in “Sommers Weltliteratur to go” show how this can work. In this way, schoolchildren can memorize the important p-q formula via a musical catchy tune. Or they get to know the characters and plot of the current reading with Playmobil figures recreated.

Selection of channels with creative and playful content

Can you sing math formulas? Memorable donkey bridges from DorFuchs.

Summer's world literature to go

A Playmobil ensemble plays a work from world literature. This channel was awarded the GRIMME ONLINE AWARD 2018 in the “Culture and Entertainment” category.

A special kind of advent calendar: 24 small, simple experiments and physical puzzles. They should awaken the joy of experimenting yourself. Every day from December 1st to December 24th, an experiment will be presented via video clip that you can imitate. You can then answer the questions on the website and watch the resolution of the physical question raised in the experiment as a video. In addition to having fun experimenting, you can also win something.

Now: get active yourself!

Young people are usually familiar with explanatory videos from different contexts. For those who have previously played no role in school content on YouTube, they should at least be familiar with Let's Plays, make-up tutorials or other how-to videos. This can inspire you to become active yourself: Why not create an explanatory video yourself? This can happen, for example, as part of group work or a project in a school subject. The groups can work on a set of topics and convey this to their classmates in the form of an explanatory video. Subsequent grade levels can also benefit from this.

Even if little or no technical equipment is available, pupils can record explanatory videos with their own smartphones. When creating the explanatory videos, you can fall back on existing knowledge in dealing with your own smartphone and experience with explanatory videos on YouTube. New knowledge is linked to what is known from the students' world. This can have a motivating effect on the development of the topics to be explained. Teachers can also design explanatory videos themselves and make them available to their students or to a wider public. It is up to you whether you show yourself in front of the camera, use the animation-laying trick style or just explain from the off.

Do you know more?
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