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How do I find the ideal hotel for me?

Trivago's hotel search compares millions of hotels so that you can quickly and easily find the ideal accommodation for your stay. trivago crawls hundreds of booking sites and compares hotel prices to make your search easier. From Amsterdam to Zurich you have endless options.

Enter your arrival and departure dates and further narrow the search using our filter menu. So you will find exactly the right thing for you.

What options do the filters offer?

With the help of the filters you can, for example, set your preferred star rating, the maximum price per night or the distance of the accommodation to a certain location. This means that only those hotels will appear in your search results that match your travel plans - whether you are planning a romantic holiday for couples or an action-packed trip with all the kids.

What about WiFi?

You can't do anything without WiFi? Select the WiFi filter under "More Filters" on the right and browse through the countless hotel offers that offer this convenience.

But be careful: sometimes WiFi only means that guests can use a computer in the lobby for a fee - so It is best to inquire directly with the hotel about the type of internet connection they offer. It would be a shame if you had to do without your favorite Netflix series during your stay ...

What about my pet

Would you like to take your four-legged friend with you on vacation? Then the “Pets Allowed” filter might come in handy.

In some cases it may be necessary to visit the respective booking page or Contact the property directly to make sure your type of pet is welcome. Because some hotels could have a problem with it if you want to arrive with a curious python.

Can trivago do the search for me?

Test our Facebook chatbot,to speed it up!

Let him know how many people you would like to travel with and where you would like to travel. You will then receive a list with links to suitable accommodations.

When you have found the ideal hotel for you, simply click on the offer and you will be automatically redirected to the booking page where you can make your booking. And then it will soon be time to pack your bags!

In order not to experience any disappointments, it is always advisable to clarify inquiries and special requests directly with the hotel. After all, it would be terrible if you found upon your arrival that this wellness area and the massages you were hoping for do not even exist ... You do not know exactly how to contact the hotel? Then take a look at this page.

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