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Learning to DJ and becoming a successful DJ - dream of it not a fewMusic, party and club enthusiasts. Play cool sound for the guests at the party.Stand behind the pulpit and be celebrated. Being able to make a living with it.But how should you put your project into practice? Here you will find useful information and tips to take your first steps on the rocky path to DJ Olympus. Acquiring skills, getting gigs, beginnersAvoid fouls,Rocking the party and keeping the people on the dance floor happy is an art in itself. If you want to be successful as a DJ, you not only have to master the DJ controller, mixer and player, technology and skills in your sleep, no, it also appliesRules to be followed andavoiding potential pitfalls in everyday DJ life. Of course, to make contacts, to build up a fan base and to be fairly familiar with promotion and social media.

Success is in the eye of the beholder. One is satisfied when there are occasional gigs as a local hero, another is on the road as a club DJ, the next would like to see himself headlining at the top of a hip-hop or EDM festival, some others are happy about well-filled order books from Company events and weddings or bookings for party events from the shooting festival to après-ski.


Learn to DJ and become a DJ Quick Facts:

To become a successful DJ, there are many things to consider. Regardless of whether you are a working / wedding DJ, EDM, electro or hip-hop icon: it's a long way from the delicate beginnings in your own four walls to the big show stage and at the beginning there is always one thing: practice, practice, practice. In our overview you will find the necessary basic knowledge and numerous expert tips and receive answers to the following questions, among other things:

  • What are the basic skills a DJ should train?
  • How do you make a successful mixtape?
  • Which DJ equipment do you recommend?
  • Where can you play as a rookie when there are no club gigs yet?
  • What should be considered when making bookings?
  • How do I set up my own fan base?
  • What should you watch out for when streaming DJ sets and how does it work?
  • When is it worth having your own PA system?
  • Which aspects are important for laptop DJs?

Our practical tips for DJs deal with these and other topics and give you useful tips for everyday DJ life. Here you will find numerous workshops and features related to DJing and you can get an overview of techniques and tools, because anyone who wants to get into the matter and want to be successful needs more than a CD player and a case full of silver pieces.