How does Instagram develop its PhotoMap

Instagram celebrates its tenth birthday with new protections and old icons

In terms of pure user numbers, Facebook itself may still be the largest social network in the world. For the future of the company, however, another platform is now playing a bigger role. And this is now celebrating its birthday.


On October 6, 2010, the first version of Instagram was released in the Apple App Store. Initially intended as a simple tool for post-processing with more or less successful filters, it should develop into an independent social network over the years. The competition also recognized the potential of Instagram early on, Facebook made what is probably the best purchase in its company's history: it took over the photo platform for a billion US dollars in 2012. In retrospect, it was actually a bargain, at that time a price that many considered too high for the few employees of the company.

Easter Egg

Instagram is now celebrating its tenth birthday with a number of improvements and a reference to its own beginnings. Has an attentive user found a new "Easter Egg" in the current iPhone version of the app. A long swiping movement in the settings dialog activates a new menu in which the app icon can be changed. All the old icons and also some special versions are available here. It starts with the look in the style of a Polaroid camera, with which Instagram once celebrated its debut. All the fun should be limited in time, however, as a note is attached that only promises this possibility for the current month. In addition, the new Easter Egg does not seem to have reached all users yet.


At the same time, Instagram is also devoting itself to more serious things. Postings from state-controlled media are now also shown separately here. Facebook introduced a similar label a few months ago. There is also a new feature called "Nudge" that is designed to prevent users from making malicious comments. If the app detects a corresponding posting, a warning dialog is displayed before sending, which refers to the relevant rules and the possible deletion of the account in the event of a violation.

There is also the return of an old feature: The "Photo Map" was removed from user profiles in 2016. The new version is no longer publicly viewable, but goes to the story archive. (red, October 6, 2020)