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In addition to children's book classics by Astrid Lindgren, Otfried Preußler, Enid Blyton and many other well-known children's book authors and current bestsellers in the children's book sector, you will find special children's book offers at discount prices.

Children's books promote language development and social skills

Are at every stage of a child's development Children's books the ideal companion to promote language and speaking as well as to develop and live out your own imagination, which is so important for a person's creativity. Children's books are an important component in the healthy development of a child and are therefore an ideal companion in every phase of life. Children's books by the popular series heroes Conni, Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss, Die Olchis, Fünf Freunde and others, with which children can identify well, also unconsciously promote social behavior towards their peers and adults.

Children's books for every age group

Children's books accompany you and your child from infancy to adolescence. For babies there are the first picture books with particularly robust equipment. There is a huge selection of picture books and reading books for toddlers of kindergarten age. From picture book classics like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” or “The Gruffalo”, to children's books by “Conni” or “The Little Dragon Coconut” to “Greg's Diary”, “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars”; You can find the best children's books to read aloud and for yourself at bücher.de. Whether young or a little older, girl or boy, the huge selection of children's books that you can find at bücher.de has something for every child!

Children's books convey knowledge

There are children's books on all topics that interest children. Children are naturally inquisitive and a children's book can bring their child closer to interesting facts and make the world a bit more understandable. For the very little ones there are children's books about vehicles, the farm, the seasons, animals, traffic and much more. The popular “Why? Why? Why? ”On almost every topic. Children's books with lots of pictures, flaps and simple texts. For schoolchildren, children's books offer age-appropriate knowledge on topics such as space, religions, police, pirates, knights, dinosaurs and many more. Children's books that convey interesting facts about people, nature, the environment, animals, space and much more can be ordered postage-free and without a minimum order value from bücher.de.

Children's books are a meaningful pastime

Exciting adventures, funny stories and books about friendships make all children happy, promote language and language understanding, impart knowledge and stimulate the imagination. So what could be nicer than good children's books? You can order children's books to read aloud or to read yourself at any time free of charge at bücher.de!

Literature for young people: picture books - children's books - youth books

A children's book is generally understood to be a book that is geared towards children in terms of content and presentation. The most important award for children's books in Germany is the children's book category of the German Youth Literature Prize. It is best to introduce your child to the medium of books with their first picture books when they are babies and toddlers. At kindergarten age, children are very inquisitive and parents are often confronted with many questions about things that we take for granted. Children's books are ideal for explaining the world to children in a vivid way, and the relationship between mother or father and child is strengthened by spending time together and paying attention. If you introduce your child to children's books at an early age, the chances are good that your child will also enjoy reading in school age. If you teach your child the interest in books at an early age, you create the basis for learning to read more easily. Because those who are already familiar with the medium of the book can grasp content more quickly. During their entire school years, children use books every day: be it school books, dictionaries, school calendars, school reading or an exciting children's book story for afternoon leisure time.
Of course, children should enjoy playing outside a lot, but when the children need a break or the weather is not so good, children's books are a recommended pastime. It is up to you as parents or grandparents to introduce the children to books as a cultural asset and this is best achieved with a children's book selected according to age and interests.

Quickly and clearly to your children's book

The selection of children's books is huge. So that you can quickly find a suitable book for your children, we have categorized all children's books according to age and subject areas. According to age, you can quickly select the right book for the desired age group in two year steps, as well as the most popular topics in children's books such as police, fire brigade, railroad, knights, princesses, horses and much more. Of course there is also the possibility of having books listed by author. For example, if your child has books by Astrid Lindgren or J.K. Rowling, then this is where you will find a list of all of the author's books. A variety of children's books appear as part of a series in serialized novels. Our series world provides you with an up-to-date overview of all children's books that belong to a series. Here you will quickly find books that your child may like and have not yet read. Of course, there is also a breakdown according to genre and age.